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Nocturne Draicon Werewolves Books In Order

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Publication Order of Nocturne Draicon Werewolves Books

The Empath (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Enemy Lover (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Darkness Of The Wolf (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Immortal Wolf (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Unwrapped (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Taken by the Alpha Wolf (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Bonnie Vanek is the author of sexy paranormal novels as well as a romantic suspense miniseries, that feature sexy Navy Seals. After Bonnie Vanek completed her high school education, she joined the University of Florida, where she majored in journalism. Once she graduated from the University, she became a full-time newspaper reporter. It did not take long before Vanek got tired of reporting news. Thus she became a writer for a huge international charity organization. Her line of work took her to various countries such as Honduras and Haiti, where she wrote about a disease, famine and other issues affecting third world countries. According to Bonnie Vanek, Humanitarian jobs are not only fulfilling but are also emotionally draining as well. Despite the fact that the work can be for a greater cause, many at times the pressure can be quite enormous. Thus, as a means of countering, the suffering that Vanek encountered during her travels, she began penning down books.

Vanek’s debut novel was titled, The Falcon and the Dove, which was a novel about a good looking Egyptian Sheik, whose work was to protect a treasure that had been hidden in the sands for so many years. It does not take long before the Sheikh, eventually meets his match, a lovely American, who had specifically traveled to Egypt so that she could unearth the treasure. In the year 2001, the Falcon and the Dove emerged the winner during the RWA Melody of Love Contest. Currently, Vanek pens down paranormal romances for Harlequin publishers. She has also self-published a romance thriller known as the Werewolves of Montana. According to Bonnie Vanek, writing down these romance novels as well as creating these characters who struggle to find out who they are and also how to connect with other people brings her joy. In all her books, there is usually a happy ending. Irrespective of the hardships that the heroines or heroes face, the conflict will not only be resolved, but also their love will always overcome the odds.

The Empath

The Empath is the first installment in the Norctune Draicon Werewolves series. In Empath, author, Bonnie Vanek introduces the readers to Nicholas. Nicholas is not only the strongest but also the fiercest warriors among the Draicon. After being exiled by the pack, Nicholas is more than determined to protect his fellow werewolves by locating the lost Empath. Apart from Nicholas, the author also introduces the readers to Maggie Sinclair, a veterinarian who is not aware of her true nature until she eventually becomes a target for one of the Draicon pack enemies. Furthermore, Maggie Sinclair has no idea of the man who is coming to claim her. The survival of the Dracoin pack entirely depends on these two characters, and how quickly they are going to find one another. As the story progresses, we come to learn that Maggie is not only a werewolf, but she is also an exceedingly rare empathy. Maggie is skilled in healing and according to prophecies; she is the one to lead the Draicon against their sworn enemy, the Morphs. With that said, it is evidently clear that Bonnie Vanek has a talent for writing.

Vanek plays with a wonderful grasp of characters. She also grabs the reader’s sense of fair play and draws the readers in by touches and innuendo of maleficence and evil. She then brings the heroine and the hero into war with the very forces that may have pulled them apart. The Empath is a brilliantly written tale of love, belonging and longing on a scale that will leave the reader breathless. Maggie is independent, stubborn and unaware of the impending danger.

Broken Souls

Broken Souls is the story of Katia, a lady who was forbidden by the Dracoin to cast blood to blood spell. However, Katia was more than determined to locate her father, and her only hope of finding her father was the spell. The Dracoin werewolves had taken Katia into their group when her family had been attacked by Morphs. However, Katia had given up on locating her father because she believed that he was still alive. Furthermore, Katia refused to mate with her lover until she found her father. However, it reaches a point when her lover has no option but to give her an ultimatum and thus Katia is in turn forced to take drastic measures. While performing a spell, Katia accidentally summons a morph that claimed to be her father. Katia’s lover, Baylor knew the consequences of trusting a loved one who had been converted into a morph. Baylor was more than determined to save Katia, from the pain that he had lived with for such a long time. He also knew that if he was going to spare the morph, it was going to destroy Katia and if he killed the morph, then he risked losing his loved one.

Enemy Lover

Enemy Lover is the third installment in the Nocturne Dracoin book series. Broken Souls begins as Damian begins to hunt Jaimie, who is his destined mate. In Empath, the readers learned that Jamie was in the same league as the Morphs, while trying to learn magic. Jaimie also assisted them in executing their plan to kill Damian. Fortunately enough the plan did not work. Despite the fact that she betrayed Damian, Damian still wants her mainly because the two share an exceedingly strong bond. Whether destiny brought them together, Jaimie has no plan of mating with Damian. Jaimie saw Damian kill her brother so many years ago and in the process, she developed some resentment towards him. Irrespective of their differences, these two characters end up working together, while hunting for an exceedingly old book of magic which may just contain the spell that was going to save her. Furthermore, the time that these two characters continue to spend together ensured that their relationship was properly cemented.

With that said, the world building in Enemy Lover is exceptional. Enemy Lovers introduces the readers to Damian’s adopted family, who are going to be included in the future installments. The reader is going to enjoy all the characters in this installment, especially Damian, his brothers and the relationship that he had with them.

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