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Noelle Salazar is a USA Today Bestselling historical fiction writer born and raised in the Northwest Pacific. She worked as a medical assistant, an NFL cheerleader, a navy recruit, and a storyteller.
Her debut novel, The Flight Girls, was inspired by real heroes such as Angles of the Resistance, the Women Airforce Service Pilots, and a story of two teenage sisters who join the Dutch Resistance, risking their lives to serve their country.

She has met and even had a chance to interview some women who were part of the WASP and their families.

When Noelle isn’t writing, you can find her thinking about her next book or dodging raindrops

The Flight Girls
Audrey comes from a wealthy family, and all she wants is to own a small airstrip and fly planes. She has no plans of getting married or siring kids because She doesn’t want to be restricted by a husband or children. She is not interested because she wants to focus on her career. Knowing what she wanted in life, she convinced her father to teach her to fly at the little airfield at their home in Texas.
When an opportunity came to hire women pilots to train new male recruits on how to fly, Audrey signed up as the war in Europe started. While training the pilots in Hawaii, Audrey learns a lot about military aircraft while sharing a house with three female trainers who soon become close to her.

None of the ladies came from the same background but they became friends so fast. Audrey has never gotten any interest in romantic fantasies, even with the charming lieutenant James Hart who they first become a friend like any other woman she flies with.

James, too, has no plans of marrying; after they leave Hawaii, the two promise to keep communicating. Both want to life without the traditional roles of having a family. They even agree to keep things casual with nothing more than friendship. Then one fateful day, Audrey is caught up in the air over Pearl Harbor as bombs start dropping, and nothing feels safe. All the bombing happens when she is in the air, and it’s at this point she decides to join the Women Airforce Service Pilots program.

Even when Pearl Harbor is attacked and bombed by the Japanese, Audrey still manages to land the plane under the enemy fire and makes it out with no major injuries. What she once saw as her paradise is destroyed and burned, and James finds her a place to stay as she tries to find out what happened to her friends.

In the past, the two had avoided getting into any romantic relationships even though they were attracted to each other, so they decided its better if they only remained to be friends.
James is among the few people who understand her dreams in life. As James fights abroad, Audrey returns to Texas, promising to keep in touch. After some months, she feels uncomfortable as she wants to help her country in the war, so she becomes part of the Women’s Air force Service Pilots.

The job of the women pilots is to transport planes to and from various military bases all over the US. They also tested the new planes before being sent to the war. To get into the program, one has to be physically fit and pass the set exams but soon discover how fatal the job may be.

As she undergoes her training at Avenger Filed in Texas, Audrey goes through a vigorous program while making more friends with the lady pilots. Her relationship with her fellow pilots gives her some hope during the war.

Soon the letter she was receiving from James started becoming few with time. Might this be a sign of him saying his goodbyes? Will Audrey ever see James again?

As Audrey catches the attention of a handsome instructor, she has to decide if what she feels for James is more than just ordinary friendship. When James goes MIA, Audrey gets the strength to cross the lines and fight this for her family and the love she cherishes.

Can Audrey and James find their way back to each other after the war? Does Audrey find new love?

The two had formed a strong bond that they had never expected. She likes flying planes, and it’s her dream to own an airfield someday back in Texas. She was even saving up money as she trained the military pilots.

Even when she faces criticism and stereotyping, Audrey is proud of her career and the adventures she gets as she does what she loves. When she was sent to Fort Sam Huston, she got a lot of prejudice from men as they believed that a lady couldn’t fly a big plane and couldn’t make it in the harsh conditions.

Noelle Salazar weaves an interesting story about love, loss, friendship, determination, and courage. The Flight Girls is shining light on a little-known part of history, portraying women’s fearlessness, power of friendship, and love that helps them soar higher.

It’s an enlightening, emotionally compelling historical fiction book showing Audrey’s involvement in the WASP program during World War II. Salazar does an amazing job of dramatizing the companionship as she explores the friendships between the women in the WASP. She also throws in some romance for Audrey, adding more drama to the story.

There is always something magical about flying, and Noelle Salazar perfectly captures it in her novel in the middle of the most challenging times of WWII. The flight Girls is an inspiring and lighter fiction story exploring the dynamics between characters and historical events.

The story majorly focuses on one woman’s strength and drive to follow her passion, leading her to join WASP during World War II.

The author weaves a heartfelt, intriguing, well-written tale with amazing and relatable characters. The story is narrated from the first-person perspective of the lead character Audrey Coltrane. Even though the characters are fictional, the author manages to capture the spirit of the women and everything they encountered while participating in the program.

Audrey is a character anyone can easily connect with, even though she suffered a lot of criticism. She was qualities like confidence and intelligence, which made her unique from the rest. Even when Pearl Harbor is attacked and bombed by the Japanese, Audrey still manages to land the plane under the enemy fire and makes it out with no major injuries.

It’s interesting to read about Audrey and her colleagues experiences during the training and the strong friendship they formed.

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