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Publication Order of Nora Kelly Books

By: Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child

Douglas Preston is an accomplished author of fiction.

Douglas was born in 1956 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the suburb of Wellesley. He went to private nursery school, attended public school and then the Cambridge School of Weston. When he was three, he lost his fingertip to a bicycle, and also had several broken bones and lost his front teeth to the fist of his brother Richard, who would go on to pen books The Hot Zone and The Cobra Event.

He would roam around the neighborhood with Richard and David, their little brother, doing things like launching their own homemade rockets. They once tried to fly a rocket into Wellesley Square that went wrong and almost killed a man out mowing his lawn. The brothers were celebrities locally and often appeared in the ‘Police Notes’ part of their local paper. The author says it’s a miracle they got out of childhood intact.

Preston went to California to attend Pomona College, majoring in English literature. He graduated and then started working in New York at the American Museum of Natural History as a writer, editor, and then manager of publications. He also was managing editor of Curator and taught writing to students at Princeton. He worked for eight years at the museum, which led to him writing Dinosaurs in the Attic, a nonfiction book. It was edited by Lincoln Child, a polymath at St. Martin’s Press, who was inspired by a late museum tour to inform him that the hall of dinosaurs would make a great setting for a thriller, which became the book Relic.

He put everything he owned into his Subaru and moved to Santa Fe in 1986 to write full time. He had his nonfiction book Cities of Gold published and had done research on it with a friend retracing Coronado’s route in his search for the Seven Cities of Cibola. He has written more nonfiction books since then on the American Southwest and its history, including Talking to the Ground, The Royal Road, and Jennie.

He teamed up once more with Child in the early nineties to write their suspense novels. Their first novel was Relic, then came more, including Riptide and Thunderhead. Relic was made into a movie released in 1997 by Paramount. Preston’s novel also became The Jennie Project, a 2001 television movie. Lincoln and Douglas lived five hundred miles apart but wrote their books together over the Internet, fax, and telephone at the time. The author also contributes regularly to magazines, including The New Yorker, National Geographic, Smithsonian, and more.

Lincoln Child is an accomplished American author. He was born in Westport, Connecticut. he started becoming interested in writing in second grade, where he wrote his own short story about an elephant. He wrote several short stories while he was young and a science fiction novel as well as a fantasy story in high school, which he considers embarrassing today.

Lincoln majored in English at Carleton College in Minnesota and graduated. He found an interest in words and went to New York in 1979 to look for a publishing job. He found one in St. Martin’s Press as an editorial assistant. From there, he made his way up the editorial hierarchy, becoming assistant editor, then associate editor, then full editor in 1984. He served as an editor for over a hundred books, put together collections, founded the horror division, and eventually left in 1987 to work at MetLife.

Lincoln transitioned to doing technical programming and systems analysis. He had experience in programming dating back to high school. Getting a break from publishing, his interest in writing returned. While there, his book Relic was published. Eventually he left to write full-time. He is married and lives with his wife and daughter in New Jersey.

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child are the creators and authors of the Nora Kelly series of fictional novels. The series began with two prequel books, Thunderhead and The Cabinet of Curiosities. The debut novel in the series was published in 2019 and is titled Old Bones. The second book would come out in 2021 and is titled The Scorpion’s Tail. The third book is titled Diablo Mesa, and the fourth book is titled Dead Mountain.

Old Bones is the first book in the Nora Kelly series by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child. If you’ve been looking for a story with twists and turns, give this story a try!

Meet main character Nora Kelly. She’s a successful curator and the young woman already has many different important excavations completed under her watch. Attractive historian Clive Benton comes to her to ask her to lead a unique expedition. Clive tells her about a story involving the Donner Party, famous for starvation and cannibalism once they were stranded in the mountains in the winter.

Interested, Nora agrees to do so, and they go to Sierra Nevada to look for the camp. They find out that the discovery of the missing party is just the start, and that the truth behind these long-dead pioneers is more surprising and complicated than they could have thought. They’re also put into danger from a threat in present day. With rumors of a fortune in gold lost by the party still active, are Nora and Clive in for a rougher ride than they had anticipated? Can they stay safe, or will they meet a horrible end? Read this book to find out!

The Scorpion’s Tail is the second book in the Nora Kelly series by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child. This suspenseful tale sees the return of Nora Kelly, curator and archaeologist, working with FBI Agent Corrie Swanson.

Corrie and Nora are put in charge of a new case and the investigation will require both of their skill sets. When Corrie is in a shoot-out that leaves a senior FBI agent wounded, she finds herself being investigated. But her supervisor tells her she is not to blame and that the mark on her record will soon be cleared up. However, Corrie cannot help but feel guilty.

To distract herself, she takes on a case that involves a mummified corpse that has been found. It’s fifty years old and was found in a New Mexican ghost town’s hidden enclave. Corrie realizes she’s out of her depth and will need the assistance of her former enemy and new ally Nora Kelly, the archaeologist. Nora finds that the dead mummy was poisoned and died with a valuable artifact in their hands from outside the ghost town. Can they uncover more about the case? Will Corrie be cleared of all culpability in the shoot-out instance? Read this book to find out!

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