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About Nora Page

Writing under the pseudonym of Nora Page, Ann Myers is an American author of numerous cozy mystery novels. Creating a number of works over the course of her literary career, she’s made a name for herself with her unique brand of fiction. Keeping readers constantly guessing throughout, she manages to engage her audience on a more than personal level. Holding them on the edges of their seats, she manages to craft intricate narratives alongside well-written and compelling characters.

It’s a testament to her many skills as an author in that she’s become so widely regarded all around the world, with her work reaching far and wide. Featuring a surprise on each and every page, she has plenty of twists and turns throughout each of her finely tuned mysteries. Knowing her audience both inside and out at this point, she understands perfectly what they’re looking for when it comes to her novels. On top of this, she also manages to say something different, writing precisely the novels that she and she alone wants to write.

Letting her work essentially speak for itself, Myers makes sure her writing under the Nora Page pen-name really stands out. Pushing it in new and interesting directions, she infuses it with her own unique approach that has drawn in a wide array of fans. The characters she creates are also a perfect example of this, allowing her to really excel when it comes to writing stories with something different to say. With a lot more yet still to follow as well, she’s a writer who’s definitely not going away any time soon, as there’s plenty more planned for the future.

Early and Personal Life

Always interested in writing from early on, Ann Myers would focus on her love of writing from a young age. Continuing to develop it over time, she would come to find her own approach to the craft, ultimately establishing her own voice. Particularly focusing on her keen interest in the mystery genre, she would take the format in new and interesting directions.

In time she would come to establish her pen-name of Nora Page, using it to put out further work as a mystery novelist. Always looking out for fresh new and exciting ideas to write about, she constantly draws from a range of influences, putting it back into her work. Currently living in Colorado, she lives with her husband as she continues to write, while also considering Santa Fe her home as well.

Writing Career

As a writer, Ann Myers would begin writing under her own name back in 2015, publishing the novel ‘Bread of the Dead.’ This book was a cozy mystery, setting the tone for much of what was to follow in the years to come, as this genre would be her primary focus. The novel would also be the first in her soon to be much loved ‘Santa Fe Cafe Mystery’ series of novels that would follow on.

Later Myers would go on to write her first book under the name of Nora Page, beginning with the 2018 novel ‘Better Off Read.’ This cozy mystery would commence her ‘Bookmobile Mystery’ series of novels, with ‘Read on Arrival’ coming out the following year and ‘Read or Alive’ in 2020. Making a name for herself both as Myers and Nora Page, she has become one of the most sought-after voices within her fields to date.

Better Off Read

Originally coming out through the ‘Crooked Lane Books’ publishing imprint in 2018 on the 8th of May, this would be the first in the ‘Bookmobile Mystery’ series. Setting up the series of stand-alone mystery novels, each book features a self-contained story following the same characters in the same world. Following the septuagenarian librarian Cleo Watkins, each book takes place in Catalpa Springs in the American state of Georgia.

Cleo Watkins takes to the road in her Bookmobile after the only hope her small town has of salvaging its library is found murdered. As the librarian, Cleo must contend with the mayor looking to shelve the library while she takes off in Words on Wheels through the streets of Catalpa Springs, Georgia. All the while, she must apply her best sleuthing skills to find out what’s really going on while clearing the name of her friend Mary-Rose. Will she be able to discover the truth behind it all, can she hope to save the library, and just who is really better off read?

A fun introduction to this particular series of cozy mysteries, there’s a lot to really enjoy here, with its engaging characters and story. The mystery itself is more than easy to follow, as it constantly makes sure that the reader is kept guessing, and seeing what’s coming next. Really establishing the world of the novels, too, it manages to craft an intricate narrative, building an immersive atmosphere and ambiance.

Read on Arrival

Initially arriving on the 7th of May, this would come out in 2019, setting up the second book in the ‘Bookmobile Mystery’ series. Providing another self-contained novel, it would carry on from the first, offering another mystery to follow involving Cleo Watkins. It would also work to help pave the way for the third book as well, with ‘Read or Alive’ coming out in 2020 the following year.

Bringing its annual book fair to Catalpa Springs, the Georgia Antiquarian Book Society is setting it up in honor of bookseller and restorer Henry Lafayette. Much to the delight of Cleo Watkins, she begins to make preparations, and that’s when a book dealer turns up conning the older residents out of their books. Conning an old signed copy of ‘Gone With the Wind’ off Cleo’s cousin Dot, the dealer later turns up dead, and now Cleo must prove her innocence. Will she be able to clear Dot’s name, can they find the real killer on time, and who will finally be read on arrival?

Another perfect example of the cozy mystery, as this book really delivers, providing a further example of Myers’ many strengths as a writer. Progressing at an easy-going pace, the story never leaves the reader behind, making it ideal for a light and casual read. There’s a great deal to have fun with here once again, as it pushes its concept to its full potential, giving the book a real sense of vitality.

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