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Norman Reedus has to be one of the most popular actors on a TV series even though he got his start as a fashion model. He was one of the most popular characters in “The Walking Dead” in which he was one of the leads from 2010 to 2022.
He has acted in several other popular shows such as “Hawaii Five-O” and “Law and Order.” He has also lent his voice to several characters as he has famously appeared in “Death Stranding,” where he voiced Sam Porter, the lead character of the video game.
It was in the 1990s when he made his debut as an actor in “The Boondock Saints,” where he was Murphy MacManus.

He would then have several other smaller roles in the likes of “American Gangster,” “Blade 2,” and “8MM” that would then become successful box office films.

He has also been featured in music videos for some very popular artists such as Orville Peck, Lady Gaga, R.E.M., Radiohead, and Keith Richards.

He would become an author in 2022 with the publishing of his debut work “The Ravaged.” He has also published a photography book as he has always had a thing for creative photography.

Reedus was born in Hollywood Florida in 1969 to Ira Norman and Marianne Reedus. He has some Italian blood from his paternal grandmother, while he has Irish, Scottish, and English roots from his grandfather.
He was not a very lucky child as he was still a very small kid when his parents had irrevocable differences and had to divorce.

As such, he spent much of his childhood with his mother who lived for much of her life as a single mother. It was during this time that he developed a love for storytelling in many different formats.
Norman Reedus’ mother used to love playing Pink Floyd when he was a kid, as she had several big speakers that just blew him away.

Reedus thus believes his love for storytelling came from Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” album whose cover had some very beautiful illustrations.

While he was just a kid, he spent hours fantasizing about what the artwork and characters meant and this was the seed for the short stories he began writing in his childhood.
He is now a connoisseur of any type of storytelling whether it be song lyrics, short stories, books, or visual storytelling.

Norman Reedus went to the Lindsborg, Kansas-based Bethany College, where he only lasted for a semester before he quit.

For a time, he lived in Tokyo before he moved back to the United States and made his home in Venice California where he found a job working at a “Harley Davidson” shop.
It is perhaps from this job that he developed his love for motorcycles, which he was always riding while acting in “The Walking Dead.”

While working at Harley Davidson, he also contributed artwork to various shows as a video artist, painter, sculptor, and painter.

It was also during this time that he got his first acting gig on Sunset Boulevard’s “Tiffany Theater” where he acted in “Map for Drowners” the play. He got the Daryl Dixon role on “The Walking Dead” in 2010.
He had always wanted to write but with so many ventures going on at the same time, he just never had the time.

It was only when the pandemic hit in 2020 that he finally found the time and learned how to make the perfect martini while writing the manuscript for what would become “The Ravaged,” which he published in 2022.

As for his personal life, Norman dated Helena Christensen the supermodel for five years between 1998 and 2003. The relationship resulted in one son and the two have joint custody of the kid and remain friends despite having been separated for years.
In 2005, he got into an accident when his car collided with a truck while he was in Germany. He sustained a serious head injury and had to have major reconstructive surgery, and now sports a titanium eye socket and four screws in his head.
While filming “Sky” the 2015 film, Reedus met Dine Kruger the German actress and they started dating in 2016. The two have a daughter named Nova.
He has been a resident of New York City since the late 1990s.

“The Ravaged” by Norman Reedus is a work that follows three individuals who are looking to get out of their current lives for a variety of reasons.

Jack spent most of his life tooling to provide for his family but a few months after he turns 65, he loses his wife to cancer, even as he deals with grief from his daughter’s suicide and an addicted son.
He moves to Chile to get away from it all and he now moves around with no identification and no money, as he lives with the heaviness of grief and regret.

Hunter a motorcycle repairman and motorcyclist quit his job as he was fed up with his abusive boss and has now taken his boss’s dog Ruby with him.

He learns that there had been a mysterious fire in which his father died and Nugger and Itch his two best friends tag him along to go on a quest from North Carolina to California and assist anyone they meet along the way in honor of his father.
Lastly is a young teenager named Anne, who leaves an abusive home and the possibility that she could have killed her sibling, after she hit him over the head with a pan.

Together with Trot her best friend, they learn all about train hopping and also make friends with another teenager named Cinnamon who is good at the art of being proud and homeless.
Norman Reedus writes a gritty and harsh account of very unique people whose stories come together.

But the most interesting thing is how every protagonist learns about what is really important and how family does not have to mean the same thing to everyone.

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