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Publication Order of North Ridge Books

North Ridge is a series of erotic romance novels written by Karina Halle. The books tell the story of the Nelson brothers and their romantic adventures in their hometown of North Ridge.

+The Story
The North Ridge series is called so because the stories it tells are situated in a mountainous British Columbia town called North Ridge.

They are categorized as second-chance novels because they typically play with the idea of lost or misplaced love being unexpectedly re-discovered. The protagonists at the center of Karina Halle’s novels start out as friends.

In some cases, they knew each other from childhood. In other cases, they are recent acquaintances. Either way, they always strike up a friendship. As is often the case with the romance genre, the hero and the heroine are drawn to one another from the moment they meet.

And yet, unlike most romantic novels, the protagonists in the North Ridge series make no effort to act on their feelings, either because they have a significant amount of self-control or because there are obstacles in play keeping them from jumping into one another’s arms.

Over time, as they grow closer, true love blossoms. There’s always a character, either the hero or the heroine, who isn’t ready to pursue a longlasting relationship.

But their anxieties fall away as they get to know one another. Eventually, a challenge arises and separates them, seemingly forever. At no point in time do they ever stop thinking about one another.

And yet they are resigned to the fact that they can never be together. Over time, though, circumstances conspire to bring them back together. More often than not, one of them is reluctant to risk heartbreak while the other refuses to give up their second chance at true love.

But as tends to happen with the romance genre, they eventually overcome their respective barriers, finding happiness in one another’s arms.

The different North Ridge novels take different approaches in their attempts to explore their protagonists’ love stories. Some novels start at the beginning. They take readers back to those initial moments when the hero and heroine found one another.

The novels then chronicle the events that broke the couple apart and the circumstances that led them into their second chance.

Other novels pick up after the initial heartbreak has happened, using conversations to explain the events of the past even as they launch into their protagonists’ second chance.

It should be noted that the North Ridge books each stand on their own. You do not need to read anyone novel first to understand the stories that came before or after.

Each book has its own hero and heroine pursuing their own love story, separate from the stories of the heroes and heroines that came before or after.

That being said, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the North Ridge series tells the story of the Nelson brothers. Each of the North Ridge books has a Nelson sibling at its core.

‘Wild Card’, the first of the North Ridge books, tells the story of Shane Nelson. Shane works on a farm and boasts a powerful, sculpted physique crafted by his years of labor under a burning sun.

Shane is soft, sweet, and kind, and his personality is a stark contrast to the picture his physique presents. Nothing would bring him more joy than finding true love.

‘Maverick’, the second novel, tells John Nelson’s story. Like Shane, John is well built. A member of the North Ridge Search and Rescue team, John cannot get enough of women.

His idea of a well-spent winter involves several nights of wild sex. But John isn’t quite as inviting when it comes to relationships. And it takes an extraordinary woman to incite in him a desire to pursue stability in his romantic life.

Fox Nelson, the hero of ‘Hot Shot’ works as a firefighter. He spends his days running into wildfires, so relationships have never truly been a factor for him. And truth be told, he has no desire to burden another soul with his raging demons.

The Nelson brothers are at different stages of their lives. They have diverse personalities, wants, and needs. And it takes a different kind of woman to scratch their individual itches.

For all the differences distinguishing them, though, the Nelson brothers are all alpha males with strong personalities and a consuming desire to protect the women in their lives.

The heroines are strong and independent and they know exactly what they want. The North Ridge novels are written with mature audiences in mind. They feature a lot of sex and coarse language.

+The Author
Karina Halle was a journalist before she started writing fiction. She worked for publications like The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, primarily in the fields of music and travel.

A married woman who lives with her husband and their puppy, Halle writes erotic romance novels.

+Wild Card
Shane Nelson runs Ravenswood Ranch. And he is the sort of man most women would give their lives to bed. But the only woman Shane wants is Rachel Waters. Shane and Rachel met as children.

They fell in love and, for a while, they believed that they would spend the rest of their lives together. But something went wrong. A secret tore them apart and Rachel left North Ridge heartbroken.

But now Rachel is back. She only came home to deal with a sick mother. But she cannot avoid Shane who is determined to make things right and, hopefully, claim Rachel for himself once more.

John Nelson works with the Search and Rescue team in North Ridge. His brash attitude and bold personality make him a standout. John never hesitates to leap into danger.

But John is a little more cautious with women. He will take the wild sex wherever he can get it but relationships are an issue for John. All that changes when Riley Clarke comes into the picture.

Riley is the team’s latest recruit and there is no question in her mind that John wants her as badly as she wants him. However, the laws of their workplace forbid fraternization amongst coworkers.

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