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Northern Border Patrol Books In Order

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Publication Order of Northern Border Patrol Books

Danger at the Border (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Joint Investigation (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Under the Mistletoe (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Identity Unknown (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ransom (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Northern Border Patrol series is an award winning series written by one of the successful suspense and romance novelist from The United States named Terri Reed. This series is comprised of 5 books in total, which were released between the years 2014 and 2016. In the series, author Reed has described the suspenseful plots involving several border patrol agents, who try to keep the border between The United States and Canada safe. Each book of this romantic suspense series features a different set of chief protagonists, usually a male and a female. As the plots progress further, they develop closeness with each other while trying to overcome the dangerous situations and it is their attempt to keep each other safe that keeps the momentum of the stories.

The debut book of the Northern Border Patrol series written by author Terri Reed was published under the title ‘Danger at the Border’. It was released by the Love Inspired publication in the year 2014. In this novel, author Reed has depicted the central characters as Dr. Tessa Cleary and Jeff Steele. The opening plot of the book shows that a mysterious toxin is known to have been found near the Canada and US border that threatens the lives of numerous people in both the countries. Dr. Tessa Cleary is appointed by the US government and is asked to trace the toxin’s source. Tessa is known to be a determined person like to keep her full focus on her work. She does not like any non-sense happening around when she is working. Also, she tends to prevent herself from getting into any kind of relationship with the male colleagues as she believes that it could distract her and disturb her focus. But, when she is forced to join hands with one of the border patrolling agents named Jeff Steele for finding the source of the toxin, she finds that she is getting towards him. Tessa finds Jeff to be a lone wolf, who is dedicated towards his job and the protection of his country from any kind of harm. But at the same time, she also senses that Jeff’s dedication is getting chipped away around the walls of her heart. Later, when the two reach close enough to uncover the deadly source of the toxin, they kidnapped by armed thugs and taken deep into the forest. Seeing the difficulty of the situation, Jeff and Tessa realize that they much have trust on each other in order to survive and come out alive well within time. The book appears to an overall suspenseful, riveting, romantic, and inspirational book, and even though it is a part of the series, author Reed says that it can be enjoyed as a stand-alone book also.

Initially, Tessa Cleary is asked to investigate about the mysterious and sudden death of the fishes near the northern border as well the respiratory problems faced by the people living there. She thinks of it as a simple investigation until several rounds are fired at her which makes her run for survival. Jeff Steele too runs for his life along with Tessa. They also seem to be running from the demons inside them as they are not prepared to deal with the pull of protectiveness and attraction towards each other. The plot is filled with lush green scenery, sweet & scented air, as well as away from the city’s chaos. Numerous readers loved the thrilling chase described by Reed in which Tessa and Jeff try to survive while being threatened by the deadly animals in the forest as well as the dangerous people chasing them. The plot is very well planned and executed by author Reed. Her tremendous amount of research work behind story can be seen effectively in the storyline. Even the characters don’t appear to be artificial and make the readers convinced about their authenticity. Author Reed has sketched the settings in a beautiful way. Both Jeff Steele and Tessa Cleary appear as strong characters who are capable of withstanding the difficulties thrown at them and fulfill their duties for the country with great determination. They are also shown to have a sweet, touching, and heartfelt chemistry between them. Author Reed has written the plot in a captivating and simple manner, and has easily created the events, place, and characters in the story, building a colorful picture in the readers’ minds.

One of the other well known books of the series is titled as ‘Joint Investigation’. It was also released by the Love Inspired publishers in the year 2015. Author Reed has introduced the main characters in this story as Samantha Bennett and Drew Kelley. Samantha Bennett is described as an FBI agent while Drew Kelley is depicted as a police inspector in the Royal Mounted police force of Canada. As the plot begins, Samantha Bennett’s personality is shown as an agent who might like to have backup under certain circumstances, but when she learns that an overprotective Canadian Mountie is coming as backup for her, she does not like the idea at all. For the past 6 months, Samantha has been chasing a serial killer and she has not seen anyone else so serious about the case as her. Later, when Drew Kelley saves Samantha from a near death experience and then become aware about the serial murderer named Birdman, he begins to take a personal interest in his case. Drew decides to join Samantha in the hunt for the deadly killer. They go on the serial killer’s chase throughout the continent and try to stop him from taking another innocent victim’s life. During the chase, the closeness between Drew Kelley and Samantha Bennett increases. Due to this, Samantha fears that the growing feeling may distract her and weaken the focus that she has maintained for so long with her dedication and determination.

What she fears about more is that as Drew has joined her on the deadly case the killer might cause harm to him or even worse, kill him. And Samantha cannot afford to lose Drew as she has deeply fallen in love with him. Author Reed has mentioned more explosive, bloody, and vivid action sequences in this story than the previous one. The border region between U.S. and Canada seems very sensitive because of the brutal serial killer. Drew and Samantha are shown as a compatible pair, whose minds work as one as they united in the chase of the killer. But, as both of them have had bad experiences in the past, they tend to prevent themselves from indulging into a relationship. But, the growing feelings and attraction force them to have a romantic relationship in spite of their reluctance to do so.

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