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Publication Order of Notorious Ladies of London Books

Notorious Ladies of London (Series by Scarlett Scott)
Author Scarlett Scott writes the “Notorious Ladies of London” series of historical romance novels. This is a sizzling series about daring ladies that know exactly what they want and are not at all afraid to just go and get it.

“Lady Ruthless” is the first novel in the “Notorious Ladies of London” series and was released in 2020. Lady Calliope Manning’s determined to punish the guy that she holds responsible for the death of her beloved brother. She’ll do anything in her power to ruin him. When rumors begin swirling around that the Earl of Sinclair requires one healthy bride to rescue himself from dire financial straits, she seizes on the chance to ruin him finally.

Justin “Sin” Vaughn, the Earl of Sinclair, has to marry an heiress and fast. However the sudden, and anonymous publication of salacious memoirs that are rumored to be his obliterates all his chances. With polite society convinced that he’s a murderer, he’s just got one choice: track down the person behind his supposed memoirs and exact his revenge.

Callie never expected that Lord Sinclair would figure out that she wrote “Confessions of a Sinful Earl”. Or to kidnap her and demand restitution in the form of her own hand in marriage. She certainly did not expect that she’d find him so difficult to resist. Sin’s about to teach the perfidious and gorgeous Lady Callie a lesson in ruthlessness. A scorching hot kiss at a time.

Readers found there to be a lot of depth to these characters and this story and is so engaging, they just never wanted it to end. Fans of the book loved the humanity, the humor, heart, the beautiful happily ever after, and the smoking hot sexy times.

“Lady Wallflower” is the second novel in the “Notorious Ladies of London” series and was released in 2020. Lady Jo Danvers has just declared war on her humdrum life. Armed with this list of ways she can be wicked, she’ll step out of her role as the never-been-kissed wallflower and now experience some passion. With the right gentleman, obviously. She only has to find him.

Mr. Elijah Decker, the handsome businessman that she can’t quit thinking about, is certainly no gentleman. And he’s decidedly all wrong for her. Unfortunately for Jo, she’s unknowingly handed her list to him. When Decker finds that her list is mistakenly tucked in between the pages of a pamphlet for the Lady’s Suffrage Society, he’s intrigued. And after she realizes her error and storms into his office demanding that he give it back, Decker agrees with one condition: she accept his help in crossing off every scandalous act.

What starts as a lark soon sizzles into something a lot more unexpected and deeper. However Decker’s dark side and perilous secrets might rip them apart before Jo can complete her sinful quest.

Scarlett does a great job of keeping the reader invested in what’s going on, and her prose is effortless, steamy, humorous, historically accurate, and emotional. Jo is an utterly likable heroine, and her patience and the way she doesn’t just jump to terrible conclusions are admirable traits. Jo and Decker have incredible chemistry sure to give readers goosebumps. Decker’s not all that he appears to be, and he’s the sort of bad boy that cannot help but be good with the right woman.

“Lady Reckless” is the third novel in the “Notorious Ladies of London” series and was released in 2020. Lady Helena Davenport is desperate to avoid the odious betrothal her dad’s forcing upon her. Only way out is to orchestrate her own personal ruination. Everything unfolds according to plan, her escape within her grasp finally. However there’s just a problem when the moment of scandal arrives: the rake she picked out for an assignation is nowhere to be found. In his place that she secretly loves.

Gabriel, the notoriously proper Earl of Huntingdon, is outraged once he learns that his best friend’s innocent sister, Lady Helena has decided to give herself to some scoundrel. His impeccable sense of honor won’t allow such a travesty to happen. When Gabe confronts her, the very last thing he expects is to find himself being tempted to commit wickedness.

Gabe is strong enough to resist, fortunately. After all, he’s already betrothed to somebody. But he’s now tasked with the unhappy duty of following her around to keep her from committing further folly. The more time that he spends with this infuriating minx, the more impossible it is to resist her.

Helena’s running short on time to save herself from an unhappy marriage. With the Earl of Huntingdon haunting every move she makes to keep her from ruining herself, her hope’s dwindling. Until she settles upon the one definite means of securing her freedom, even if it means she risks making Huntingdon hate her permanently.

“Lady Wicked” is the fourth novel in the “Notorious Ladies of London” series and was released in 2021. A single reckless moment was all that it required for Lady Julianna Somerset to lose her innocence to her best friend’s brother. However when he broke her heart, she ran to London in order to heal her wounded pride. One desperate change in circumstance has forced her to return. And in a cruel twist of fate, the guy that ruined her might be the one and only one that can save her.

Lord Shelbourne, Sidney, has always wanted one woman at his side and in his bed. Only problem is that she refused his marriage proposal and vanished out of his life. He has resigned himself to a life of duty when her arrival in London stirs up old and dangerous flames.

Sidney’s not forgiven Julianna for spurning him or for the shocking secret that she has been keeping. Now that she needs his help, he’s got a plan. Revenge is going to be his, and so is she. However Julianna is determined to protect herself against this handsome lord that she never quit desiring. This time around, she’s vowed she’ll be the one that forces him to surrender.

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