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Breaking Nova (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Saving Quinton (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nova and Quinton: No Regrets (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wreck Me (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruin Me (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nova and Quinton: Everlasting Hope (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Nova series is a famous book series of romance, new adult, and contemporary novels. It is penned by one of America’s bestselling writers, Jessica Sorensen. The series is comprised of a total of 5 novels and 2 novellas, which were released between the years 2013 and 2015. The stories of each and every book of this series revolves around the life of the central character named Nova Reed. In addition to Nova Reed, the other very important character shown in all the books is Quinton Carter. The two come across each other in an unexpected situation and develop feelings for each other. They seem to get even closer due to each other’s sorrows, which is evidently seen on their faces and in their actions. The series begins by showing Nova Reed as a girl with many dreams. She wishes to become famous as a drummer and then settle down by marrying the love of her life. However, all her dreams get shattered in the fraction of a second and Nova is left devastated. Her condition worsens so much that she is forced to do things in life that she had never thought of doing ever. And just when she starts to think that she could never come out of her devastating condition, she meets Quinton Carter. He also appears to be trying to get over his haunting past. Quinton and Nova take solace in one another’s pains and try to give a new beginning to their lives. They slowly indulge in a romantic relationship and see it as a second chance at living happy lives provided by their fates. And each starts to feel that by having the other by their side, they can tackle any situation that comes their in the future. The series moves forward showing the different situations in which Nova and Quinton land and attempt to overcome them with determination and dedication. Author Jessica started writing the series in the year 2013 and also released its first novel in the same year. She has written 5 books in all so far and is expected to add a few more titles to the series in the coming days. Apart from the full length novels, Jessica has also penned a couple of short stories that depict events from the past lives of the main characters. The readers liked and appreciated all the books of this series and praised author Jessica for her dedicated efforts. They also gave many positive reviews of the books that boosted Jessica’s confidence and enabled her to continue many more interesting novels.

Jessica Sorensen is a highly reputed author of romance, contemporary, young adult, and fantasy genres. Her talent as a writer can be seen from the fact the almost all her novels have tasted success throughout the world. Author Jessica is given the credit of starting a new genre of fiction stories which came to be known as New Adult. Jessica has featured in the list of bestseller authors by the USA Today after the release of her book, Secret of Ella and Mich. Two of her novel series, Fallen Star and the Darkness Falls have been declared as masterpieces by the critics. The novels from both these fantasy series are very popular among the masses. Along with these two, she has also penned one more bestselling series titled as The Coincidence series. This series’ books have been listed in both the NY Times and USA Today. The hometown of author Jessica is Wyoming, where she spent her earlier years. Jessica is quite inspired by the romantic climate and scenic beauty of Wyoming, which help her in coming up with interesting stories of romance. She loves to roam around in the snowy mountains nearby to her hometown and sit in loneliness for writing stories. She says that doing this helps her to think about exciting stories, which she later develops into full length books for her readers to read and enjoy. Another reason behind sitting alone to write as said by author Jessica is that she gets to have a peaceful mind, which proves to be of great help in focusing on her work. This way, Jessica is able to develop exciting characters and better ideas. Other than reading & writing, Jessica likes to get involved in spending quality time with her friends and the members of her family.

The debut book of the Nova series written by Jessica Sorensen is known as ‘Breaking Nova’. This novel was published by the Forever publishing in 2013. The chief characters described by Jessica in this novel are Nova Reed, Quinton Carter, etc. Jessica has done the setting of this book’s story in Wyoming. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Nova Reeds has dreams of making it big in the field of drumming. She enjoys playing drums all the time and loves to be a master of this art form. Once she becomes popular, Nova has planned to marry her lover and settle down. However, nothing happens as per her expectations and her life is turned upside down with the blink of an eye. The days that follow later go in great difficulties. Nova has no other option, but to take up things that she always hated doing in her good times. And with the passage of time, she seems to be dying from within and losing her spirit. Then, Quinton Carter comes into her life. Nova feels attracted towards the honey brown, intense eyes of Quinton. With a close look at his face, she is confirmed that Quinton’s days also going with struggles. Nova learns that he had got a 2nd chance to make a beginning to his life, but Quinton gave it away. He has tattoos all over his body that keep reminding him of his loss and the things he has done in the past. Quinton becomes so broke that he promises himself not to let happiness reach his life ever again. However, he is forced to give up his promise due to the sweet and beautiful Nova. She makes him forget all his sorrows and start smiling again. But, even after getting close to Nova, Quinton Carter fears that he might lose her and become sad again, which he knows he will not be able to bear. However, he also feels that no one else can make him start loving his life again other than Nova Reed. So, he wonders whether he is ready to give a try to a new beginning with Nova or his past mistakes are going to make him suffer until his death?

The second installment of this series is entitled ‘Saving Quinton’. It was released by the Grand Central publishers in 2014. At the beginning of the story of this book, it is depicted that Nova is not able to get over Quinton Carter. On one hand, she is slowly getting rid of her pain and showing signs of healing, and on the other hand, Quinton is sinking deeper in his wounds. Nova becomes determined not to let Quinton die all alone in his pain. So, she sets out to find him and take care of him. Quinton too keeps thinking about Nova every time. He wonders how could a kind and sweet person like Nova care so much about a miserable man like him. Nova follows Quinton, all the way to Las Vegas and does not let him go away again, no matter how much he insists her to move out of his life. Quinton thinks if Nova stays with him, she won’t be able to heal completely and her life will become even more miserable. But, she promises him that together they will lead a happy life with each other’s support.

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