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Publication Order of Novel Idea Mysteries Books

Buried in a Book (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Every Trick in the Book (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Books, Cooks, and Crooks (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Played by the Book (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Off the Books (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lucy Arlington was initially conceived by the popularly known writing team comprised of Slyvia May and Ellery Adams (two close friends who decided to collaborate on an idea which later became the novel idea mystery series). In fact, working together, this duo managed to pen the first three books which made up the series that is: Buried in a Book, Every trick in the Book and Books, Cook and crooks. As time went by, their personal writing work load gradually grew and as a result, the two decided to pass on the baton to another brilliant writer “Susan Furlong”.

It is equally worth noting that in addition to writing as Lucy Arlington, Susan Furlong also doubles up as the author of the upcoming series “the Georgia Peach Mysteries”.

About the book series

After getting this series, I started off with the first title in the series that is: Buried in a book. I must admit the author did such an amazing job introducing the main character Lila Wilkins who happens to have quirky mother and a teenage son both of whom are causing all kinds of ups and down in his life. Lila is brought out having prepared to embark on a new path in life which ends up being a fantastic mystery.

This first title was very interesting and fun. Frankly speaking I love discovering new series that are immensely enjoyable to read and that is exactly what happened with the first title: “buried in a book’. On a personal level, discovering a new and enjoyable read to m is usually like discovering a rare new species of animal. I also have to admit that at first I wasn’t feeling well about it immediately I started reading through but boy it sure caught my attention. I won’t however divulge any further details because I would want for you to get the book and read it for a chance to experience exactly what I went through reading Buried in a book. In fact, immediately I was done, I went online and got the two next titles so that I could read them as well as soon as I could.

The second book in the series, every trick in the book was equally interesting. It serves as a follow up on Lila Wilkins and her current life events. Unfortunately for Lila and company, things take a turn for the worst. Immediately I came across this section of the book, I decided to settle down with the title for the long haul knowing well that I was not going to put it down right until after I had finished with it. I must admit that this second mystery had me just as enraptured as the first. I found it great to follow up with the characters most of whom I had already started knowing so well. After some time I was done reading the second installment of this fun series and it did not disappoint that I can tell you for sure. By then it was time to read the third installment titled: “Books, cooks and Crooks”.

This third title Books, cooks and crooks left me groaning mainly because I hate waiting for the release of the next title. In this book, Lila Wilkins is brought out involved in a cookbook fair which turn a turn for the worst ending in the most un-anticipated deadly way. To Lila Wilkins, it seems as if death and tons of Mayhem is following her something which is properly brought out by the author clearly. More and more into the book, it becomes apparent that the things which are going on in their lives and commiserate with them are mainly as a result of the choices which they have made, again I could not put this down.

Overall, I was extremely hooked to this series. Even though I love good mysteries, I must admit that they are not easy to find considering the number of books being put out these days. In addition to the above, I love a specific style of writing and plot ideas. Having read the first three books, I can confirm that Lucy Arlington continues to keep the series interesting and addictive which prompts the acquisition of the next title in the series all the way to the end. I love her writing style mainly because through it she is able to completely capture my attention plus she also goes into the right amount of details for each character in play, the immediate surrounding as well as the happenings without exaggeration. I never want to spend the first 30 minutes of a book meeting characters and then being taken through a meaningless conversation the two have as it is common in several books I have read in the past. Novel idea mystery is different.

In addition to the above, I also really enjoyed the fresh ideas she used in her books, it is always a pleasure to find creativity and uniqueness in a book mainly because it make the read extremely interesting. Every time I read a mystery novel I focus on finding out what exactly makes it stand out from the rest of the work by other authors. I did the same for this novel series and I was impressed by the find. In fact, I felt as if I could connect and relate to the characters, something which I really valued in the book. Everything taken into consideration, I would definitely recommend you take time and read through this series.

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