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Publication Order of NYPD Red Books

By: James Patterson, Marshall Karp

The NYPD Red series is a popular book series of mystery, suspense, thriller, and detective fiction books. The series is penned by author Marshall Karp, and co-authored with James Patterson.

Each and every book of this series has its setting done in New York, United States. Author Patterson has described the series’ stories in a unique way. He has mentioned a police unit called NYPD Red that works to tackle the crimes and criminals in New York. This police unit of hardworking and determined detectives is dedicated towards investigating the crimes involving high-profile people such as political operatives, celebrities, rich citizens, etc. The chief protagonists in all the books are shown as Kylie MacDonald and Zach Jordan. Both these characters are detectives in NYPD Red. In each book, MacDonald and Jordan are given a unique case to handle. Not only they are ordered to investigate and solve the cases, but also get out alive the innocent people, whose lives are at stake during the whole time of the missions. The books appear to be well written and described with interesting characters and settings. Each one of the novels has a unique story and goes along with some very exciting and never-seen-before protagonists and antagonists. Zack Jordan and Kylie MacDonald support each other very well as partners. They always look to sort out the problems in their personal and professional lives, and have each other supports in doing so. As the series moves forward, it has shown that the two fall in love with each other. However, being involved with someone else makes it very difficult for them to accept one another. But, as time passes by, they solve this problem too, and go on to cherish each other’s company as lovers very much. The books became very successful in far and wide places.

The debut book of the NYPD Red series written by author Karp is entitled ‘NYPD Red’. It was released by the Little, Brown, and Company publishing in the year 2012. The central characters mentioned by author Karp in this book include Delia Kates, Kylie MacDonald, Gabriel Benoit, Zach Jordon, Dr. Cheryl Robinson, etc. Marshall Karp has done the setting of the plot in New York City, New York. At the start of the book’s story, it is depicted that New York City is filled with glamor as Hollywood on Hudson has begun. Each night, the city’s people get to see film stars arrive in limos at the premieres and walk on red carpets. Even the expensive restaurants get booked exclusively for the private parties of wealthy producers, prominent directors, dashing actors, sexy actresses, etc. Fans gather in the number of thousands outside all such restaurants to get glimpses of beautiful and famous faces. Because of the arrival of the long list of celebrities in the town, a special task force, NYPD Red, is asked to stay on high alert. Not even a single mistake is expected from them as it is their prime duty to take care that nothing happens to the celebrities or other people during the premiere. Shortly after, a well known producer collapses suddenly during breakfast and dies. A top detective of NYPD Red, Zach Jordon, is the first person to reach the scene. Immediately after the producer’s death, Zach is partnered with the beautiful Kylie MacDonald to find out the murderer. Kylie also happens to the former girlfriend of Zach. Soon, the two realize that the death of the producer is just the beginning. Crimes begin to take place in large numbers and in the most spectacular, horrifying, and brutal manner, and openly in public. The whole of New York turns into chaos and puts NYPD Red on the most important task of stopping the crimes and catching the killer. Zach & Kylie know that no one knows what the killer is up to. They also know they have to put an end to all the chaos and hunt down the psychopath as the whole world is watching.

The next installment of this exciting series is called ‘NYPD Red 2’. This book was also published by Little Brown & Company in 2014. The primary characters described in this story include Spence Harrington, Dave Boyle, Zach Jordon, Cheryl Robinson, Kylie MacDonald, Gideon Donovon, etc., and once again the story takes place in New York City. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is shown that whenever an NYPD unit reaches a crime scene, they get noticed. They become famous as the saviors of the famous, connected, and richer. The elite NYPD Red task force is called in whenever a high profile case comes into picture. Zach Jordon has managed to come up as the best of all. He is relentless and brilliant in his work. When it comes to professionalism, he prefers carrying out his duties more than anything else. Zach doesn’t even think twice to ignore his feelings towards Kylie MacDonlad in the line of duty. The NYPD Red gets a call related to their next criminal case. When Zach and Kylie arrive at the scene in Central Park, they see a spinning carousel with the brutally slaughtered body of a woman on one of the horses. The woman’s body is tied up & dressed in a Hazmat suit to let the world see. After investigating, the detectives learn that the woman had high connections and was very wealthy. Three more murders take place in the same manner in different parts of the city one after the other. As the serial killer roams freely in the city, pressure keeps mounting on NYPD Red from the public as well as from the political leaders. Once again, the hopes of NYPD Red rest with MacDonald and Jordon as they know only these two can stop this psychopath killer. The case keeps becoming even more difficult with each passing day. The first thing that they think they must find out is the motive of the killer behind the serial killings. Zach notices that Kylie is acting a little strange recently. He thinks her strange behavior may affect the case and he cannot let this happen. So, he confronts Kylie and asks her to sort things out with herself quickly and join him in stopping the killer’s rampage.

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