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Nyssa Kathryn is an Australian romantic suspense author that is best known for the “Project Arma” series of novels.

She published “Luca” the debut novel of the series and her first ever novel in 2020 and has never looked back since. Nyssa now has more than a dozen novels to her name across several series and is proving to be quite a prolific author.

As a full-time author, she makes her home in Australia, where she lives with her husband and daughter and spends much of her time writing and plotting.

Since she is such a huge love of romance, she considers happily ever afters and strong alpha males to be her ultimate characters.

Kathryn still remembers that moment she decided that she would become an author. It was in 2017 and she was doing her usual reading marathons where she typically devoured everything and anything that took her fancy.

She had then read every book but still had a hunger for something else. After scavenging through Goodreads for more than an hour she found one she liked and got started reading.

But a quarter way through, the wheels fell off as nothing of the plot she had imagined was happening.

Feeling betrayed and confused she turned off her e-reader and matched to the living room to tell her husband that she was going to write a novel and do a much better job of it.

She was going to write and plot everything right and make it happen just as she pictured it in her head. As such, she set out to write a book even though she had no plan.

Soon after she was hit by reality and had had to go back to her full-time job. She got busy with life stopped writing and started rereading more contemporary romances, young adult fiction, and romantic suspense works she could get her hands on.

Fast forward a few years later and Nyssa Kathryn is on maternity leave taking care of a beautiful woman alongside a supportive and wonderful husband. It was at this time that she felt the urge to write once again.

The road to becoming a self-published author was a difficult one but she was determined and read every piece of literature to get herself up to speed.
Nyssa became a member of several author groups on social media, as she learned and searched for information. She found a lot of gold in the groups as they had almost all the answers she was looking for.

Moreover, even questions that had not been asked could always have someone knowledgeable enough to provide answers within a few minutes. So she kept writing and learning until she finally got the confidence she needed to publish her first novel.

Nyssa has now made a reputation for herself writing about sassy romantic heroines and alpha heroes and creating worlds with happily ever after endings.

Nyssa Kathryn’s novel “Luca” introduces Luca and his team of SEALs that had been part of the “Project Arma” experiment.

The project had injected them with drugs that made them better/stronger soldiers. They can now see better have healing abilities and are more mentally advanced.
It does seem that there are some high-powered people who were behind the project who ultimately weaponized their subjects. The drug makes its human subjects more like machines as it changes their moral compass.

However, contrary to expectations, Luca and his team retained much of their morals and broke off from the control of the project to form their own self-defense/security business.

They are doing this even as they look for the founders of the project that had forcibly injected them with drugs. With everything that has been going on, Luca bumps into his neighbor.

He gets fascinated with the soft-spoken and shy woman who is the complete opposite of what he is. There is something about the woman that brings out his protective instincts, even though it is clear that she is hiding something.

Nyssa Kathryn’s novel “Eden” introduces Eden who is a man full of distrust and rage, as the woman he once believed was the love of his life has come back. She had gone missing without a word to him more than a year earlier.

Eden may look like a brute but if he is to get the answers he wants, he will need more than brute strength to resolve his issues with Shylah.

But the past seldom stays buried and when things start going sideways, secrets may come out. The big question is will Eden be able to get the answers he needed before the “Project Arma” cabal gets to him and his brothers.

Eden has recently been getting closer to Shylah but this only puts her life in jeopardy. But with danger mounting each day, he will need every bit of his love and strength to keep her safe.

Meanwhile, Project Arma is determined to do whatever it takes to achieve its goals and will do everything in its power to crush any resistance. Eden and his brothers show “Project Arma” their true colors when they get attacked.

But there is some deception that hits close to home, which just makes their mission even more difficult.

“Asher” by Nyssa Kathryn is a novel that continues to follow the Navy SEALs that escaped from project Arma.

Having escaped, they found themselves targeted by machine-like humans who had been robbed of their moral and ethical standards by the project. The escapees are led by Asher Becket and their aim is to get rid of the evil that wants to take them out.

Meanwhile, they have established a training company and are teaching critical fighting skills to people who need to defend themselves from “Project Arma.”
Lexie Harper is one of their employees who serves as an organizer and front-of-the-counter person. She has been in a romantic relationship with Asher for a while but their liaison has so far been secret.

Since he is not interested in making it public she tells him she is no longer interested in a clandestine relationship and they ultimately break up.
But fate intervenes when a secret threatens to come out that will put Lexie in a lot of danger. Asher is determined to keep her safe but Lexie wants more from him.

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