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Obedient is a series of contemporary romance novels by USA Today and New York Times bestselling author Julia Kent. Kent is known for writing romantic comedy with an edge. Her novels have made the USA Today bestseller list 18 times, the New York Times 4 times and gone on to sell more than 2 million books. Her novels have also been translated into German and French. Kent is a very dynamic author and her contemporary romance novels always have a goofy and sensual joy despite her characters being anything from new adult rock stars to BBWs to billionaires. However, unlike one of her most popular characters Shannon of “Shopping for a Billionaire,” her husband is not a billionaire in a romantic comedy and she did not meet him after dropping her phone into the men’s room washroom. She currently lives with her husband and children in New England.

The Obedient series by Julia Kent is a trilogy of novels about three characters Michael, Lydia, and Jeremy. Circumstances beyond their control turn their relationship into a love triangle that makes for some intriguing story from the office in the US, to Iceland, and then back to the US. Michael starts out as something of an asshole as he is the typical alpha male executive who knows nothing of what happens with the employees on the lower rungs of the organization. He works long hours and everyday reality is not something he is familiar with until he meets the enigmatic Lydia Charles who is to be his administrative assistant. Lydia works in social media and is the best in the business though she starts out on the wrong foot when he catches her reading “Fifty Shades of Grey.” She is a determined girl who wants to prove herself in the city until she falls for the magnetic Matt and a turn of fate means she has to leave town. To protect Lydia, Mike sends Jeremy his best friend to look after her in exile only for Jeremy to fall for her and take her away from him. Jeremy is your typical retired billionaire who travels around the world, wears what he wants and does not give a damn what people think of his lifestyle. The first novel of the series is about Michael destroying his relationship with Lydia, the second is about Jeremy taking advantage of his screw up and the third is about the tug of war between them for love and life outside their comfort zone.

In “Maliciously Obedient” the first novel of the Obedient series, Lydia Charles has the worst introduction to her new boss. He catches her reading “Fifty Shades of Grey” in the parking lot on the day she realizes that he is her new boss. Matt Jones has taken the job she had wanted for more than a year and to make it worse he is the archetypal guy that would charm the socks off her parents. She had left her loving family back home in Maine and come to Boston intending to make it big. But the man is so magnetic that a chance encounter in the elevator results in a steamy session that leaves her without her panties and her resolve. She thinks that maybe it is time to let her get inside her but then Matt suddenly backs off leaving her confused and upset. The man is acting like he owns the place and she decides to suck it up and prove how valuable she is to the department after his insistence on doing things his own way. But what Lydia is oblivious of is that the man that calls himself Matt is in actual fact the CEO of the company, Michael Bournham. He is on an undercover mission to learn what happens in the lower rungs of the company but his romantic escapade has made his mission difficult. He finds it impossible to keep his hands off Lydia’s luscious curves and is also falling in love with her. Her malicious obedience in the elevator has resulted in an unbridled passion which had made him throw caution to the wind, unfortunately the cameras were rolling and unscrupulous Hollywood producers have evidence of their liaison, which they make go viral. Michael does everything to protect her but ultimately she has to go hide from the backlash.

The big question in “Suspiciously Obedient” the second novel of the series is where can you hide after your sex tape gets viewed by a billion people. Michael Bournham the CEO playboy is living his worst nightmare and wildest dream as a middle management employee for a reality TV show. But in a moment of weakness, he had let Hollywood producers a get a sex tape of him with his administrative assistant Lydia. They had proceeded to publish the video on Youtube and Mike was ridiculed from social media and fired from his job. Despite all his problems, he had taken care of Lydia by hiding her away in Iceland where he had found her a new job and assigned Jeremy his best friend to keep her safe. In the meantime, he has disguised himself and retired to Maine to get a taste of Lydia’s life. Meanwhile, Jeremy who has spent the best part of a decade gallivanting around the world and having hedonistic fun is struck by the essence and beauty of Lydia. What started out as friendship soon turns into something else fueled by the fantasies Lydia has, in which she dreams of both him and Michael. Unable to resist the temptation, she is soon his bedmate and confidant that helps her with her impulsive decisions. She had accepted her new posting to Iceland without knowing of the firestorm she had left behind. She had expected her move to a new country to have a lot of learning and fun experience but she is getting a lot of whispers and side glances. It is only the appearance of Mike’s best friend Jeremy which lifts her spirits. The wild and loose man helps her fight her battles with her boss and finally convinces her to go back home to Maine for a much needed reboot.

“Deliciously Obedient” the third novel of the Obedient series asks if it is worth it to lose everything to gain oneself. Her ego was bruised but she finally found someone to uplift her spirit in Jeremy, the best friend of her ex-lover Michael Bournham. He had convinced Lydia to go back to her family’s campground in Maine, where unknown to her Michael had been living in disguise for the past month. Mike has been trying to find meaning in his life by sorting through his past and he had dropped out of the media spotlight by living at the Charles’ campground. With Lydia safe in Iceland, he could relax and think about the damage he had brought upon her while planning how to win her back. Jeremy had been a good friend and had taken care of Lydia for Mike though he had fallen in love with her. It seems that the globetrotting and freewheeling Jeremy is gone replaced by a love-struck man who will do anything for Lydia. But settling down and meeting her parents’ sets of his own issues. He needs to confront issues in his own past that may well shape his future. But in the end, it is up to Lydia to make the final decision.

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