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Publication Order of Ocean Breeze Books

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American writer Sherryl Woods is a writer of romance fiction, achieving success worldwide with her bestselling literature. Writing from the heart, she manages to produce highly positive and sincere stories that really resonate with her many readers. Creating a number of extremely popular series too, she has produced a collection of long-running franchises that have also gone on to gain acclaim. One series that exemplifies this is that of her ‘Ocean Breeze’ novels, set in a North Carolina close-knit community, featuring a set of sisters who are part of the Castle family. Each novel features a romance story, as they return home once again.

Starting out in 2013, the series would begin with ‘Sand Castle Bay’, as it would introduce the first sister, along with the world itself. This would later be followed up with ‘Wind Chime Point’ that same year, and ‘Sea Glass Island’ in the same year too. There would also be an omnibus edition collecting all three books together in 2017, marking it as one of Wood’s most comprehensive series to date.

Sand Castle Bay

Brought out through the Harlequin MIRA publishing label, this would be the first book in the ‘Ocean Breeze’ series of books. Initially released on the 26th of March in 2013, this would introduce the first Castle sister, with Emily Castle being at the forefront this time round. It would also work to establish the community in North Carolina, providing readers with a clear idea of what to expect in the books to follow.

Establishing her feelings on home and family, Sherryl Woods ensures that this debut novel works to set all of these ideas up perfectly. Introducing the first of Castle sisters, it takes a look at her relationship and romance, with a self-contained story that truly is life-affirming. The setting is also brought to life too, as the North Carolina Coastline is beautifully realized, giving it a sense of color and perspective.

Wanting nothing more than to be a success in her own right, Emily Castle has pursued her ambition of becoming an interior design above everything else. This includes leaving the close-knit community of her childhood, along with the man she loved, as she aimed to prove that she could make it entirely on her own. This broke the heart of Boone Dorsett after she left him to pursue her dreams, leaving him to marry someone else and mend his broken heart. Following this his wife passes leaving him a widower with children, followed by Emily returning in the wake of a storm. Along with that, his in-laws are seeking to gain custody of the children, meaning loving Emily is once again fraught with peril. Will they manage to overcome these difficulties and pursue a relationship? Can Boone gain custody of his children? What will happen in the bay?

Wind Chime Point

Released through the Harlequin MIRA publishing house once more, this provides another Castle sister romance. Brought out in 2013 too, it was first published on the 30th of April just over a month after the first one in the Ocean Breeze novels. Giving the readers further insight into the North Carolina community, it develops the world and characters even more.

Setting the scene once again in North Carolina, this follows another Castle sister, as she finds what her home community and family really have to offer. The character of Gabriella Castle is focused upon this time, bringing her to the forefront for the reader, giving the reader a whole different perspective. With the community of North Carolina being used as the canvas once more too, it develops both the atmosphere and ambiance of the area.

Searching for serenity, Gabriella Castle returns to her grandmother’s North Carolina home, following a personal crisis. Finding her family awaiting her with opening arms, she aims to get her life together once again, after everything she had was pulled out from under her. Hoping to get her to stay, Wade Johnson loves Gabi more than anything, as he aims to persuade her to remain there with him. Will she stay or will she go now? Can she overcome the troubles that she faced? What awaits her at the point?

Sea Glass Island

Published in 2013 too, this was brought out on the 28th of May. It would also be brought out through ‘Harlequin MIRA’. Finishing the trilogy, it effectively wraps everything up for the series.

Whilst this instalment may feature many of the core principals of family and home as its focal point, this book looks at a whole new character. Featuring the last Castle sister, it sets about wrapping the trilogy up, bringing all the sisters home, providing them with a sense of family and kinship. This also brings to life the North Carolina Coastline one final time, fully evoking it in all its many glorious colors.

Drawn back to her home community, Samantha Castle is feeling a little homesick, as she begins to feel withdrawn from her high-flying life in New York mingling with actors and agents. Returning for the weddings of her younger sisters, she finds her passion for her teenage crush Ethan Cole reigniting once again. Struggling to place herself, she soon discovers that there may be more waiting for her back home in the arms of war hero Ethan Cole. Will she stay in North Carolina, or will she return to New York? Was everything she could’ve ever hoped for really all waiting for her on her back doorstep? What awaits her on there on the island?

The Ocean Breeze Series

Written with both empathy and compassion, this really is a series of novels that truly wears its heart on its sleeve. Finding the soul within each and everyone of her characters, Sherryl Woods really manages to establish a heartfelt and sincere trilogy of stories. Featuring themes of home and kinship, she examines what family means and how they can really help and complete a person. Taking the readers on a journey, she really brings the coastline of North Carolina to life, painting it with a vast array of extremely vivid and evocative colors. A definite must for fans of the author, it is also the ideal entry-point for newcomers to discover her novels as well, as it will stand the test of time for many years to come.

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