Odd Thomas Books In Order

Publication Order of Odd Thomas Books

Odd Thomas (2003) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Forever Odd (2005) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Brother Odd (2006) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Odd Hours (2008) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Odd Interlude (2012) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Odd Apocalypse (2012) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Deeply Odd (2013) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
You Are Destined To Be Together Forever (2014) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Saint Odd (2015) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Odd Thomas Graphic Novels

In Odd We Trust (2008) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Odd is On Our Side (2010) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
House of Odd (2012) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

About Odd Thomas:

Odd Thomas is the name of a fictional character created by Dean Koontz. Odd first appeared in the novel of the same name. He is a twenty year old man who lives in the California desert and works as a short order cook. This all seems rather normal, he has a girlfriend and several close friends. There is one thing that makes Odd Thomas, well a little odd; he has supernatural abilities. First and foremost among these powers in the power to see dead people. Odd has the power to see yet he can not communicate with them. These spiritual creatures that Odd can see are named Bodachs, a term he learnt when he met another boy with similar talents. This same boy was killed soon after revealing that he could see these spirits, Odd wonders if the boy was killed because the Bodachs realized that he could see them. Fueled by this fear Odd keeps his power a secret.

Odd Thomas has other powers that also play a role in his life. He seems to have some sort of psychic magnetism. This leads him to be drawn to certain important places by following his instincts. The down side of this ability is that if he desires to avoid someone or something, he will be found or run into the very person he was trying to steer clear of.

The Bodachs that Odd sees are harbingers of bad times. They allow him to predict events that will likely occur. He also has some famous ghost celebrities that serve has companions. The first being Elvis Presley, who remains with Odd throughout the first three books at which point he moves on and the ghost of Frank Sinatra takes his place. Frank also leaves and Alfred Hitchcock makes an appearance in the next two novels.

In Odd Thomas, Dean Koontz has created a likable, positive thinking character with abilities that give the stories a completely different take on the mystery/ thriller genre. With Thomas we get a character who is dealing with these incredible powers that wold cause most people to go insane. Instead Odd decides on a simple life, far away from the bustle of a big city where Bodach activity would be unbearable. He uses his powers to help others while keeping them secret for those who surround him.

Odd Thomas: First Looks

The Odd Thomas series had the distinct advantage of being produced by an already well known author. Dean Koontz already had several bestselling novels under his belt and a career that spanned three decades. This is a blessing for the reader. The opportunity to be introduced to an original character like Odd Thomas, through the narrative of a polished writer is a treat. There are very few loose ends. The writing flows with an ease that allows you to devour the story and be completely engulfed in the mystery.

In this first volume we are introduced to Odd Thomas and are immediately shown that he has some rather unique gifts. This novel provides the background for the character, shows us how Odd was named and expounds on his dysfunctional childhood that has shaped his world. The novel takes off when Odd sees a strange looking man walk into the dinner with a very large group of Bodachs following him. This leads Odd to believe that a great catastrophe will involve

this suspicious individual. Using his extra sensory powers Odd attempts to stop the negative event that he knows will happen the next day.

The novel was very well received by critics and readers. It made the New York Time’s Best Seller list.

Forever Odd: Phone Sex Witch!

In the second novel of the series Koontz takes a different path to adventure. Rather than having Odd Thomas see Bodachs and react, he is thrust into action as his childhood friend, Danny, is kidnapped. Using his psychic magnetism he is drawn to where his friend is being held. He finds Danny ties up and strapped to a bomb. Through his friend, he finds out that this was all done in order for a sex-phone operator named Datura could meet him. Datura has two servants who may or not be zombies. She is an adept of the occult and wants to take Odd Thomas’ soul.

It is a great book that deepens our understanding of the main character. In the end Odd has an experience which truly shakes him up and his days of living in the desert are at an end. Searching for an even more sedate lifestyle he decides to go work at a monastery.

Odd Thomas in other media

In 2013 a feature film adaptation of the first novel was set for release. UNfortunately, legal battles delayed its release in the US. It should be widely available in the first part of 2014. Critics that have seen the film state that it follows the book rather closely and fans and non fans alike should enjoy the experience.

Continuing to be Odd

Odd Thomas was originally slated to be a series of six novels. Already the number of written works with the character has surpassed this number with the release of three graphic novels that form a prequel to the main stories. A seventh novel is already in the works and should be available in December of 2014. The character is interesting enough to carry the series even further if Koontz so desires.

Anyone who enjoys a good mystery would enjoy following the tales of Odd Thomas. If the reader is also interested in the supernatural, the series will be even more alluring. Even of mystery writing is not your favorite style Odd Thomas is a character and series worth exploring. It is not his supernatural abilities that make him an endearing character, it is how he accepts and uses them. Odd Thomas is a positive thinking powerful character, trying to make the best out of a completely over the top situation. His longing for the simple life, away from large populations in order to make his life bearable is testament to his acceptance of who he is. IN reality he knows that no matter where he goes the spirits and psychic magnetism will always lead him toward an event of dire proportions. Rest assured he will rise to the occasion.


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