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Publication Order of Off Books

By: Sawyer Bennett

Sawyer Bennett brings this amazing and intoxicating series that goes by the title Off. He is no stranger to the romance genre and you have to love the way in which he weaves around characters and makes the best of any book that he gets his hands on. Especially this series that is jus on a league of its with not just the characters but the plot as well and the way he brings out the series to capture a lot and address many. A lot of people will find this series to be totally captivating and tentatively romantic while staying within the bounds of how good Bennet is. The way n which he handles the characters straight from the first book up to the last one is what makes this whole experience totally new for many and epic. The fact that this book even goes as far as to make sure that even those that are not really into romance get a good feel of the book is what is even more amazing about it and you will love it always. The first book on this series is titled Off Sides and it kicks us off to a really enticing series that not many would want to put down once they have started on it.

We find Ryan Burnham, the son of a wealthy U. S Congressman who is a hockey player and the captain of his team in the university he studies in. He is about to fulfill his biggest dream of joining the NHL but his family wants a different path for him. This plunges him into a dilemma but he is also ready to put his dreams aside to join the NHL in order to make his parents proud and maintain the well known image that the family has kept throughout the years. Danny Cross is the opposite of Ryan that lives a totally different life from his. She leaves her dream of being a musician to concentrate on other things after the death of her parents. She is forced to take to jobs just to make her way through the day and also she is struggling through college as well as volunteering in the local homeless center. She ahs a lot on her plate for a person her age and these two contrasting images is what the books are based on and how they can be overcome and what destiny truly has in store for everyone.

Ryan and Danny meet and this meeting is what makes this whole book simply romantic and intriguing at the same time. Coming from two totally different worlds they will be forced to come to terms with reality and learn how to make their relationship survive its tumultuous start as well as path. Each is forced to re evaluate their life and wonder if they truly are on the path to happiness with the courses that they have chosen. This relationship is one to savor and makes the book just one of those incredible ones with a lot of mastery in the way it has been articulated and presented. A real masterpiece from the author and the characters as well are ones to envy and wish that you were in the book. The way the two worlds are brought together yet still very far apart from each other is the reason as to why Bennet brings this piece of his as enticing to you the reader. The second and third book are just as great as the first one and the fourth is what sets them all apart with its amazing story too.

The title of the fourth installment in this series is titled Off Course and it makes the whole series just a whole better and you would want to read even further. We find Renner Caldwell who has everything going on perfectly in her life. From her job to her relationship, everything is just perfect until it all goes awry. The turn of events that leaves her totally devastated is what triggers her to board the first plane bound for Ireland where she can recover and plan her return to reality. Cillian O’Bradaigh is the lead singer of a fast rising Irish rock band and his voice as well as looks is every woman’s dream. He has however vowed to remain single and this is what ticks most women off and it seems like what he always wants, he always gets. Renner is what he wants this time round as he has been mesmerized by her beauty, charm as well as red hair that makes her even the more beautiful.

They don’t know ho to go about this relationship as both are totally off balance. They each know that it wasn’t just the sex and that there is something totally unique happening inside of them, and they don’t know how to go about it. Cillian is teaching Renner that it is okay to lose control sometimes and be Off Course as the book is titled. This new found love has a lot to endure and with deceit, lies and a whole big secret that Renner is hiding, you will just have to open the book to find out if this survives the course of events or will it go Off Course. Reading the whole book will give you a better perspective and help you see all this here that is just surreal.

Sawyer makes this whole series just enticing and with the turn of new characters that make the whole series just more amazing. There is a way in which Bennett goes about making this story and it really does make him one of the best in this genre of romance. He makes characters strong as they are weak and the stories that the characters find themselves in s even what is more amazing. How they pull out despite everything going against them is what makes a good book even better. The more the pressure to quit the relationship, the better the story gets that you just can’t put the book down at all.

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