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Publication Order of Oklahoma Land Rush Books

Carolyn Brown is an American author. She was born in 1948 in Texas and grew up in Oklahoma. She currently still lives in the state along with her husband in Davis. All the people that live there know everyone in town and read the newspaper that comes out weekly there to see what everyone else has been up to.

Brown has been married for several decades to her husband and best friend, who used to teach English but is now retired. She says that he doesn’t read the books that she writes before they come out because she does not want to get a divorce– she can’t afford it! Together they have three children that are grown as well as a multitude of grandchildren. The grandchildren are constantly keeping them busy, which she says keeps them young!

Carolyn has always had a passion for reading. Ever since she was young and discovered books and how to read, she was hooked. When she discovered that she could write words, she was well on her way to becoming an author already. Writing and reading continue to be high on the list of her passions. This author also enjoys spending time with her family, cooking up delicious food, the ocean, and the beaches of Florida.

She says that she likes to write romance because it concerns relationships and emotions. The author says that she prefers this genre because while people may have changed, the things that drive them remain the same. She says that romance is all about the emotions that come with it– the ups, the downs, the hate, laughter, love, and more.

Carolyn Brown is the creator and the author of the Oklahoma Land Rush series of fictional novels. This series was first introduced to readers in 2001 with the release of the debut novel in the series, which is titled Emma’s Folly. The sequel came out the next year and is titled Violet’s Wish. The third book was Maggie’s Mistake, and the release of the fourth book made it a quartet in 2003 and is titled Just Grace.

Emma’s Folly is the first book in the Oklahoma Land Rush series by acclaimed author of romance, Carolyn Brown! If you love books that are set in different times and places and involve a bit of a love story and plenty of intrigue and adventure along the way, then this is the book for you. Check it out for yourself and get started or keep reading to find out a little bit about what the novel is about.

The main character in this story is Emma Cummins, and she is doing her best to get out of a dreary life that she is convinced holds nothing for her. This is not random guessing but the actual truth. Emma’s father is extremely overbearing and she is also facing down the idea of entering into a marriage without love in Atlanta.

This young woman cannot fathom the idea of sticking around only to enter into a life that she doesn’t even want. She has heard the stories of the land rush in Oklahoma the year before, and so she decides to try another place and buys a train ticket for herself. She figures all of the action and excitement must be in Oklahoma, but is she ready for what her new life may have in store?

Emma finds herself running into trouble pretty much immediately. Once she arrives in Guthrie and goes to the general store there, she finds that she runs into none other than the local sheriff. As it turns out, he has just gotten a telegram that has advised him to keep his eyes open for a tall blonde woman on the run from Georgia.

Meanwhile, Jed Thomas really had no other reason to be in town other than to purchase homestead supplies. While the sheriff appeared to be interviewing a lady he did not know, Jed saw her moving her lips. This lady was asking her to help him! Just like that, Jed finds himself helping a woman he does not know at all out and is married to her now to boot.

Jed really had no idea how all of this happened. They did not just get hitched in real life, they got hitched on paper. Even though the two of them are supposed to be fake married as a favor, it turns out that the two of them are living and acting just like a couple! Between their arguments and the daily shared living and even starting to make compromises for the other, Jed and Emma are starting to realize that they are falling for each other.

Even though Jed really likes this new girl, he doesn’t truly believe deep down that a beautiful woman like this from the South with blue eyes really could truly love him. He’s a humble farmer, after all. Meanwhile, Emma believes that Jed is still in love with a woman from his past. Can they meet in the present, or is their future in jeopardy? Pick up this book to find out!

Violet’s Wish is the second book in this series. When Violet’s husband passes away, she swears to herself that she will never have a boring life or a boring man in it. She wanted someone that would make her life exciting, just like love affairs in the past.

Somewhere out there must be someone for Violet, and that person just might be Orrin Wilde. He’s regretting his choices, including going for gold over pursuing love. Now he’s being chased by bandits, and they are slowly catching up to him in Indian territory.

When he gets injured and can’t find medical attention, Orrin finds a house to crawl up to. Violet finds this man unconscious and bleeding on the porch after investigating a suspicious thud. She knows this guy, and is still mad for his part in ruining her reputation.

He still is in love with her, but can she trust him? The two may just be able to forgive each other in the end if their pride does not get in the way. Is their chance at love gone? Read this book to find out!

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