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Publication Order of Old Man's War Books

Old Man's War (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ghost Brigades (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Colony (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Zoe's Tale (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Human Division (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The End of All Things (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Old Man's War Short Stories/Novellas

Questions for a Soldier (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sagan Diary (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
After the Coup (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Old Man’s War Series:

The Old Mans War is an action packed novel based on science and fiction. Written by the ever creative John Scalzi, it was first published in 2005 as his debut novel. Due to the respect and great readership, the writer opted to come up with a series based on the idea. For a person who likes science and fiction, this series provides the best option. The hostile and emotive nature spread throughout the series makes one feel the heat of the colonial forces. He has written several books. Though he claims to have written a few non fiction novels, fictitious ones are what people know him for. With such a great writer, it feels generous to provide a view of the whole series to you.

An overview of the book

At 75 years old, John Perry, the main character in the novel, does two major things. He first visits his beloved wife’s grave and then enlists for the colonial defense forces. Creatively good enough for him, he doesn’t need to pledge gunpoint democracy and secure oil fields; he is rather taken into earth orbit by some space elevator. After this, he is then shipped directly into the army. The environment is ironically conducive enough thus one has to fight or die to win some place for mankind.

Advantageously, Perry and his colleagues get rejuvenated into young with enhanced body systems that could compete with the swiftest athlete alive today. You can figure out how a 75 year old, in this case boy, could compete successfully with Usain Bolt! Off course that is the case here, they get some of the most sophisticated and military equipment that the future could ever offer besides meeting a good number of “people”. Unfortunately, they have to kill some of the innocent “people”. Additionally, with their entire sophisticated armory together with their enhanced bodies, only a quarter of them can hope to survive the unforgiving war environments in the galaxy and peacefully retire.

It is normal for people soldiers who retire to go back home. For Perry and his remaining colleagues, doing this means getting back old as scientists are yet to discover a drug for age reduction. At 75, as most of his crew, returning to earth promises death. What happens then, you must find out. What raise eyebrows most is the environment of aliens and dangerous nature of the setting. John Scalzi makes the reader form an image of a very unique and dangerous galaxy for one to survive in; only a quarter of the new-old soldiers can expect to survive. Written in first person, the novel takes you through Perry’s career from the junior ranks to the top. The series features additionally books like “The Human Division” and “The Last Colony”.

The Human Division

In this book, John Scalzi brings out the whole story of fighting to strike harmony in the human race. People of the earth now understand that the colonial union has kept them ignorant on the dangerous nature of the universe around them. it is well known that the colonial union defended the earth against hostile aliens in the universe, but baffles them is how earth has been used as a constant source of military recruits. Now that people know, aliens have come formed their own alliances against the tamed evil colonial union. People on earth have been invited to join them but for such a shaken planet, making a choice provides one of the toughest tasks.

On the other hand, managing the colonial union isn’t easy either. It will need political cunning and diplomatic strategies together with an excellent “B team” with over reliance on the tactful Lieutenant Harry Wilson. They have to deal with the entropic and unexpected obstacles offered by the universe in order to maintain unity of the human race. It was first published online as a digital serial from January to April last year. Another book of the Old Man’s War Series is The Last Colony.

The Last Colony

This book tells the story of Perry as a retired general. His fighting days are long gone thus works as an ombudsman for a human colony in Huckleberry. Peacefully enjoying life with his wife Jane seagan, who is a former Special Forces soldier, help local by solving disputes. Perry practices farming in his several acres of land to support his adopted daughter grow up. Unfortunately, their past acts to bring them back in the mix.

Being leaders of a new colony full of people from all the major worlds, the thick political atmosphere square them back in. that where complete betrayal and war spices up the book again. The tension and interesting nature created by reading earlier versions will get one wishing to understand what happened, why, where and how? With the boom in film technology, you probably wish to watch this happen. You may be asking if there is a movie version or not. It is common for most novels to be adopted into exciting movies.

Is there a film version of this series?

There are reports that this series is to be adopted into a movie. Paramount bought the rights to the Old Man’s War and want to come up with one for people to have a visual feeling of the novel. There is no doubt that people want to know clearly how this old man trades his old body for a rejuvenated new body. With the current trend in the film industry inkling to space wars, loyal readers can only expect the best from this film.
It is reported that Wolfgang Petersen who is famous for the movie “Enemy Mine” will direct it while David Self is working on the script. There is no doubt that this film will be one of the best in the market. When asked on his views about this, John Scalzi expressed excitement on the idea that finally his works can be put down into a movie.

Finally, most lovers of science and fiction will with no doubt find this series very interesting. It’s unimaginable how John Scalzi dissects into the galaxy creating an army of characters that will fight to rescue the human race. The Old Man’s series is one of the collections any reader will never wish to miss on. Not with the amount of dilemma and humor expressed through aliens and new-old soldiers. Hope you found this collection helpful for your readership.

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