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Publication Order of Old West Books

Old West Series

Focusing on romance novels largely from a 19th century African-American perspective, the author Beverley Jenkins is a highly regarded figure throughout the literary industry. Growing up in America, she writes influenced by her own experiences, providing a fresh viewpoint within the field of contemporary romance novels. This has lead to her becoming a highly sought after voice, reaching countless readers from all across the globe, regardless of their background. Creating a variety of series as well, Jenkins has also managed to produce some iconic franchises and leading characters that will always be remembered. One series that really encapsulates everything that Jenkins is about is that of her ‘Old West’ series of novels, set in the frontier times of America. Capturing the era perfectly, they consist of many tropes of the classic western novel, allowing it to come alive off of the page. Showing the reader another perspective on it as well, these romance novels follow a traditional template, whilst also subverting the genre with an African-American of the period. Combining classic romance with social commentary, they really manage to stand apart from the rest, creating something entirely singular and interesting, with this set of stand-alone romances connected loosely and thematically.

Lasting for a total of three books, this series would give all three stories in a conclusive and complete manner. Starting in 2016, it would run to 2018, although there is plenty of room to carry on expanding upon the franchise indefinitely, with room to continue growing all the time. This makes for a captivating experience, as the premise is an interesting and highly compelling one at the same time.


Originally released through the Avon publishing outlet, this would initially be released in 2016 on the 26th of January. Setting up the new series of ‘Old West’ novels, it would manage to establish many of the core themes and ideas that were to follow. As a self-contained romance novel, it would also manage to provide an entertaining and escapist novel, whilst also putting forwards a clear message.

Looking to pass for white, Rhine Fontaine really wants to step out of the facade that he has created for himself, despite it bring him success and allowing him to build the life he’d always dreamed of. This is following the arrival of a woman named Eddy Carmichael, after he rescues her from the desert and she shows him the potential of a life he never knew. Wanting it all, he could throw everything on the line just to be with her, as she also wants to be with him just the same. The only problem is that she doesn’t want him to jeopardize everything, as she decides to spend just one night with him to satisfy her urges before moving on. Can she really do this though and is she able to stay away? Will they ever get to live happily ever after? What will they both do when they give in to that which has been forbidden?


Featuring characters from the first book, this provides yet another stand-alone romance, whilst also bringing over elements from the previous title. Initially released on the 31st of January in 2017 through the Avon publishing house once more, it would continue with another western romance. Carrying on in much the same vein as before, it’s the second book in the ‘Old West’ series, as it stands apart from the rest, whilst remaining true to the series at the same time.

Managing one of the finest hotel establishments in the Arizona Territory, Portia Carmichael has a stable life and people respect her. Not wanting to throw all of this away for a man that’s entirely wrong for, she focuses on her work, refusing to give in to the advances of any male suitors. This all changes when a family friend rides in to town, as she finds herself irresistibly drawn to him, a feeling which she feels she must fight at first. Calling her ‘Duchess’ ever since she was a small child, he must now convince her to trust him, opening her heart to the possibility that he may be the one for her. Will she give in to her desires and learn to love? Can they live happily ever after? What happens once she is left well and truly breathless?


An Avon published book as well, this would come out on the 30th of January in 2018, with it once again loosely relating to the previous book. Giving the entire world of the series an even greater level of depth, it would provide the franchise with a whole new and exciting dimension. It would also provide readers with a fun and casual read once again, whilst relating it the strong confident manner that has become natural to Jenkins as an author.

With an mistake that almost costs her everything, the independent spirit and mail-order bride to be Regan Carmichael shoots Dr Colton Lee in the shoulder. Soon though, she begins to realize that maybe shooting her intended suitor wasn’t her best course of action, as he only wanted someone to help look after his daughter. That doesn’t stop her recognizing the strong gaze of desire that he can barely conceal, as she finds herself gradually drawn to him over time. With her having crossed the Wyoming Territory just to be with him, he decides that he wants this brave spirit in his life and by his side. What will she ultimately decide though? Can they ever live a truly happy life together? How will they both face the tempest?

The Old West Series

As a series that really does push the boundaries of what the western romance genre can do, this definitely takes it in new directions. Making sure to entertain and captivate the reader, it manages to immediately jump off of the page, doing everything it promises to do and more. Knowing exactly who its audience are, it creates a world that’s quite unlike any other, allowing the reader to escape into its rich and immersive world. With space to carry on, this is one series that wont be going away any time soon, as it definitely has something strong and powerful to say directly to the reader, with it sure to endure for a long time yet.

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