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Publication Order of Ole Devil Books

Young Ole Devil (1975)Description / Buy at Amazon
Get Urrea! aka Texas Fury (1975)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ole Devil and the Mule Train (1976)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ole Devil and the Caplocks (1976)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ole Devil at San Jacinto (1977)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jackson Baines Hardin has dark hair and a beard with angular facial features. He is known as Ole Devil due to the fact that his hair has started to form tufts that make it look like he is a devil with horns. It gives him a look like traditional renderings of Satan; he also has aggression in a fight (and he spoils for a fight most of the time) and the ability that he can adventure with youth. This gives him the reputation for being a real ole devil for a fight. Another character of Edson, named Dusty Fog, is Ole Devil’s nephew.

After helping with Texas gain its independence from Mexico, he became a general for the Confederate Army, and he was known as an able commander during his service. After the war, he return to “O.D. Connected”, his cattle ranch and business. A bunch of like minded men like Ole Devil find that Texas’s best chance to make their economy better quickly is the cattle business. Things go bad when, while trying to buy a horse, he is thrown from the horse (actually a paint stallion) and is confined to a wheelchair due to the irreparable spine injury he suffers.

He rules the O.D. Connected with an iron fist, but is still fair and relies on Floating Outfit to do things for him and often sends them to help his relatives or friends who need their help. Despite his ability to be tough on people, he shows a soft spot for his granddaughter who is named Betty Hardin. Sometimes, he will show a keen sense of humor and is generous to young men he treats harshly; like when he scolds Red Blaze for a gaudy scarf, Hardin gives him a scarf that he had bought when he was about the same age made of silk.

Even though he ran guns for the Texas side in the revolution, he keeps some big time friends in Mexico, including a man named Don Ruiz Villaneuva, who fought with Mexicans during the siege of the Alamo.

This is Edson’s first hero and this series takes place during the time of 1835 until 1837. The novels in the series connect with other series that Edson wrote due to the fact that he made everyone related to everyone else, by some way of some kind. This is due to Edson enjoying using descendants or relatives of certain characters (in this case Ole Devil) to create a new spin off series.

“Young Ole Devil” written by John Thomas Edson is the first book in the “Ole Devil” series that was released in 1975. In the year 1836, while Texas fights for independence, Jackson Baines Hardin or “Ole Devil” as he is known is fighting his own fight. He is a true son of Texas that never backed away from a fight. He becomes a curse to all Yankees that face him, and hero to Dusty Fog and Texas Light. Entrusted by Major General Sam Houston, he is to deliver rifles to some Texas patriots. It is a trip into hell, where the price of freedom is earned with blood and bullets.

Fans of the novel enjoy the characters in the novel, finding that they are well rounded people that act just like people in this world. Edson is found, by some to be an excellent writer that spins great tales. Some like that there is not an emphasis on sexual content, that at times, some novels use this to try to keep people interested in their writing or they would like to edgy. Edson focuses on what is important, the action and the details. This novel shows the beginning of things for Ole Devil and was quite a great way to kick things off. This series does not just do a quick action scene or do something simple, but actually goes over the details and the nuts and bolts of something, this is something that fans of this series enjoy.

“Ole Devil and the Caplocks” written by John Thomas Edson is the second book in the “Ole Devil” series that was released in 1976. An important shipment of Caplock rifles have been opened up on the coast of Texas. This new firepower will aid the Texans fight for freedom nicely. That is assuming it gets to where it is supposed to go first. Ole Devil has a woman who packs firepower of her own and an Oriental who swings a mighty sword. There is a town of cutthroats or the Mexican general who want the rifles for loot. There is also a woman with a gang who wants to stop Ole Devil too.

Fans of the novel found that this novel pulled them into the action and did not let them go for a single second. Some are surprised that an Englishman is able to write stellar western novels. These novels have an attention to detail about some things that some authors miss or simply do not cover at all; like why do guns jam, what are the mechanics of cheating at card games? This is a series to read every single novel of and possibly more than just once.

“Ole Devil and the Mule Train” written by John Thomas Edson is the third book in the “Ole Devil” series. Sam Houston’s plan to liberate the Texan Republic is being destroyed by Mexican rebels. His plan can still work as long as Ole Devil gets those rifles to the front, where they are needed the most. A cunning attack is made along the banks of the Brazos River by Santa Anna’s meanest regiments. Ole Devil has to fight his way to freedom while trapped between a white water river and a nasty and superior enemy.

Fans of the novel like Edson’s ability to write with knowledge and understanding of the American west, and once again he has written a wonderful and captivating story. Some find that Edson makes this series as enjoyable as possible for them. Some found this series to be quite enjoyable, finding that they would finish an installment, and they would just have to know more about this fascinating character.

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