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Ollie Ollerton is a former Special Boat Service soldier and author of thriller fiction. In his work with the military he has been a survivor in the harshest environments in the world, fought in dangerous war zones and experienced some unthinkable things.

He has then gone on to make use of his platform to become a well liked and popular figure in media due to his role in Who Dares Wins an SAS based film on Channel 4. Ollerton is also the founder of several businesses that work towards improving an individual’s physical and mental toughness.

Using his own experiences of alcoholism and depression after he left the special forces, Ollie harnesses the power of the mind via organic practice. He is now an instructor of people looking to reach their full potential by using mental strategies.

Whenever he speaks, he has been known to provide actionable, high impact plans that ensure motivation and resilience.

Ollerton was only eighteen years old when he got into the Royal Marine Commando to kickstart his military career. It did not take much time before he graduated through the ranks as he went on tours in Iraq and Northern Ireland. He also took part in Desert Storm, one of the most high profile operations to be mounted during his career.

After a recommendation from one of his superiors, he became part of 250 other candidates that undertook a six month program. He would then be trained as a Special Forces Combat Frogman and Special Boat Service soldier.

From hostage situations to counter terrorism and everything in between OIllies has experienced challenges that called upon him to exercise top level mental strength to survive and thrive.

During his time he went on humanitarian missions across the globe and also provided private security in the Middle East.

Ollie Ollerton has for more times than he can remember pushed himself to the physical and metal limit while he worked for the Special Forces. This has subsequently resulted in substance abuse and depression when he left the military.

He now works with others having similar problems, giving them the tools to make use of their full potential. He is currently the co-founder of Battle Ready Fuel and Battle Ready 360. Together with Jason Fox, a colleague with the SAS, they have come up with a program that strengthens mind and body.

He is also the CEO of Break Point where he uses the skills he got from his military training and experiences to train corporate teams. Using his skills that include peak performance, self belief and resilience he delivers keynote talks and transformative workshops to corporations hoping to help employees reach their full potential.

Ollerton rose to prominence when he became part of SAS: Who Dares Wins on Channel 4. He has since become known for his role as one of the most competent directing staff. He is usually charged with putting ordinary people through grueling drills that are just part of the selection process of the SAS.

For his role in the series, he increasingly became so popular that some editors urged him to publish novels about his experiences in the military and in the program. Some of his works such as Scar Tissue and Battle Ready have since become Sunday Times bestselling novels.

Given his well known media personality status, he has become uniquely placed to educate and engage with audiences across the business landscape He now makes use of his incredible life story to motivate others to push the barriers of human potential and attain their loftiest goals.

Scar Tissue by Ollie Ollerton is an interesting work that tells the story of Alex Abbot, an ex special forces soldier. At the opening of the novel, he had just left the Middle East, fleeing in unclear circumstances. He has now made his home in Singapore and lives hand to mouth earning a living as a gun for hire.
He has been estranged from his family for a long time and drinks to dull the pain and try to forget the ghosts from his past. Life is not so easy in Singapore but the one good thing is that he is not in Baghdad. But things change when a job he had been contracted to do goes horribly wrong and he finds himself in a lot of hot water.

Things only get worse when he is informed that his son Nathan who had been in Iraq has gone missing. He knows there is something very wrong and needs to seek redemption and find his son. The only thing he can do is to head back to Baghdad.

In Baghdad he embarks on the search for Nathan even as he renews old acquaintances. Old wounds are being reopened, the body count rises as he vigorously searches for his son. He is struggling with his demons and has gone back to self medicating using drugs.

When a member of his old crew turns up dead, Abbot believes there could be a trap but does not know who is the hunted or the hunter?

Ollie Ollerton’s novel All or Nothing asserts that blood is thicker than water. The lead is Alex Abbit, a former Special Forces soldier that just stumbled on a lead on the killer of his dead brother. But he is a man addicted to booze and now needs to stay sober long enough to hunt down the veracity of the lead.
Moreover he also has a lot of skeletons in his closet that may be a huge distraction in his pursuit for vengeance. His quest takes him over North England where he manages to insert himself into the graces of a local gang in exchange for doing odd jobs for them.

He soon manages to gain their trust and becomes of the depraved thrill seeking and rich criminals that have been known to sometimes work in child trafficking. Will Abbott be able to stay ahead of the hunter and protect his loved ones?

The answer means he needs to travel to Esstern Europe and engage in a dangerous game of cat and mouse in which he may ultimately lose everything.

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