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Publication Order of O'Malley Books

The Negotiator (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Danger in the Shadows (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Guardian (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Truth Seeker (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Protector (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Healer (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Rescuer (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Jennifer (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Danger in the Shadows is a prequel novel to the novel The Negotiator.

As an author of over fourteen record breaking books, Dee Henderson is widely known for the uncommon heroes and the O’Malley series. By creating romantic suspense novels, Dee Henderson has been nominated for several prominent awards including the Christly awards, ECPA RITA Awards and the Holt Medallion awards, Golden Quill and the National reader’s awards. As a lifelong inhabitant of Illinois, Dee Henderson is the Daughter of a pastor. Apart from being a writer, Dee Henderson is also a graduate from the University of Illinois with a BSc in Computer Science. After completing her university degree, Dee Henderson worked as an engineer for close to 10 years. She began writing fiction in the year 1996.

The Negotiator

As a hostage negotiator Kate O’Malley is used to facing the insanities of the world on a first hand basis. Unlike any other character in the book, Kate is very courageous, witty and very talented. Her talent as a hostage negotiator is what has taken her to the top. Despite being among the best hostage negotiators, nothing has been able to heal her wounds which she has been carrying for a very long time. Apart from, Kate O’Malley we are introduced to another character Dave Richman.

By spending his entire life serving and protecting the people, Dave Richman has also been able to find his way to the top. Apart from being courageous like Kate, Dave Richman is also very witty and God fearing. Despite pursuing very different careers, Dave and Kate finally meet during a very dangerous and tricky situation. With an instant attraction to each other, Kate and Dave can only do nothing but mask their feelings to one another. Is Kate going to open her heart to let Dave in? Is Dave going to find love for a woman who has completely shut God from her life?

Not long enough, secrets begin flying in and old enemies come knocking on the door. Both Dave and Kate will soon come to acknowledge the fact that God definitely works in very mysterious ways. This novel is unquestionably a wonderful story that spins around a beautiful love story and a rather suspenseful thriller.

The Guardian

Filled with suspense, love, action, thriller and an equal mix of excitement and suspense, The Guardian continues with the high tempo that the first book in the series had. The guardian begins by introducing the reader to Marcus O’Malley as he tries to protect Shari. Shari Hanford is a witness to a brutal murder and by testifying to the United States Supreme Court her life is in danger. Taken under the wings of Marcus O’Malley, Shari becomes an object of admiration to Marcus.

Despite the fact that Shari is now under the protection of Marcus O’Malley, there is one main problem; Shari is now being targeted by one of the most dangerous assassins in the world. What follows next, is a series of events that are only filled with intrigue, danger and the author’s trademark suspense. As they fight for survival and justice, Shari and Marcus are faced with lots of dangers that are unfathomable. While Marcus is confronted with the shadows of his past and his consequential loss of faith in God, Dee Henderson was able to create a rather warm, funny, caring and realistic family that is capable of standing together when faced with the many challenges that the world throws at their feet.

Right from the beginning of the book, you will always want to know what happens next. All the characters in this book have very strong personalities which makes the way they interact with one another very epic. Apart from the strong characters in the book, the author presents new characters and the O’Malley to the reader in a very exceptional manner. The message about prayer has been brought out vividly in this book especially the scene where Marcus had to learn how to trust in Jesus.

The Truth Seeker

In the Truth Seeker, we are introduced to one Lisa O’Malley a highly renowned forensic pathologist who happens to have lost her faith in Jesus for a very long time. Lisa O’Malley believes that Jesus was not there for her when she was a child and on the other hand, her line of work puts the resurrection of Jesus. She believes that the body of Jesus would not have lasted for three days without decomposing. A United States marshal, Quinn Diamond acquires Lisa’s help while investing his suspicions concerning an arson death.

While working alongside Lisa, Marshall Quinn questions Lisa O’Malley’s lack of faith in Jesus and family beliefs. While talking about the Case and the general concept of faith, Lisa is able to discern the identity of the killer but it is too late. Hence, Quinn is more that determined to find the killer before he strikes once again. Like all the other previous books, Truth seeker is a funny book despite the seriousness that has been brought forth in the book. The family frolics are very hilarious while all the characters in this book have been given very unique characteristics. When meshed up together the characters make u a crazy but wonderful group.

The romance in this book is quite outstanding. Apart from the romance the author was also able to handle the issue of faith in a manner that it was not watered down. All the characters in this book are faced with very serious obstacles and have to overcome these obstacles so that they are able to see the light of Christ. All the issues brought forth in this book are not discarded because towards the end everyone is able to accept Christ and see the light.


In this series, the author wrestles with very difficult theological issues; In book one she speaks about God’s Mercy and Justice while in Book 2 she speaks about the issue of unanswered prayers while in the third book she brings for the issue of resurrection and faith. The arguments about faith throughout the series are presented in a believable and accurate manner while the answers and sayings given are very satisfying. All in all, the series is undoubtedly clean, though there are some scenarios where there are some violent and graphic descriptions that most sensitive readers must be aware of.

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