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Omar El Akkad has become one of the newest names in the world of literature. But he has a great deal of experience in terms of journalistic writing. He has been to many of the most difficult and complicated places around and holds firsthand experience in understanding many of the important stories that are critical to today’s society.

Born in Cairo in 1982, El Akkad grew up not too far off in Doha. He moved to Canada in the late 1990s where he eventually studied at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario with a degree in computer science. Today he lives in Portland, Oregon. He has moved on from his journalistic efforts to focusing on his writing career as he has a very large amount of experience and knowledge of many situations from around the world that have made a true difference in how he writes.

Much of El Akkad’s work has focused on many of the conflicts that have occurred throughout the world. These include conflicts relating to political ideologies, race and other important factors. He has learned about many issues around the world and has found that people will have to change if they are to make the world any better. There are especially devastating threats that could come about around the world if people are unable to change their lives.

Journalistic Work

Omar El Akkad worked as a writer for the Globe and Mail, the major national newspaper in Canada, for close to ten years. Over the years he has written reports from many of the most important spaces around the world including ones where many serious threats have come about.

During his tenure with the Globe and Mail, El Akkad wrote about the ongoing war in Afghanistan with a review of what NATO forces are doing in the area. He also attended many military trials in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He also went back to Egypt to cover the Arab Spring protests that directly impacted much of the nation.

He eventually became a correspondent for reports in the western half of the United States. During that time, he traveled to Ferguson, Missouri and observed the start of the many black-oriented protests that have spread around the rest of the country.

He focuses extensively on investigative journalism with a focus on looking into many of the hardest and most difficult topics for people to discuss. His work is distinct for being detailed and focusing on many important concerns that can influence the world. The work especially opens the eyes of readers who want to learn about many things that have come about in the world as many groups and entities continue to evolve and change the world.

Awards Earned

The journalistic work of Omar El Akkad has provided him with many great honors for his hard work. El Akkad has received the Canadas National Newspaper Award for his strong investigative journalism efforts. He is also the recipient of the Goff Penny Memorial Prize for Young Canadian Journalists. He has also earned a few honorable mention accolades from the National Magazine Award group.

His New Book

In 2017, El Akkad wrote and published his first book, American War. The book takes place in the year 2074 as a second civil war has broken out in the United States. A massive plague has impacted the country and much of humanity has been situated in a series of camps.

The story is told through the eyes of Sarat Chestnut. She is a young girl at the start of the story whose father is killed as she is soon forced into protection at a camp. Over the years, she becomes shaped by many of the people she meets inside the camp and eventually is trained to become one of the most dangerous soldiers in the world.

Benjamin Chestnut, her nephew, also plays a key role in the story. He is growing up but he knows he has many dark secrets that have plagued much of his life. He also worries about the roles that his family has put into the conflict. Some of his most vivid memories particularly come from his aunt, a woman who saved his life even as she destroyed the lives of many others in the process.

The story is all about a family that is caught up in the midst of a devastating war. It looks into the American psyche and understands what has caused it to become divided and what may happen if the American public continues to fall apart. El Akkad also focuses on how the American government could be at risk of using its own weapons and policies against itself as a means of trying to prove a point to people.

It also focuses on many concepts that go well beyond the reverse evolution of the United States and its psyche. It also looks into the threats that come from the Middle East and how many terror-related threats are often coming about and evolving over time. The threat of global warming also puts in a major point into the story. As oil is outlawed around the United States, many parts of the country break off in protest. This comes in spite of parts of the south having gone completely underwater.

The harrowing nature of American War makes it a gripping story. It has received strong accolades from many other writers including Emily St. John Michael and Elliot Ackerman.

A Final Word

As the United States continues to become divided, it is clear that a strong voice could come about to warn the public about the many problems that can come about if certain threats are not kept under control. Omar El Akkad is one of the most unique voices to watch for. He has traveled around the world and covered many of the most complicated stories to have come about over the years. It is his work that could influence many people into understanding how the world is evolving and changing.

Omar El Akkad’s American War is available through many bookstores including some online options. The book has become popular in recent time thanks to the strong insights that El Akkad puts into his work.

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