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Publication Order of Omega Books

Author Blake Banner writes the “Omega” series, which is from the mystery and thriller genres. The series began publication in the year 2017, when “Dawn of the Hunter” was released.

The series stars Lacklan Walker, who was once with British SAS. He is a supreme killer.

“Dawn of the Hunter” is the first novel in the “Omega” series, which was released in the year 2017. Lacklan Walker has spent a decade with British SAS and it has turned him into a supreme killer. His dysfunctional and twisted family, helped too.

His dad, named Robert Walker and is a Boston Brahmin Billionaire, showed him just how to hate. He was taught that he did not belong by his English Aristocrat of a mother. Marni (his sole friend and childhood sweetheart) tried teaching him how to love someone. He responded by walking away from her, because he knew he would only be good at war and killing.

His dad has summoned him to come back to Boston, because Marni has disappeared. Before Lacklan is able to search for her. Walker has to come clean to him. The truth about what he has done, who he is, and just who took Marni. As well as why. The truth about Omega.

This is a truth that wakes up a rage inside of Lacklan. One that will not be sated until every single enemy has been hunted and killed.

Fans of the novel found that Banner has created a great character, who is able to turn into an army of one if he is pushed. Lacklan’s ruthlessness adds to the excitement of the story. The novel is fast paced, full of misdirection and deceit. It holds the reader’s attention the entire time, and readers are unable to stop reading until they have finished the entire book.

“Double Edged Blade” is the second novel in the “Omega” series, which was released in the year 2017. Lacklan Walker’s father is buried in New England at the family graveyard. The last person he thought he would see there is Marni, the woman that killed his dad. What makes things worse, his dad wanted Lacklan to keep her safe and look after her. This is due to her being on a mission to bring down a mysterious organization called Omega, it is one that could save Mankind.

He finds her in Tucson, Arizona, his largest foe turns out to be the woman that is his passion, and need for redemption. It leads him farther astray and pulls him much deeper as executioner and avenger. Into cross-border trade in both young Mexican hookers and crack cocaine.

Is his blind hunger to get justice going to push him to forget the promise he made to his dad? Is it going to force him to make the largest mistake of his own life? One that could have some disastrous consequences, and not just for him and for Marni but the entire world.

Fans of the novel are enjoying reading about this character, who has flaws but he does have good parts to him too. Another book in this series that is hard to put down, and had some informative parts to it as well.

“The Storm” is the third novel in the “Omega” series, which was released in the year 2018. Hurricane Sarah, which is the biggest ever recorded, is coming in off the Atlantic, heading right for New Orleans. Lacklan Walker is going right into the eye of the storm.

Robert Walker’s dying wish was that he protects Marni, but she swore to take Omega down. He found out that Omega is the government inside the government, and she is anything but safe. She has gone missing, and Lacklan believes Marni might be tracking Hurricane Sarah.

On the way to New Orleans things start getting complex as Lacklan finds out that one of his comrades from British SAS (named Bat Hayes) got charged with murder. It was in a small town in Louisiana called Burgundy, which is right in the storm’s path.

He knows that he has to go to his buddy. When he gets to the town of Burgundy, nothing is as simple as it looks. It is a murder that Hayes just could not have done. His prints are both at the crime scene and all over the murder weapon. Not to mention the fact that Lacklan knows he has a secret he is keeping. One about Sarah Carmichael, the murder victim.

Fans of the novel found this to be another great story from this series. This character continues to show that he has good qualities, and is not just a stone cold killer. Some cannot get enough of the rest of the cast of characters, either. Another book from the series that was highly enjoyable and the action never once let up. With all the twists and turns, you never know what is going to happen next, as the author has you on your toes the whole time.

“The Hand of War” is the fourth novel in the “Omega” series, which was released in the year 2018. Lacklan Walker has been looking for Marni. He is determined to keep her safe as she is trying to expose the plans Omega has made for humanity. While she attempts this, she is anything but safe.

Currently, the United Nations is hosting a global warming and overpopulation conference that many nations will attend. Marni is giving a key paper. Lacklan is aware that the paper will be dynamite, and that Omega is going to going after her.

He is not aware, though, that Abdul Abbassi (who is known as the Butcher of Helmand) is there too. His goal is not to protect anyone, but to unleash bloody death and fire on the whole conference and the city too.

A long time ago, he swore to kill Abbassi, and now he has his chance. Time, however, is growing short. If he wants to save Marni and many thousands more, he will have to play a dangerous double game with the evil Omega.

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  1. Hugh W Bowden: 2 years ago

    I loved the series, sometimes reading two complete books in a day. But I was not at all happy with the ending, which left Lachlan wondering why he had committed his life to the path he chose, encouraged by the woman he loved. It was depressing as hell.

  2. David Tate: 2 years ago

    I have enjoyed every book in order. I’m up to Death in Freedom. Please keep on writing so that I and others will continue to enjoy your work.
    Keep up the good work.


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