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Publication Order of On The Run Books

Chasing The Falconers (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fugitive Factor (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Now You See Them, Now You Don't (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Stowaway Solution (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Public Enemies (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hunting the Hunter (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon

“On the Run” is a series of children’s novels printed by Gordon Korman. The novel tells a narrative about two children who try to patent the names of their parents who have been sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime of treason and they are being hunted after by the authorities. It is believed that the parents of Aiden Falconer and Meg were both college professors. They were accused of aiding terrorists and were convicted of treason against the United States government. It is evident that Meg and Aiden knew that their parents could not have done such a terrible thing, but the one man that could prove their innocence has disappeared. Fifteen-year-old Aiden Falconer and eleven-year-old Meg his little sister had lived ordinary lives. Meg and Aiden faced both natural element dangers and the police search given the fact that they escaped from the juvenile detention when a fire at Sunnydale Farm broke out. Aiden and Meg decided that they will not stop until they find the man who could free their parents. However, essentially, the series by Gordon Korman comprises of six books overall and was in print in 2005 and 2006. The series also has a continuation entitled abduction, which trails the children subsequent to this series. Therefore, some of the books include the following;


Chasing the Falconers

This book narrates about Aiden and Meg. They flee from Sunnydale juvenile prison farm to prove that their parents are not guilty by looking after their uncle Frank Lindenauer, who is a family associate. The book also narrates how Aiden drops a kerosene lamp on the ground of the store and everything in the store burned down with the house which his sister was in and Aiden went in the burning house and saves his sister. When they are on the run they meet up with another juvenile dentition center child named Miguel and he was in the center for murder. Ideally, the book has a lot of action adventure.

The Fugitive Factor

The book narrates how Meg and Aiden go to Boston as well as talk to Frank Lindenauer’s ex- girlfriend, nevertheless Meg is confined and terrified in jail.

“Now You See Them, Now You Don’t”

The book narrates how Meg and Aiden take off to Los Angeles as well as obtain assistance from a boulevard gang by the name intercontinental Crew operated by Bo.

“The Stowaway Solution”

The book narrates how Aiden and Meg stowaway on a boat to flee the police. The book tells us that they get arrested on the boat but escapes on a helium balloon raft. In addition, the car hit Meg when she gets purposely to be competent in the same sanatorium as Aiden shackles Emmanuel Harris the FBI negotiator to a stove whilst in the sickbay.

Public Enemies

The book narrates how the Falconers realize the true individuality of the man who has been habitually trying to slaughter them by the name Hairless Joe.

Hunting the hunter

The Falconers trail along Frank Lindenauer to liberate their parents.


Aiden Falconer

He is 15 years old. From the series, Aiden Falconer tries his best to take care of his younger sister who is eleven years old. The fact of the matter is that their parents are imprisoned a life sentence in a maximum security prison. Both Aiden and Meg believe that their parents are not guilty and at this instant they are trying very hard to find proof. From the look of things, Aiden is constantly extremely patient as depicted in the book, “Now You See Them, Now You Don’t” but Meg is completely opposite, she is attractive smart for her age.

Meg Falconer

Meg Falconer is eleven years old and she is the younger sister to Aiden Falconer. Once she positions her mind, Meg is determined on something. She sees the excellent in things and she thinks positive about her parents that they are not guilty and that they were framed. Ideally, Meg is superior at thinking as compared to her brother since she has assisted her brother in terms of decision making.

Miguel Reyes

Miguel Reyes known for living in juvenile in multiple times is a prisoner. He lives at Sunnydale Farm. Most recently he was committed for manslaughter given the fact that he pushed his insulting stepfather through the stairs. From the book, “Chasing the Falconers” it reveals that it was an accident. Mostly Miguel Reyes is an inconsequential character in the book whereby he becomes an implausible friend for Aiden as well as Meg. He provided knowledge to both Meg and Aiden on how to be a fugitive. From the book, “Hunting the hunter” where Aiden and Meg are sent to a high-security prison, it revealed that Miguel was sent there after he left the hospital. At the closing stages of the book, he is captured when Hairless Joe blunder him for Aiden and thus helps the children to break into the house as well as steal funds from the retailing machine.

Emmanuel Harris

From the book series, this character is the FBI mediator who ideally cracked open the case of the Falconers. Emmanuel Harris was praised for his victory in the case but lives with much blame that he might have put the erroneous people in prison. At the end of the book, he comes back alive and takes Aiden along with Meg from jail to their parents. Finally, Meg assaults him in, “The Stowaway Solution”.

Dr. John Falconer

He is the father of Meg and Aiden and husband to Louise Falconer. John and Louise were both offended of betraying their nation by giving private information to terrorists.

Dr. Louise Falconer

She is a mother to Aiden along with Meg Falconer and also a wife to John Falconer. Louise and John were both appreciated criminologists sooner than the terrorist event occurred. Before the FBI commence tracking them, her recurrent flyer miles saved the kids on many occasions.

In conclusion, “On the Run” (Novel series by Gordon Korman) is an intelligent story sprinkled with wit. The book is addictive and at the same time, it’s very short since that is what all authors want to accomplish. It is evident that the book is so much liked by most kids given the fact that it’s entertaining.

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