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Once Upon a Funeral Books In Order

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Publication Order of Once Upon a Funeral Books

Finding Cooper (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Inspiring Dominic (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Craving Maverick (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tempting Hunter (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Elle Wright is a published author and a contributing author to the Once Upon a Funeral series. When she was younger, she enjoyed being in her room playing with her Barbies and coming up with her stories. Elle would tackle any subject while playing with her dolls and had a dream to compose a soap opera.

Elle was born in southeast Michigan and was raised there, close to Ann Arbor. Her mother always thought it was important to read and instilled this passion in her daughter. As a result, Elle was always either reading, had just completed reading a book, or intended to read another book. Her mother also gave her Indigo, her first romance book written by Beverly Jenkins. The author of that book not only gained a lifelong fan but inspired a deep passion for all things involving romance. She published her first book called Basement Level 5: Never Scared in 2012, using the pen name of L.R. Wright, and shares that she is now living her dream.

Sherelle Green is an award-winning and best selling author that has put out many novels in the course of her career and is the author of the second novel in the Once Upon a Funeral series, Inspiring Dominic. She has worked in marketing as well as news journalism and has a great appreciation and enjoyment of all things relating to writing. Her friends and her family know that she is a fan of hugs and likes to give out a lot of them, as many as possible. She is open about her passion for coffee and how much she loves it and can be frequently found going to different shops so that she can purchase another mug for her coffee cup collection or going around the world traveling to aid in her inspiration to write.

Green enjoys making connections with those who love to read (especially her books) and people who are interested in literature. For her own stories, she likes to come up with emotionally charged stories where the emotions drive the plot and are frequently edgy, steamy, and feature problems from real life. She wants to create heroines that are fierce but also relatable and flawed, similar to the handsome men that want to win them over.

Angela Seals is an independent writer. She also goes by the name of Angel de’ Amor. She is a corporate accountant during the daytime hours but writes at night. She earned her M.S. in accounting and uses it to fund her passion of writing female fiction and contemporary romance! She first became a published author with the release of her first novel, His Betrayal Her Lies, which came out in 2012. The book was the first in the Secrets, Love & Betrayal series and would write more books in this series. It has been a number one spot on the free reads section of Amazon.

Angela has also written other series and is a contributor to the series Once Upon a Funeral, composing the third novel, Craving Maverick. She likes to invoke fantasy and captivate the reader as well as inspire them. She loves putting on red lipstick and like many authors, has a penchant for coffee. Angela enjoys listening to music when she writes, her favorites being Luther Vandross, John Legend, and Chris Brown. She likes coming up with the proper word combination to evoke imagery and emotions in her readers.

The Once Upon a Funeral series of fictional novels is composed by Elle Wright, Sherelle Green, Angela Seals, and Sheryl Lister. This fictional series first became available to readers with the publication of Finding Cooper, the first novel. There are four novels total in this series that focuses on four brothers that must join together so that they can carry out the last wishes of their grandfather. The second novel is Inspiring Dominic, followed by Craving Maverick and the last book in the series, Tempting Hunter.

Finding Cooper is the first novel in the Once Upon a Funeral series and is written by Elle Wright. If you are looking for a new series to read, check this one out and see what you think!

The patriarch that saw over the Prescott family has died. Four brothers are now in the world without their grandfather. But they are called to return, to come back to Rosewood Heights so that they can make the last wishes of their grandfather come to pass. Each of the brothers, however, has his own past and his own demons to contend with.

As they all process this tragedy, the brothers may end up asking themselves if they can heal from the loss and find some light at the end of the tunnel. They also may wonder whether home is really the place where the heart can be found. For brother Cooper Prescott, the event is tough to deal with. He’s always had difficulty controlling his emotions, and now the hot tempered brother has come back home to contend with the loss.

Cooper is strong and a rebel, but charming too. He likes his life the way it is and doesn’t want anything to change. But destiny might have other thoughts for what awaits him. Can Cooper avoid change and keep everything the way that he thinks he likes it to be? Read this book to find out what happens with Cooper!

Inspiring Dominic is the second fictional novel in the Once Upon a Funeral series. This story features the main character of Dominic Prescott. He’s always been the type to focus on others, but will worrying about them and not himself backfire?

Can Dominic heal from the suffering of the past and finally drop those walls and allow himself to be who he truly is? Read the second novel in this series to find out!

The third novel in the Once Upon a Funeral series is titled Craving Maverick and was written by Angela Seals. Maverick Prescott is the brother that thinks that he knows everything, but will his pretentious nature get in the way of love?

Women seem to be attracted to him and Maverick knows he’s handsome. But can he embrace humility for a special woman to find love? Read this novel to find out!

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