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Endangered Species (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dangerous Breed (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Domesticated Beast (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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as Nolah Harker
Vengeful Bonds: Season One (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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with Neve Wilder

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The Bone Collector (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Disciplinary Action (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Heart2Heart: A Charity Anthology, Volume 6(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Only One Bed(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Onley James

Martina McAtee, going under the pen-name of Onley James, is a highly-acclaimed American contemporary romance Young Adult author. She is renowned for her skill in crafting dynamic characters and protagonists. She creates stories that are entertaining, funny and heart-warming. Her stories are filled with compelling narratives and engaging plotlines. Her skillful writing imbues her stories with incredible depth and insight.

It is also her ability to create believable, relatable characters and protagonists that has established such a strong trademark style through her writing. She has a gift for creating characters that evoke strong emotions and connections with readers. Her stories are filled with nuanced and emotionally-charged dialogues that bring her characters to life. Her stories are also filled with witty banter and romantic moments, making them great for any reader.

As Onley James, McAtee is a highly-acclaimed American contemporary romance Young Adult author. Her stories are filled with vivid imagery and captivating storylines. Not only that, but her fiction also has the power to transport readers to new and exciting worlds. Her gift for creating engaging, immersive stories is why readers around the world love her work. Evidence of this can be found in her many books, which are a testament to her incredible talent as a writer.

Her books are renowned for their creative and diverse narratives, which make them particularly LGBT-friendly. Her characters are also easily relatable and always bring something unique to the table.

With novels that are often full of vivid imagery, she has written numerous captivating plotlines. She is able to draw readers into her stories and make them feel as if they are part of the characters’ lives. Her stories are also known for their heartfelt moments, as well as intense romantic scenes. These are laced with witty, funny banter and conversations that help to make her stories feel more real and engaging.

McAtee is also praised for her skill in creating characters that readers can easily connect with. Her characters are often flawed, but they never fail to endear themselves to the reader. Through her writing, she is able to capture the nuances of human relationships, creating characters that are easy to relate to. Her stories also contain a lot of romance and emotion, making them enjoyable and entertaining.

In sum, Martina aka Onley James is an American contemporary romance Young Adult author whose stories are creative, diverse and LGBT-friendly. Her characters are relatable and her stories are full of vivid imagery, captivating plotlines and heartfelt moments. And her gift for creating engaging stories with characters that readers can connect with is why she has gained such a strong following and why her books are so popular.

Early and Personal Life

Martina McAtee, otherwise known as Onley James, is an American Young Adult romance author. Growing up in Central Florida, she developed an interest in reading and writing from a young age. As she grew, she found her inspiration in the works of various different authors.

She has found much success as an author and she continues to grow as a writer. She splits her time between writing YA LGBT paranormal romances, writing adult m/m romances and running her publishing company, 7 Sisters Publishing, which specializes in diverse fiction. Living in Central Florida with her children, she continues to write. With her books, she hopes to bring joy to her readers and to touch their hearts.

Writing Career

Onley James, otherwise known as Martina McAtee, is an established writer, who has written numerous books and series uner her Onley pen-name. Her series Elite Protection Services has five books, with the last being Satisfying released in 2021. She has also co-written the Wages of Sin series with Neve Wilder, which has three books so far, the third one being Head Games released in 2021. Onley has also written the Time Served series, the Necessary Evils series, the stand-alone novel Disciplinary Action and the Heart2Heart omnibus alongside other writers.

She also published her Jericho’s Boys series, with Paladin being the first book which was released in 2023. Onley James has proven to be a talented and prolific author, making sure that readers have plenty of stories to enjoy.

Head Games

Onley James and Neve Wilder’s romantic thriller ‘Head Games’ was released on June 18, 2021 via the Kindle platform. It’s the third book in their ‘Wages of Sin’ series and follows two other self-contained romance stories. Readers are sure to be kept on the edge of their seats with this gripping and passionate novel.

Tobias, a psychologist, is unversed in the world of serial killers until he meets Soren, a retired assassin. They partner up to hunt a mutual target and during the course of their mission, Tobias learns the ropes from Soren. The two, although very different, share an undeniable chemistry.

However, the mob, their past, and a lengthy kill list all complicate their relationship. They must work together to overcome the obstacles and find a way to reach their happily ever after.


Onley James released her romantic mystery thriller novel, ‘Infuriating’ on July 27, 2021. The fourth book in the ‘Elite Protection Services’ series was published through the Kindle platform. All the titles in the series are once again self-contained stories of romance.

Jackson Avery was highly successful, but his lack of love in his life left something missing. When he met Dayton Daniels, a camboy with a learning disability, he felt an instant connection. Day was determined to keep Jackson at a distance, but when he witnesses a murder and Jackson steps in to protect him, Day finds himself slowly falling for Jackson. Jackson enlists his team to try to find the killer and prove to Day that everybody deserves a happily ever after.

As Day starts to break down the walls he’s built around himself, he finds himself wanting to take a chance on love and finally let go of his fear.


On October 27, 2021, the romantic crime thriller novel ‘Moonstruck’ was released on the Kindle platform. It is part of the ‘Necessary Evils’ series and, as with James’ other series, each title is also a self-contained romantic story. ‘Moonstruck’ is the third and latest installment in the series, offering readers a thrilling and passionate journey.

Atticus Mulvaney is the eldest son of a billionaire, and a psychopath. Jericho Navarro is a mechanic by day and a vigilante by night. When they meet they form an unexpected bond, and join forces in a mission to take out a common enemy. As they fight together, Jericho strives to find a way to break through Atticus’ walls and win his heart.

Despite their differences, the couple realizes that sometimes the couple who kills together, stays together.

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