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Pleasure and Purpose (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
No Greater Pleasure (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Selfish is the Heart (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Solace is a series of erotic romance books written by an American author of horror, romance and erotic romance novels, Megan Hart. Megan has written in almost every single genre of romantic fiction including contemporary, historical, romantic comedy, romantic suspense, fantasy, futuristic, and perhaps most strikingly erotic.

Megan began the publication of Solace series in 2009 when Pleasure and Purpose the first book in the series was published. The series lasted four books concluding in 2011 when Virtue and Vice was published.

Pleasure and Purpose

Pleasure and Purpose the first book in Solace series contains three connected novellas that introduce us to the order of Solace. The handmaidens in the Solace order are matched to their patrons who seek their services to obtain absolute solace. These handmaidens are destined to serve their patrons in whatever way possible to provide solace. The handmaidens are named for the traits that best reflect their true calling and natures and believe that the granting of Solace has a spiritual purpose and an outcome that results in the return of the Holy Family.

The book contains the stories of handmaidens Honesty, Stillness, and Determinata who are called separately to serve three childhood friends who have lost their way. Even though each novella is a separate narrative taking place in chronological order, they are all connected through the fragmented friendship of the men, and a past tragedy that reigned havoc on the lives of two men’s.

The first handmaiden order of solace is Stillness. They are named so for the result of the exquisite services the offer which reflects their true calling and their greatest pleasure is granting comfort to their masters. They are chosen by order of Edward, and she must soothe his conscience. Edward is the gentleman whose friendship was ruined after a sexual encounter between him and some of his good friends left someone dead. They have tried to keep it a secret, this tragedy and the consequences of Edward’s problems. Each novella in Pleasure and Purpose traces its roots to this one tragedy, and now each man must heal.

The second novel in the book is Honesty. She is chosen for Cillian, a very troubled prince. However, Honesty does not take time to study her patron because she is tired of being a handmaiden and if she fails in service delivery it does not matter to her. However, when she finds her patron sobbing, she decides to give him solace. Cillian past is tough because of the tragedy that occurred after the sexual encounters with his friends- he paid the highest price for the death. For him to get solace might be next to impossible, he is being blackmailed, and also wants his friendship with Edward restored and these are the things that handmaiden can only help with so far. In the long run, Cillian shows just how strong and brave he is to get over his blackmailer.

The third novella in Pleasure and Purpose is Determinata. She is the handmaiden to Alaric and uses the name, Mina. Alaric has plunged himself into the jaws of hell and his best friends Edward and Cillian have sent a handmaiden for him praying that she can help him out of his misery. He has become a drug addict after his previous relationship with his mistress went sour, and in his loneliness, he has become a complete loner. His obsession with the memories of his previous mistress is overwhelming, and Mina will have to work extra harder to offer solace to her patron. However she is perfect for this loner, and once Alaric gets rid of the drugs and gets a closer look at his handmaiden; he does not miss the past mistress anymore.

Megan Hart did a fantastic job in crafting the Solace series opener Pleasure and Purpose. The three novellas connect together wonderfully, they are erotic (contain scenes of M/F/M, BDSM, and D/S), the characters are well woven, and the stories are rich in emotion and aspect that set Megan apart from other writers.

No Greater Pleasure

No Greater Pleasure the second book in Solace series by Megan Hart is a fantastic insight into the dark side of the gothic romance. While not erotic in every part, the romance side of the story is laced with more gothic undercurrents and more than its fair share of BDSM. Whilst not for those looking for light-hearted romance or a sexy romp, No Greater Pleasure is ideal for those who enjoy the beauty of an Ultra Alpha Hero, an obedient hero and a relationship foiled by the fact that the hero is married; and the heroine is sent to his house o offer solace to him in whatever form it may take.

This, however, causes conflict between the hero and his estranged wife who despite her objection is hardly innocent of extra-marital affairs herself.
No Greater Pleasure is not your average Megan Hart book; the sexually charged atmosphere is brought down to a slow but an engaging build up. Tranquilla is assigned to her patron Delessan gets to learn her new master and tries to gain the knowledge that she needs to bring the man to absolute solace, as well as making good friends with the staff and also earning herself a good and respectable place in their eyes.

Gabriel Delessan is a mysterious, brooding, dark and unhappy man. His wife is a conniving mad, deceitful woman and she makes his life miserable. He would like to thinks that when she has a moment of clarity, a piece of mind she will remain that way, but that is not the case as she ends up being a despicable person once again. So Gabriel requests a handmaiden hoping to find solace in his very unpleasing existence. However, still, he argues and fights with Quilla almost every step as she tries to soothe him. However, what Gabriel does not realize is that over the course of the few months she has been serving him, she has been breaking across his barriers, one word, one gesture, one act at a time.

However, of course, you might be wondering, how the hell can this be a romance if Gabriel is married and refuses Tranquilla any sort of intimate relationship? This is where Megan talent as a writer truly shines and makes her stories unique from other romance stories you read before. Megan’s characters are placed in situations that are not normal, and where there is a will, there is a way, and happiness lies down that way.

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