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Darkness Awakened (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Darkness Seduced (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Darkness Surrendered (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Forever in Darkness (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Darkness Reborn (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Darkness Arisen (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Darkness Unleashed (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Inferno of Darkness (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Darkness Possessed (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shadows of Darkness (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hunt the Darkness (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Order of the Blade” series is a set of novels by Stephanie Rowe an award winning and bestselling author with more than twenty traditionally published novels to her name. The author has published with Dorchester & Sourcebooks, Grand Central/Warner, Harlequin and HarperCollins. She is an author that has received critical acclaim from Publisher’s Weekly and Booklist starred reviews. Stephanie is an author of contemporary, paranormal and romantic suspense novels, motivation non fiction and middle grade fiction. Even though she made her debut in fiction writing with the publishing of single standing novel “Stress and the City” in 2004, she is best known as the author of the “Order of the Blade” paranormal series of novels. As for how she got into writing, she has said that she had always loved reading. As a child, she was the winner of the town library’s blue ribbon as she read the most books of anyone over one summer. Her love for books persisted and while she was in college she used to tell stories at day camp. This would eventually transform into writing down her stories and once she published her debut she never looked back and now has more than sixty titles to her name.

As for her publishing journey, Stephanie Rowewrote 18 complete novels and nine unfinished manuscripts before she sold her first. She got more than 150 rejections before she got published. Before she got into self publishing, she had more than two dozen novels published by traditional New York based publishers. She has seen everything from an agent that stripped her of all creative ability and self confidence, four lines that she wrote for shut down, four editors leave, a publisher go bankrupt and an agent that worked magic to uplift her when she was about to give up. However since writing is something that she loves to do, she has never let anything knock her off track. When she is not writing her novels she is a mother that loves playing tennis with her friends.

The “Brothers of the Order” series of novels tells the stories of an immortal order of warriors known as the Calydan. They are handsome, tall buff and big men with patterns on their arms which are earned when they dream battle in their teenage years. They each have unique patterns that correspond to the weapons they wield that magically come out of their arms when needed. In the debut novel of the series we are introduced to Calydon Warrior Quinn Masters who is determined to protect his brethren by destroying anyone that goes rogue. On the other hand is illusionist Grace Matthews, a woman hunted and shunned for her paranormal powers who comes to him for help when her sister starts killing Calydon Warriors. In “Darkness Reduced” the second of the series Roarke wants to fulfill the oath he made more than five centuries ago. But to do so, he has to team up with Davenport, a hunted woman. She could destroy him but he knows that she is the only one that could redeem his hardened and blackened soul. The third novel of the series tells of Elijah Ross, a man that was thrust into mental hell through torture but has managed to survive. But the evil he managed to escape is back and the only thing that could save him from the consuming nightmare is the passionate fire and light from Ana Matthews.

In “Darkness Awakened,” the debut novel of the series, Quinn is part of a group of warriors attacked, killed with many of their weapons taken. He now needs to find out what is happening and heads back home only to find some strange woman sitting on his porch. He is immediately drawn to the woman and when he arrives at the porch he can see that she is shivering and drenched but still the most beautiful woman he ever beheld. He invites her in to warm herself but she informs him that she is an illusionist named Grace Masters and that she wants his help. Ana, her sister, had been taken by some bad people and they are using her illusions to take out his kin. Once upon a time Ana used to do wonderful illusions that included flowers, bunnies among other beautiful things. But her illusions have become dark and scary and Grace thinks she must be scared. Grace needs Quinn to help her before Ana comes face to face with stronger Calydon that could kill her. But then things get interesting when Quinn starts thinking he may be developing an attraction towards Grace. This could mean she could be his soul mate which is a bad thing for a Calydan as it could mean death.

“Darkness Seduced” the second novel of the “Order of the Blade” series is the story of Calydan Warrior Gideon Roarke and Lily. Lily just spent two years as the victim of Nate, a crazy and evil Calydon. She is a member of the nearly extinct race of the Santinka known for being able to boost a Calydon’s power by bonding with him. But the gift that she has cannot be taken by force and will only be given to a Calydon that is her mate. Given that she has been targeted by people like Nate, she has decided that her life’s mission is to take on the Calydon. She hates Gideon since she learned that he destroyed her family by killing her grandmother. Gideon is oblivious of this when he heads to Nate’s prison to rescue Lily. But they find themselves powerfully attracted to each other when they meet. However, Gideon believes he had already met his Sheva and does not think a relationship with Lily would have any future. The novel follows the two characters as they fight a magnetic bond none of them desires.

“Darkness Surrendered” the third of the series is the story of Calydon warrior Elijah who was tortured after he was captured several months back. He was thought dead but when his fellow warriors and Ana his mate find him still trying to survive they could not be more thrilled. But he has turned into a raving lunatic and only his mate’s touch can make him sane enough to distinguish reality from his insane illusions. But his need for connection with her is in contrast with his revulsion for her. Ana happens to be an illusionist and he had been tortured by one. Moreover, she had been responsible though inadvertently for causing much of hios pain and suffering. He wants to have relations with her and she keeps him from going nuts but he just cannot seem to know what he wants.

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