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Bestia: Italian Recipes Created in the Heart of L.A. (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bavel: Modern Recipes Inspired by the Middle East (With: Genevieve Gergis,Lesley Suter) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ori Menashe
Ori Menashe is a food and drinks author and chef. Menashe’s passion for cooking started at a young age, and after years of sampling different delicacies across the globe, it was obvious that he would pursue a culinary career.
He started working in an Israeli café once he was done with his studies before starting his restaurant, Bestia, with his long-term friend and wife, Georgis. Together, Georgis and Menashe created a restaurant that has been quite successful and is listed among L. A’s finest.
You can sense Menashe’s love for what he does in his cookbooks, and every recipe is written to the finest detail. When he is not cooking, Menashe enjoys spending quality time with his daughter, Saffron.

Bestia is a cookbook with all of this great restaurant’s best recipes. When Bestia restaurant opened its doors in 2012, no one thought it would grow so much in the following years.

However, after offering diners satisfying, flavorful, and bold meals and in a festive atmosphere, the restaurant has witnessed tremendous growth.
Today, Bestia is among L.A.’s finest and is known for its delicious pizza, innovative desserts, and some baked classics. So, what is the motivation behind those who started this restaurant? What is it that the chefs here continue to do right compared to other similar restaurants in the market?
In this book, the author highlights all the dishes that make Bestia restaurant popular among food enthusiasts across the country. These dishes, all rooted in Italian cooking and flavors, are discussed in detail and recipes written in a simple-to-follow format.

If you have a favorite on the restaurant’s menu, it is highly likely that you will find the recipe in this cookbook.

Some of the book’s highlights include the fennel-crusted pork chops, agnolotti made using cacao pasta dough, and meatballs with tomatoes, ricotta, and greens. There are also irresistible desserts like chocolate budino tart and apple cider donuts, not to mention the decadent sauces.
The author has chapters dedicated to pasta, charcuterie, and bread. This makes it easier for you to find whichever recipe you want to try in these categories.
It helps that the descriptions are detailed and come with enough photos for your reference.

You will also find some sections on sauces and stocks. For people who want to try these recipes at home, the author gives enough tips on how to layer flavors and make delicious meals using readily available ingredients.

While some of the ingredients are not as easy to source, the bulk of vegetables, flours, and spices used to make most of these delicious foods are readily available.

There are also simple salads, vegetable sides, and soups that you can incorporate into your cooking. The banana bread recipe is a definite winner, and the results are sure to wow your family even if you do not consider yourself much of a baker.
Even if you are not much of a cook, the beautiful photos in this cookbook will make you feel like you are Bestia every time you look at them. If you are a fan of Italian cooking, you will enjoy every bit of this book.

Bestia is a beautiful cookbook filled with colorful photos, well-written recipes, and enough explanation under each step. It is amazing how the author blends both complex and simple recipes to create such delicious meals.

If you are looking for some fancy recipes to impress your guests, this book has an impressive collection.

Bavel is a detailed cookbook with delicious recipes, interesting personal stories, and enough food photos to leave you drooling. This book, named after the author’s second restaurant, details his journey in a very competitive market.

Ori Menashe and his wife Genevieve Gergis started a restaurant because they always dreamt about it. L.A. fell in love with their first restaurant Bestia and a few years into the business; the couple decided to open their second one and named it Bavel. The name is Hebrew for Babel, and the owners strive to tell the stories of the Middle East through their cooking.

Menashe spent a good part of his life in Israel, where he enjoyed dates on their own and in delicious pastries. He fondly remembers trips to the market with his father where he could enjoy shawarma after hours of shopping for fresh supplies.
His family also travelled throughout the middle east and enjoyed delicacies such as Turmeric Chicken and Tomato, and Smoked Harissa. Menashe’s wife Georgis also has Egyptian roots, so she understands all the flavors and the ingredients that make the recipes tick.

After years of developing the recipes, the author presents them in a way that you can easily follow at home.Just like with his debut cookbook, the author invites you to explore varied Middle East cuisines with their fragrant spices.

While he celebrates the origin of these recipes, the author also highlights the freedom we all enjoy where foods are concerned. Wherever you come from, you can sample different cuisines and customize them to suit your palate.

The book comes with 80 recipes that include tender flatbreads, crisp-pickled vegetables, and delicious meats and tagines. You will have loads of fun trying them out and impressing your family and friends in the process.

It is also fun learning a thing or two about the couple who developed these recipes and continue to wow their customers with delicious treats.
This is simply cooking without borders, and all the foods look so delicious you will want to try them all at once. It is easy to see why L.A. love’s this author’s recipes, and thousands of people continue to eat at restaurants Bavel and Bestia every year.
Bavel is another cookbook that you will love if you enjoy Middle East cuisine. Even if you have not tried any of the restaurant’s meals, this book will make you want to try them or at least replicate the same in your kitchen.

Looking at the recipes and accompanying photos, you cannot help but admire our different cultures.

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