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Publication Order of The Origin Mystery Books

The Atlantis Gene (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Atlantis Plague (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Atlantis World (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Origin Mystery book series is a bestselling series of science fiction, thriller, mystery, fiction, and fantasy novels. It consists of 3 books in total released between 2013 and 2014. This exciting series is written by a noteworthy American writer named A.G. Riddle. In the series, author Riddle has described the history of the origins of the human race and has tried to solve the mystery related to it. He has shown that around 70,000 years ago, humans had become almost extinct. They managed to survive somehow, but no one has any idea about it. Now, the human race is about to move on to the next stage of evolution and the danger of extinction has come again to haunt the human race. Riddle has mentioned an ancient race called The Immari. They seem to have every knowledge about the human evolution, but kept it a secret for 2,000 years. They have planned to cause a big evolution of humans, which might cause them to perish completely. Humans don’t want to let the Immari succeed in their conspiracy. The two main characters depicted in the series include Dr. Kate Warner and Agent David Vale. Kate is described as a geneticist and researcher of human history, while David is a hard working agent determined to stop the Immari conspiracy from becoming successful. Each book in the series is unique in its own sense and has a large fan-following.

The debut book of the Origin Mystery series is entitled ‘The Atlantis Gene’. It was released in 2013 by the Riddle Inc. publication. At the story’s beginning, it is mentioned that after keeping the secrets of human evolution and searching for a deadly ancient enemy for two thousand years, the Immari have now come up with a plan that poses a great threat on human race. During a research operation near the Antartica coast, a mysterious structure is discovered buried under an iceberg. It is believed that the mysterious structure has been there for several thousand years and is not man made. When the Immari come to know about this structure, they think that they know about it, but they are not willing to take a chance. When a geneticist in Indonesia comes up with the discovery of an important key to the Immari’s plan, they realize it is the right time for executing the master plan. The brilliant geneticist, Kate Warner, had moved to Jakarta, Indonesia from California for escaping her past. She is not able to recover from her condition, but succeeds in discovering an autism cure.

Kate Warner thinks it is a cure, but it is actually something very dangerous. This research of Kate has the power of rewriting human history and unleashing human evolution’s next stage. And if the Immari get their hands on it, it would result in humanity’s end. David Vale has been following Immari conspiracy for a long time and understands their real agenda. This time also, he makes an attempt to stop them, but doesn’t have much time. After David’s informant is killed and his organization is infiltrated, he runs for his life from the Immari hunters. Later, David Vale comes across an encrypted code from an unknown source. He knows that Kate Warner is the only person capable enough to solve the code and rushes to save her. After uniting with Kate, David races to unravel the global conspiracy of the Immari. While doing so, the two learn about the reality of human origins and the Atlantis Gene. They are taken to the distant corners of the world through their journeys.

David Vale and Kate Warner also come across the secrets of their own pasts. They are being trailed by the Immari, who are intended to stop them at any cost. The Immari are determined to obtain Atlantis Gene and begin the next process of human evolution as fast as they can. They don’t care if most of the world’s population gets killed in this process. Only Kate and David are capable enough to stop them, but they must trust one another and remain alive. This book appears to be a thought-provoking thriller story about genetic experiments on the global level, ancient conspiracies, mysteries related to human evolution, etc. The complex characters, scientific and historical detailing helped the book to attract numerous readers.

The next volume of this series is called ‘The Atlantis Plague’. It was also published by Riddle Inc in 2013. A.G. Riddle has described this book as a story of the survival and perseverance of the human race while facing extinction. The global adventure and journey takes the readers back into the same world that author Riddle introduced in the previous novel. This book also delivers a similar kind of less known history and science that readers applauded in Atlantis Gene. At the book’s start, it is mentioned that Dr Kate Warner learns a shocking reality in Marbella, Spain. She learns that humans are facing the danger of extinction again. The whole world is swept by a pandemic never seen before. More than a billion humans have already died and many more are about to die if the pandemic is not stopped in time. This pandemic, Atlantis Plague, transforms the humans to a higher genetic level if they don’t get killed. And among those undergoing genetic transformation, only a few evolve rapidly, while others devolve. Because of this pandemic, the world has slipped into chaos. People are trying to find solutions, but no effective ones found. The industrialized nations come up with a miracle drug called Orchid that they begin to mass produce. This drug is distributed in refugee camps all around the globe. However, Orchid doesn’t help to eradicate Atlantis Plague, it provides a little extra time to think of a better solution. Only the symptoms of the pandemic are treated by Orchid and not the disease.

The Immari International tells the world to stop looking for solutions. They want the genetically superior humans to take over the world and fulfill the destiny of an advanced race. As the world’s population control hands in balance, it is high time to prevent the extinction of normal humans. With conflicting interests, Immari International and Orchid Alliance indulge in an open fight. The last hope left to humanity is finding a cure. Once again, Kate Warner turns out to be the only one to unravel the mystery of Atlantis Plague. She thinks she could find the answer by going through the pivotal events in the history of human evolution and understanding. Kate intends to study, especially the events that mysteriously changed the human genome. Her journey for this research takes Kate Warner across North African and European barren wastelands. The research takes Kate to places she didn’t expect to reach. She realizes that human evolution’s history is completely different from what it appears to be, and it would take a great sacrifice to set it right.

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