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Publication Order of Code Name Delta Books

The Quadrille (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Red Goliath (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Deadly Souk (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Caribbean Sedition (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Oscar Ortiz was born in Matanzas, Cuba (in 1959), and at the age of 11 went into exile in the USA. He has been interested in both art and literature since he was a child. He also showed apathy for collective sports, business, science and mathematics, thus earning himself the moniker as “the black sheep of the family”.

Growing up, Oscar was a fan of spy novels and mysteries featuring hard-boiled detectives. Favourite authors include Donald Hamilton, Ian Fleming, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Dashiell Hammett.

As a teenager, he studied Commercial Art & Advertising as well as Fine Arts, and graduated from Film Writing at Miami-Dade College

Oscar was awarded “Sole Second Prize” in the 2006 ENRIQUE LABRADOR RUIZ INTERNATIONAL STORYWRITERS AWARD, for his short story Blame it on Hammett. That very same year, Oscar made “Finalist” in the 2006 TELEMUNDO WRITERS’ WORKSHOP contest.

He has worked as an independent screenplay writer for Telemundo Puerto Rico and Cubana de Televisión Studios in Miami, collaborating with his scripts in TV series such as Decisions, and the C de TV series The Jaguar and Lin Yan, the Chinese detective. He currently resides in South Florida with his wife Karyna.

CODE NAME DELTA is a riveting new series of relentless Suspense, rampant Action, and international Intrigue. The novels are narrated in first person by its protagonist, Patrick Coonan, the undercover operative codenamed Delta.

Coonan is an ex-U.S. Ranger sniper, who was recruited as an “eliminator” by the Quadrille, a tight-knit special band of shadow-warriors. Founded and led by retired Col. Marlon Berkowitz, the Quadrille is the scourge of all enemies of the American Union and ─ in many instances ─ of the entire Free World. Coonan’s most dangerous enemies start with the old KGB nuclear saboteurs operating on American soil, then following with the most aggressive Russian Mafia clans, the radical terrorist groups and all those enemy agents who attempt against the security and the interests of the Free World.

The series is composed of 14 novels in total, the first 7 of which have already been published in Spanish and French. MX Publishing of London has recently acquired the rights to publish the entire Delta saga, in English, of which books 1 and 2 are already in the market, with books 3 and 4 programmed to be published in the coming months.

(Thanks to Oscar for the bio)

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