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Other Worlds Books In Order

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Publication Order of Otherworlds Books

The Devil's Agent (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mirrored Knight (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The King of Tears Unnumbered (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sacrifices (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tournament of Thieves (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Threefold Gift (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Inexorable (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood Artists (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Driven (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dragons' Wrath (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Knights' Quest (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bound to the Eye (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Most of the Otherworlds stories have been released as a single short story collection entitled Otherworlds, and are no longer available for purchase individually.

Jonathan Moeller is the author of other worlds series. He has a bronze hair colored appearance and blue eyes that could deceive someone that he is a captain among men. He had his career as a computer repairer and has devoted to write a series filled with sorcery and sword about demonic encounters. The continuous series entails the encounters of an assassin and a spy by the name CainaAmalas.

The desire of Paul Krieger is to become a well broadcast writer. His desire was to become a writer that was well established. He never looked forward to a laid back career as an eBooks publisher. Despite the desires and anticipations of Krieger he never seems to thrive into print.

Other worlds Book I: The devils Agent

The mythical Satan’s agent by the name Mr. Woland offered Kriseger the opportunity to be signed. The opportunity to Krieger was not to be declined by any sane person. After taking up the offer Paul Krieger’s loved ones begin to disappear.Through this war erupts around the planet as well as plagues and famine strike in. at this point Krieger realizes that he may have been a little ignorant while signing the deal. He should have been more careful with the print. If it is the first time a reader encounters a fictional short story then the devils agent is a perfect choice. This fascinating thriller will challenge the readers creative mind and through them into a world of oblivion and fantasy.

Other Worlds Book eleven: Knights’ Quest

Knight Quest features two short form stories. The stories demonstrate the lengths to which men can go to accomplish their quest. In the cravings short story the knight moves to daring levels and emboldens himself for his wife’s sake. He contends with enough dangers and enormous perils.

For the Creative process short story the artist requires some inspiration to develop a masterpiece. The artist subjects himself to numerous dangers present in the world that is twisted and strange. This thriller is fascinating enough to build an adrenaline rush in the reader. It is worth the time.

Other worlds book 10: Dragons’ Wrath

Dragon Wrath has two short stories namely “getting the Senior Discount” and “Answer.” The story is about a demonstration of strong dragons that war against the prehistoric enemies.

The short story getting the senior discount talks about a dragon that is pursuing dangerous creatures along the modern Chicago streets. This creature has shown signs of destroying modernity. The short story answers talks about a dragon duels which is a dark appearing wizard situated on the top of the mountain. It comes out that the supreme powers can manipulate the dragon so as to accomplish their intents. The short story is also fascinating challenging the creative nerves of the reader.

Other worlds book 3: The king of Tears unnumbered

Sir Nicholas happens to be a famous knight that is both bold and fearless. Nicholas had never encountered an enemy strong enough to overcome him. The moment Nicholas’ wife Isolde was taken captive into the world of Elven controlled by the king of tears unnumbered who was a brutally ruthless king Nicholas had to come face to face with a greater threat than he had encountered earlier. This challenge was greater than the usual swords battle.This hazardous situation threatens the very existence of Nicholas. The short story is indeed a fictional thriller worth the time and purchase. It is also available on Amazon.

Other worlds book 2: Mask of Dragons: Mask of the demon souled

Among the demon souled Mazael Cravelock is the only survivor.He has conquered each and every enemy that ever challenged to kill him. However the Marazadra prophetess is a disturbing challenge to overcome. He has an adversely more lethal than any other enemy he has had tocontend with. Unless Cravelock discovers the tactics of the prophetess it is clear to him that Marazadra will terrify and dismantle him ruthlessly. For a chance to enjoy a fascinating encounter read mask of dragons. The suspense and anticipation quickens the reader’s creative mind and throws them into the world of illusions.

Other worlds Book six: Threefold Gift

The mighty warrior Culainn is a war band powerful leader. This notwithstanding Brennus a rival competitor captures his sister. It is upon Culainn to commit to saving her bloodline by rescuing her. Brennus is not an easy go, he is invincibly powerful. No lethal weapon has challenged him all his life. In order to overcome Brennus, Culainn has to contact dark powers for a gift. The price to pay is big enough to cost him all he has and is. The choices are difficult and time is running out. What will happen? Will Culainn succeed in his quest to overcome the odds and rescue his sister? This fascinating short story is exceptionally exciting leaving the reader with anticipation of what happens next.

One of the reviews from Amazon on this short story is positive and informative. The three fold talents offered to Culainn leaves the reader with the question of worth. While Culainn shout at Brennus the protagonist in a sarcastic tone inquiring whether he is too tired to fight the suspense on the reader is high and the desire to read on grows. This story will win over any person.

Other worlds book 5: Tournament of thieves

In this kingdom Connor happens to be the most powerful and brave master around. Through skill, heist and taunting Connor has become a valued master. In this moment there is a new challenge that is promising to try his credentials as a master to full length. The masked king of the thieves has declared a contest. The masked king has promised to offer a priceless gift located in the wizards library if any person can submit the relic to him. Will Connor be able to do so? Failure on the other hand will be met by a consequence that is more lethal than death itself.

This fantasy story is exceptionally written. Connor attempts to break into the tower of the wizard and a colleague follows on recording the action. This story just like other Jonathan Moeller short stories in the other worlds series is quite fascinating and indeed written by a creative and fancy mind. These short stories guarantee the reader a thrilling, entertaining and exceptional reading encounter. The reader often finds themselves in obscurity and the desire to discover the endgame drives them to read on.

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