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Publication Order of Outcast Season Books

Outcast Season is a series of urban fantasy novels written by an American author of young adult, thriller and urban fantasy Rachel Caine. The series features four books and follows the story of Cassiel, powerful Djinn who is cast from her world and stripped off her powers to live as a human. She partners with Luis Rocha, a warden and soon discovers that the motive behind her exile are more complicated than they seemed and even more deadly. The Djinn expect Cassiel to make her fatal choice- allow an old adversary to triumph and bring an end to all humanity and terminate the source of her power.

Rachel Caine began the publication of Outcast Season series in 2008 when Undone the debut novel was published. The series ran four books concluding in 2012 when Unbroken was released. Weather Warden Series precede outcast Season.


In the first book in Outcast Season series, we meet Cassiel the main character and one of the Old Djinn, the more powerful ones that came before human beings ever walked the Earth. She was one of the most strongest of her kind, but when she refused to adhere to Ashan’s orders, she was cast away. Stripped off her powers and forever trapped in human form, Cassiel is prompted to go to the Weather Wardens to seek help. She needs access to their power so that she can regularly sustain herself or else she will die. She is membered with Earth Warden named Manny and finds it effortless to help him with is assignments than she has to deal with her human form and emotions.

Undone is the debut novel in Outcast Season series spin-off from the Weather Warden series. It is an excellent start to a series that promises to grip reader’s attention from the first page to the last. Rachel’s characterization is wonderfully done. For example, Cassiel is a brilliant character; reading about her transformation and her adventures in a human body is quite satisfying. She is left in the hands of Warden Manny Rocha who teaches her ropes and also feeds her to keep her going. She gradually learns about being a human and with time she finds herself growing close to Manny and his family including Manny’s child Isabel and his brother Luis Rocha.

Before she even knows it, Cassiel’s intense need to protect Manny and his family as well leads her on a mission that possesses an evil threat to all Djinn and only her Earth powers and detachment from Djinn can lead her down the path of success.
Lewis, Jo, and David, some of the characters featured in Weather Warden Series also make an appearance in this book, and this is a great addition for those who have read the Warden series.


Rachel Caine is a respected author of urban fantasy and writes three different series all under the same genre- urban fantasy. In Unknown, the second book in Outcast Season series, the author continues the story of Cassiel, a Djinn that has been exiled to Earth and stripped of her powers. Relying on Wardens to survive, Cassiel is first assigned to Manny Rocha. However, after a series of tragic events that leaves Manny dead, Cassiel teams up with Manny’s brother Luis on a mission to hunt down a rogue Djinn responsible for Luis brother death and abduction of Manny’s daughter.

When Cassiel is initially cast out, she struggles with her human form and is no longer a dominant Djinn like the rest but still carries her immortal arrogance. Somehow Manny and his family penetrate her wall of indifference, and now she is determined to seek revenge for the family she feels has failed to protect.

In the recent years, paranormal fantasy books have become a genre non-stop action from the start to the stop with a bit of magic thrown in for good measure. A general trend observed is for the narrative to have a strong lead character, lots of work for her to do and plenty of pages to quench readers thirsty. Rachel Caine and other authors such as Patricia Briggs and Charlaine Harris follow this pattern to the latter, a proven formula that promises to capture reader attention in every single sentence.

Cassiel is becoming more human each day even though she is more than able to think and acts like a Djinn. At one point Cassiel goes hardcore Djinn, and that is when as a reader you get to find out that there are two versions of Cassiel’s – her Djinn version and the version that is learning to be human and associate with her fellow humans.

Cassiel and Luis working alongside each other are just awesome. The pair works amazingly together and are both single-minded in their assignment. They are protective of each other, even though they are each total powerhouses. Just like in the first book, the romance takes a back seat and lets Cassiel and Luis kick some butt and save the world.


In Unseen, the third book in Outcast Season series, Joanna and David the head of the New Djinn are still missing at sea. Pearl is causing chaos, abducting children showing the potential for power and forcing that power to develop even before the children are ready and indoctrinating them against the wardens.
After rescuing several people in a fire, the FBI wants Ibby, Cassiel, and Luis to come in for talks while Marion wants Ibby at her camp but Ibby trusts no one except Luis, and she is in no mood of surrendering to anyone until when she meets Snake Girl.

The characterization in Unseen is wonderfully done, Mabel a former warden now runs a pet shop and has affection for Snake Girl, a witch who went rogue. Marion Bearheart is a warden, very powerful. Other wardens associated with her include Ben Samms, Janice Worthing, Mike Holloway, Sanjay, Elija, and Gayle.
Then there is Rashid, a bottled jinni who strikes a deal with Cassiel and warns her not to trust anyone. Unseen is yet another wonderful installment in Caine’s Outcast Season series spin-off series. If you enjoy reading urban fantasy books, then Weather Warden and Outcast Season series are worth your time.

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