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Publication Order of OutCast Books

The Un-Magician aka Magic Zero (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dragon Secrets (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ghostfire (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Battle for Arcanum (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon

Christopher Golden is a well-established author who writes horror, suspense and fantasy novels. Currently, Christopher is working on the Sons of Anarchy book series. Christopher Golden was born and raised in Massachusetts. Once he completed his high school education, Christopher Golden joined Tufts University. Apart from penning down novels, Christopher Golden has also written video games scripts and comic books as well. Golden has also been involved in the creation of Ghosts of Albion, an animated book series. Christopher Golden was also involved in the creation of Baltimore with one Mike Mignola.

Outcast Series by Christopher Golden

The UnMagician is the first book in the Outcast book series by Christopher Golden. As the first book in the Outcast book series, the UnMagician is a great start to what promises to be a highly entertaining book series. Despite the fact that this book is targeted to the young adult, any age group that loves to be surprised by a very different approach can read The UnMagician. The book has been strongly written, and the characters that have been developed in this book are exceedingly likable. In a universe where all the people possess magic, Timothy is regarded as a freak because he does not possess magic. Ever since his father in a completely different dimension hid his birth, Timothy, where he grew up safe and was protected most of the time. Once he grew up, Timothy is informed of his deformity and is even warned that there are various individuals who may want to harm him. However. Timothy does not understand why anyone would want to harm, just because of his minor deformity.

Timothy’s father placed him in another dimension with a primitive warrior tribe so that he can get to learn survival skills. In the pocket dimension, Timothy grew up until his father eventually passed away. As he was dying, Timothy’s father placed him under the care of his best friend. Just as Timothy had believed before, Timothy’s dad friend also believes that the danger he might had misjudged the danger that Timothy may be in and decides to bring Timothy back home. In less than a day, assassins are sent after Timothy, because they are afraid of what Timothy may be able to do, because Timothy is immune to magic. At this point, the fears eventually prove to be true, and Timothy has to make up his mind as to where exactly does his loyalty lie. With that said, all the descriptions in this book are exceedingly strong. Places such as the Sky Haven and Island of Patience have been painted beautifully. The prose is not only simple but also exceedingly strong. Despite being an exceptional child, Timothy is a child who is struggling with his insecurities and also the shame of being born with such a disgrace.

Dragon Secrets is the second book in the Outcasts book series by Christopher Golden. Because the mess with Nicodemus was over, Verlis had always hoped that he was going to be able to get on his original mission. However, the parliament’s appointed investigator, Constable Grimshaw has not only taken offense to the Wurm, but he has also decided to imprison him beneath the sea. Timothy, on the other hand, must look for viable ways to free Verlis and also get to Draconian, way before the civil ship is used to wipe out the entire Verlis Clan. Timothy must also act swiftly before Constable Grimshaw finds a reason to lock him up too. Despite the fact that Nichodemus is long gone, the distrust and the fear that he fermented is now beginning to boil over. Verlis falls almost immediately to that prejudice, thereby leaving Timothy to fight his way through the parliament’s accusations, a bevy of engineering challenges and Grimshaw’s mechanisation.

Some of the threads in the first installment, develop here; the mysterious voice behind Nicodemus, the origin of the exceedingly mysterious girl, whom Timothy had seen on the tower and the war between Wurm and the mages. There are some battles against prejudice, and despite the fact that the protagonist’s reasons are sound, Timothy is still not able to make progress against centuries of hate and fear. Ghostfire is the third installment in the Outcast book series written by Thomas E. Sniegoski and Christopher Golden. In this book, we meet once again with Timothy, who lives in a world where everyone can weave spells and wield magic. However, as we have learned earlier, ever since he was born, Timothy does not have the ability to cast spells or wield magic. Due to his lack ability to wield magic, Timothy decided to be a little bit creative, and thus he began to build robots and also create blueprints and test his inventions.

The villains that we met in the previous installment are back but with more vengeance. Arcanum is one of the bad guys that we meet with. He is not only propelled by magic, but he is also propelled by politics and power as well. A brownout happens, and everyone else’s magic is weakened. Warm War is the fourth book in the Outcast book series by Christopher Golden. In War Truth, we meet once again with Timothy and Cassandra, who have just been to war, with the exceedingly evil sorcerer, Alharzred and emerged victoriously. However, from the look of things their problems are far from over. Alharzed was tied to the energy of the matrix, such that his death created a magical brownout. The brownout has, in turn, reduced the powers of all the sorcerers. Furthermore, the brownout has also caused the dimensional barrier to weaken, thereby making Arcanum, vulnerable to Wurm. For the first time in such a long time, the Wurm have the chance of executing their revenge on the mages, who had previously sworn to destroy all the Wurms. Will Cassandra and Timothy be able to stop the feud before the Wurms destroy Arcanum?

With that said, the Outcast book series is a well-written fantasy book series that any fantasy lover is going to fall in love with. All the characters in the Outcast book series have been well-developed, thereby making this series a fun read.

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