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Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Establishment: And How They Get Away with It (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
This Land: The Story of a Movement (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Owen Jones

The British writer and activist Owen Jones is well-known for his journalism providing insight into a range of different issues facing society today. Breaking them down with integrity and compassion, he manages to get to the heart of the matter, bringing to light what’s really happening. Whether it’s running his regular online podcast, or writing one of his columns, he’s always got a fresh unique perspective to offer. As a political commentator and author, his work has gone on to become internationally recognized with a worldwide audience.

His work and efforts have won numerous awards over the years, from honorary degrees to being named young writer of the year earlier on his career. Interviewing many prominent figures, from celebrities and fellow activists, to political leaders and sitting politicians, shedding insight into who they really are. Regarded by many as one of Britain’s leading left-wing voices, he’s never afraid to deal with any number of serious topics head-on. A champion of various different causes, he seeks to right social-injustices, helping those in need and allowing them to prosper.

Over the course of his career Jones has also written several books as well, many of which have gone on to become bestsellers in their own right. Largely focusing on non-fiction titles he’s published books that focus on different subjects, ranging from class to political structure and economy. Always willing to tackle problems head-on as well, his books immediately and writing immediately gets to the point, never holding back. Known for regularly using social-media too, his name and profile is known around the world, and it will continue to be that way for quite some time to come.

Early and Personal Life

Born in 1984 on the 8th of August, Owen Jones was born in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, and would then go on to be raised in Stockport, Greater Manchester. His father, Rob Jones, was a trade union shop steward, while his mother, Ruth Aylett, taught computer science as a university professor. Self-described as a ‘fourth-generation Socialist,’ with his grandfather being a part of Communist Party of Great Britain.

Attending Bramhall High School and later Ridge Danyers Sixth Form College, he would go on to graduate from University College in Oxford. Receiving a BA in 2005, followed by a Master of Studies in US History later in 2007, he’d go on to become a trade union lobbyist and journalist. Currently still working as a writer to this day, he continues to put work out on a regular basis with more to follow.

Writing Career

Starting out in journalism, Owen Jones would begin his writing career as a political commentator, initially publishing work in ‘The Independent.’ He worked for a variety of different outlets, including the ‘Sunday Mirror’ and ‘The New Statesman,’ before going on to work as a weekly columnist for ‘The Guardian.’ Named as a journalist to watch on numerous occasion, he would also be awarded ‘Journalist of the Year’ by the Stonewall Awards in 2012.

He’s also appeared on television countless times, featuring as a pundit on a variety of different topical shows and broadcasts. Many of his books have gone on to be well received too, with each of them having a central thesis to them, such as class, economy, and land. Continuing his work as an activist, he also has an online podcast which he broadcasts weekly looking at various different issues in the news.


First released back in 2011, this would be one of the first releases from Owen Jones as an author, bringing to the public his first thesis. Going under the subheading of ‘The Demonization of the Working Class,’ it would provide his long-form title, being met with huge critical acclaim. Published through the ‘Verso’ publishing imprint, the book would be nominated for a first book award by The Guardian, along with being shortlisted for a ‘Bread and Roses Award’ the following year.

In the British media the working-class have been demonized, becoming objects of both fear and ridicule by those in power. Here Owen Jones takes a closer look at how this has happened, seeing how the working-classes have gone from ‘salt of the earth’ caricatures, to being seen as ‘scum of the earth.’ Examining the prejudice that lies at the heart of this misrepresentation, Jones moves between Westminster and parliament, to working-class communities such as Dewsbury Moor and Dagenham. This caricature, Jones argues, is used by those in charge as a distraction from the real issues at hand in order to avoid enacting any and all concrete social-change.

It’s a powerful and insightful account of a very real social problem, bringing to light and highlighting some serious issues. Accessible and articulate, it provides a coherent analysis, making it a simple book to follow, yet deals with complex topics and ideas at the same time. Charting how the British working-classes have been represented, it does an excellent job in getting its point and message across.

The Establishment

The second book from Owen Jones, this time he would seek to uncover the networks of power that run modern society. Initially released in 2014 on the 4th of September, it would come out under the ‘Allen Lane’ publishing imprint, and would have the subheading ‘And How They Get Away With It.’ Following this he would go on to publish ‘This Land: The Story of Movement’ looking at Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party, and what his movement meant in British politics.

This time Owen Jones takes a look behind the curtain at those in power running society, breaking down how they maintain the status-quo. Shedding light on this otherwise unaccountable network, he takes a serious look at the system that dominates the lives of so many day-to-day. Critiquing the link between these powerful individuals populating this network, he sees what makes it run, from Westminster to the newsrooms. Providing a clear historical account, he also takes a look back into the past, providing clear context for how things came to be in the establishment.

It’s no wonder that so many have come revere this book, with many of Jones’ peers and contemporaries singing its praises. The book really is illuminating, showing what actually goes on behind closed doors, fully enlightening readers in the process. Written clearly once again, it’s a powerful testament to some of the corruption that lies at the heart of the British state.

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