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Double Feature (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sleeping Beauties (With: Stephen King) (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Curator (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Positive Comments (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Intro to Alien Invasion (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

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We're All in This Together (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Owen King is an American author of comics, comedy, humor, and literature and fiction books. He is the younger son of Tabitha and Stephen King. He was born and raised in Bangor, Maine. His interest in writing sparked during high school. He would later join Columbia University and Vassar College where he graduated with a masters degree in fine arts. He published his debut book. We’re All in This Together in 2005 which was positively received with both the Independent and Los Angeles Times giving it positive reviews.

King has won and been nominated for various awards. He was nominated for a National Magazine Award and won Fink Award and John Garner Award.

Double Feature

Sam Dolan, the main character in Double Feature, is an independent moviemaker. Correction: he was previously independent filmmakers several years ago. Unluckily, his movie Who We Are was corrupted by an insane Assistant Director and everyone thought it was destroyed, but later the movie turned up and became a popular midnight movie cult classic for college much to Sam Dolan’s expectations.

Dolan now a retired filmmaker works as a weddingographer, which is another fancy way of saying that he shoots videos during the wedding and edits them into some smart films. He lives with a good for nothing roommate; his small sister is continuously nagging him with her love affair problems. He doesn’t speak with his dad anymore and not since be deserted his mother many years ago, and he is unable to date anyone who isn’t an asshole. And about his dad, Sam’s father is the prominent Booth Dolan, a popular B-movie director, and actor whose days of glory was in the mid-’70s to early ’80s. His movies are still celebrated for their great acting, cheesy effects and great scripts. And like his son, Booth doesn’t direct or act anymore.

Double Feature main action takes place all in one weekend, but the story is also filled with flashback scenes interspersed throughout. During one of his wedding events, Sam meets a girl named Tess, but he runs away because he has a proven bad track with nice girls. Girls usually leave him because he is a melancholic asshole who detests everything. Unfortunately, Tess keeps on calling him, and then his teenage stepsister comes knocking at his apartment with rather some bad news: his dad has cancer.

The remainder of this book is humorous and focuses mostly on the heartbreaking reunion between father and son, showcasing to the readers the damaged relationship that was dysfunctional right from the first place. The author inhibits his story with a wide cast of loveable people. The story itself is character driven, and the author does include some interesting special effects. It’s evident that Owen King loves movies and indeed, this story is a love letter to the cinema from the most avant student film to the lowest budget movie and the latest multimillion dollar movies. In one of the best chapters in the book, Sam and his dad spend a good day in a local multiplex, hopping from one movie to the next, making some funny commentary all the while. All the movies mentioned in the book are fiction, but the author describes them so beautifully such that you almost wish they were real movies.

Double Feature is a novel that every reader will love because it keeps the promise that the storyteller makes to his/her audience. It successfully evokes the moments and experiences a good novel should deliver. The laughs in this book are abundant, unforgettable scenes. There are also vivid details like the B-movies with delightful characters. Underneath all the absurdity and humor in the story, there is an underlying sorrow and the reality about human vulnerability and resilience. Owen King does a service call for the readers to regard each other. as the story unfolds, its throws to the reader the question about the dichotomy between low and high art, good and bad people and serious and unserious work. Ultimately, Double Feature is a story about strong family ties and finding a place you can call home in the world. You may not always adore the father-son duo of Booth and Sam, but they ‘ll interest you and love them by the end of the novel.

Sleeping Beauties

In the whole world, every woman who falls asleep becomes enveloped by cocoons that form instantly once they are asleep. The women remain alive in the cocoon, but if anyone tries to cut open the cocoon, the woman inside will wake in a psychotic rage in which she will immediately try to kill anyone around and immediately fall asleep and get cocooned again.

The rural Appalachian town of Dooling is a place like anywhere in the world with women trying not to fall asleep. However, as the days go by, the number of women awake begins to diminish. Everything starts to fall apart as men try to protect their sleeping women from jerk faces who would try to harm them. A woman named Evie is arrested just as everything goes haywire and is sent to a local women’s prison. She shows supernatural awareness of the events and people around her, and it soon becomes clear that she is immune to whatever is happening to the other women.

The main idea in this story is a clever hybrid of the beginning of an apocalypse and a fairy tale story. The author always makes his characters feel so real, resulting in a small town that is truly believable. Such depth and variance of plot and characterization are present in his novel Sleeping Beauties.
There are two main aspects to this story. The first one is horror where one day, any woman who falls asleep doesn’t wake up, and cocoons surround their bodies. Where waking a woman in their cocoon is a big mistake. The second aspect is the fantasy aspect where we have a supernatural person involved, magical animals, and magical trees. Owen King wrote the Sleeping Beauties in collaboration with his father, Stephen King, one of the bestselling authors of all time.

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