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My Sister, the Serial Killer (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Oyinkan Braithwaite is a Nigerian author of fiction. She resides in Lagos.

Oyinkan attended Kingston University, where she studied law and creative writing. She graduated from university and received her degree. After that, she found work as an assistant editor at a publishing house called Kachifo. She has been working freelance doing writing and editing ever since she started that job.

She has worked at her craft and in 2014, Oyinkan made the short list for spoken word artistry as part of the Eko Poetry Slam. She was designated as one of the top contestants and made the top ten. She also entered into the Commonwealth Short Story Prize contest in 2016 and was named a finalist.

Oyinkan Braithwaite is the author of the 2018 novel My Sister, the Serial Killer. If you love novels that have a sharp sense of dark humor, then you are going to love this thriller from one of the freshest voices in Nigerian fiction today! The book is currently optioned for development.

When it comes to family, you mostly try to accept them and put up with them if you can. For some people, it is certainly easier for them than others. Korede is a young Nigerian woman that is experiencing some serious family difficulties, and none of it would be happening at all in the first place if her sister were not a complete nut case.

Her younger sister Ayoola always seems to be able to do no wrong. Out of the two sisters, she is the one constantly getting praised and looked upon favorably. Their parents seem to think that she is the more beautiful of them both, and if this weren’t enough, she’s definitely the favorite of the family.

The only thing is that Ayoola really doesn’t have the normal social skills to adapt to society successfully. She may be considered desirable by many that would want to date her, but perhaps they would be quick about changing their minds if they knew that all of this young Nigerian woman’s boyfriends had a nasty habit of winding up dead.

Could this just be a strange affliction that only men that Ayoola dates have? Her older sister does not think so. Besides, she knows better. These guys just keep on turning up missing, and her sister is the one to blame. Korede knows that her sister might have a disorder and certainly has a good deal of sociopathic tendencies when it comes to her dating life.

Korede feels that she has every reason in the world to be bitter about the situation. After all, she is the one having to continually clean up the messes. Her sister doesn’t think twice before she does something, but luckily she has her older sister to make up for it.

Korede is just too practical and is able to see things clearly. That is three boyfriends now in a row that have turned up dead. Sooner or later someone is going to come looking, as Femi joining the list means that her sister has allegedly taken out three guys total. That means she is definitely a serial killer because she keeps doing it again and again. She won’t stop!

The older sister is the saving grace of the younger one– not that she’s hardly grateful for it. What would she do without her older sister there to look out for her? She has all of the answers and the brains to think of them and find them and then use them. Not only does she know the best way to get blood out of any material, she has the common sense to try and help her sister get away with murder.

She is pretty good at it, she has to admit. It does not help that Korede has a car that comes with a convenient trunk that’s large enough to fit an entire dead body. Her sister is so oblivious and into herself that she doesn’t even have the common sense to get off of social media.

You’re not supposed to be taking photos of what you are eating and putting them up for the world to see, especially when your boyfriend is nowhere to be found Her sister needs to be acting like she is grieving over her boyfriend who is gone missing and really worried about what has happened to him. So far, it is not going that well. But it would be even worse if Korede stopped interfering.

She knows that she can keep her sister from posting on Instagram and even help her hide the crime, but can she get away with it for long? She’s one of the only reasons that her sister has not raised any suspicions yet, but somehow, she knows that it might just only be a matter of time. That would actually be a relief as she would finally get a break from helping her with her murder victims– and her sister wouldn’t be mad enough to come after her either because it wasn’t her fault.

She’s helping Ayoola all of the time, and barely getting the credit for it on top of it. It’s a lame life to have, but everything starts to change for Korede one day when a new hire comes on board. A handsome doctor who seems really nice has started working at the local hospital. Now that he is there, she has something to look forward to every day.

The doctor becomes the bright light that she needs to look forward to every day. She hopes that he will feel the same way that she does and start to realize that maybe they would be good together. But things threaten to fall apart quickly when her sister comes to the hospital one day without an invitation.

The doctor appears to notice her sister and not her– what is she going to do? He even asked her for her phone number. Now she’s got to act if she wants to keep her crush from becoming her sister’s next victim! Can she save her one true love and betray her sister if she has to? Find out in this incredibly witty fictional novel from author Oyinkan Braithwaite!

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