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Publication Order of Robledo Mountain Books

P.C. Allen is an avid history buff, military veteran, recovering cancer survivor, and retired businessman. He published “Robledo Mountain,” his debut novel in 2018 and has not shown signs of slowing down since.

He has said that he is addicted to diet coke, good coffee, and reading, which is supported by copious amounts of the first two.

Since he is a grandfather and father, he can often be found spending time with his wife writing, reading, and visiting their children.

They also love to explore the many wonders of the United States East coast and plan their next trip to Mesilla Valley’s Querencia.

“Robledo Mountain” by P.C. Allen introduces aging military retiree Paul McAllister. His biggest desire is to put the loss of his wife, cancer, and wars behind him as he nimbly heads into the final years of his life.

He still works selling his gunsmithing services and procures weapons for various clients on the American Southwest’s gun show circuit.

While he was driving down a remote road in the south of New Mexico, he loses consciousness. A few hours later, he comes to and is confused as he does not know if he is dreaming or in the past.

He believes he is having a psychotic episode and this sparks off an interesting journey of finding his identity. Along the way, he has to face some battle-hardened bushwhackers, Navajo, Comanche, and Apache warriors.

On his quest, he also finds friendship and love, mines gold, discovers his identity, and makes some very dangerous enemies. Ultimately, he also finds a home on the banks of the Rio Grande in the Mesilla Valley.

P.C. Allen’s work “Refuge” sees Paul McAllister married to Anna Jaramillo. The two have been hard at work transforming Estancia, their fledgling home into a refuge they could only have dreamed of a few years back.

They hope to make it into a place where employees, friends, and family can live safe from the dangerous and violent lands of New Mexico. All around them are bushwhackers, roving hostile Indian tribes, and desert mountains.

All these make it difficult for Anna and Paul to deal with all manner of devious plots conceived by some cunning villains.

They have to do all this while digging for gold, building cattle drives, levees trying to make use of advanced technologies, and planting crops.

It is the technology that makes things even more interesting as they make use of it to ferret out murderers, kidnappers, and robbers.

Helped by friends and family along with several women and men they meet on their travels, Anna and Paul confront their challengers and challenges head-on.

“Retreat” by P.C. Allen continues to follow Anna and Paul McAllister alongside their friends and family. All they want is to be left to their own devices as they build their settlement into a retreat where they can relax and rest from all worry.

Making use of the wealth they have managed to amass, they embark on a quest of righting the many wrongs from history and laying the foundations for a new state.

But a mysterious man has other plans for Estancia, Anna, and Paul. To stop the man, Paul Marshall and his men have to face up to Comancheros, corrupt officials, outlaw gangs, and bushwhackers.

It is a torturous and long trail that has stops in Santa Fe, Las Cruces, Colorado City, Mesilla, Tucson, and El Paso. It goes to show that living on the frontier means that violence is never that far away.

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