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Chase The Dark is a Soul Eater Series side story. It can be read as a stand-alone at any time during the series.

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Wings of Hope is a prequel to the series.

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P DaCosta is a bestselling Hybrid author that writes urban fantasy and science fiction. DaCosta started her career as a self-published author before she garnered the attention of a traditional publisher.


P DaCosta has been telling stories for as long as she can remember. As a young child, DaCosta would make up stories for her toys. She wasn’t interested in silly little tales about princesses and unicorns and castles though.

P DaCosta’s stories were a little darker, grimier and more dramatic than those of the average child. And as she matured, DaCosta’s imagination grew with her. DaCosta always had a thing for science fiction and fantasy.

As her writing sensibilities began to take shape, the author discovered her love for the urban fantasy genre. The field appealed to her because P DaCosta thought there was something charming about injecting fantastical elements into the mundane world.

There was never a doubt that DaCosta would achieve her publishing dreams. By the time she was a teen, DaCosta’s friends were used to her shoving her notebooks into their hands, notebooks filled with stories and drawings that needed scrutiny and review.

As she approached her twenties, though, life took P DaCosta away from writing. She got a job as a marketing manager for an overseas property development firm. The author only left the job when her two girls came into the picture and she decided that she was better off staying home and raising them.

While raising two girls is no joke, it gave DaCosta the opportunity she had been seeking to get some writing done. It didn’t take the author long to put a story together and get it published, this putting her on the path to literary success.

+Literary Career

P DaCosta always had dark tastes in literature. Stephen King was one of her earliest influences, and she is amazed that after so many years, he is still able to come up with so many fresh ideas. DaCosta was just curious about King in the beginning. It fascinated her that King’s books were always on her mother’s top shelf, clearly put there so she wouldn’t read them.

But DaCosta eventually got her hands on a few copies and she grew fascinated with the moody and atmospheric nature of King’s novels.

Though, DaCosta will tell you that science fiction and fantasy have always been her genres of choice. She didn’t read much science fiction as a child, mostly because P DaCosta found that the sci-fi novels she got her hands on always focused a little too heavily on the technical elements and the hard science jargon.

DaCosta promised that when she finally got down to producing her own science fiction stories, she would focus on the plot and the characters rather than the science.

DaCosta did not set out be an indie author. Rather, once she began putting her ideas down, it occurred to her that she had a better chance of garnering interest from a traditional publisher or even an agent if she took the time to first succeed on her own.

She knew that self-published authors often infuriated traditional publishers and that she risked being alienated. But she was pretty confident in her abilities and proceeded to write and self-publish her urban fantasy series.

Unlike most other indie authors DaCosta thrived when it came to the promotional and marketing aspects of her work because she had a marketing background. And while it took a while for readers to bite, P DaCosta eventually built up a following.

And, just as she had planned, agents and traditional publishers sat up, took notice and reached out to her. Two years later, DaCosta’s books hit the book shelves. She hasn’t looked back ever since.

DaCosta enjoys operating in both the self-publishing and traditional publishing arenas. Though, she has admitted to being a little shocked by how slow things work when it comes to traditional publishers. She doesn’t like how long it takes for her publishers to review her work, order revisions, execute edits and then get her books printed.

She also doesn’t like having to give up so much control. However, P DaCosta also appreciates the workload traditional publishers take off her back. She is one of the few authors that has benefited from both indie and traditional publishing. She imputes her success so far to her great relationship with her agent.

P DaCosta now writes full-time. Most of her writing gets done in the day time, while her kids are at school. And even after picking them up, DaCosta tries to get a little more writing done in the evening time.

It usually takes the author a few weeks to get her drafts written after which she proceeds with revisions and rewrites—the most difficult part of her job.

P DaCosta doesn’t do much research for her stories. Her goal is to create fictional worlds in which she can immerse her readers.

DaCosta has no patience for aspiring authors who do not write. DaCosta wants her fans to know that they are living in a glorious age where there are so many avenues through which one can get their stories published, and there is no excuse for one to sit on an unwritten book.

+Hidden Blade

Ace Dante was kicked out of the underworld. His curse was that he would spend the rest of eternity walking the earth. As any stand-up guy would, Ace uses his time to help the innocent steer clear of the machinations of the gods.

When Bastet asks Ace to look into the murders of her blessed women, he knows that getting involved with his ex-wife couldn’t possibly end well. But he takes a chance and learns too late that Osiris and Isis are back, and whatever is going on between the two revered gods, he just got caught up in it.

+Beyond the Veil

Muse is a half demon living a normal life among normal folk. No one knows that Charlie Henderson is a lie, and Muse is determined to keep it that way. When an assassin comes after her, he wreaks Muse’s ordinary life, forcing the half demon to seek the help of the one man she vowed never to see again.

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