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Publication Order of P Division Books

Deep and Crisp and Even (1981)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead Knock (1982)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fair Friday (1983)Description / Buy at Amazon
Big Money (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
Two Way Cut (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon
Condition Purple (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
And Did Murder Him (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
Long Day Monday (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Killing Floor (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Man with No Face (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon

The series is set in Scotland and like the rest of Peter Turnbull’s work, is a police procedural and the novels show (with great detail) the small things and minor details that make up a murder investigation. The series focuses on crimes investigated by P Division, a team of police officers who are great at what they do and do not give up on an investigation until they have caught their guy. Turnbull used his work as a government social worker in Glasgow to use in these novels; his experiences help him get the language down and the way criminals operate.

“Deep and Crisp and Even” is the first book in the “P Division” series of books by Peter Turnbull. The novel was published in 1981. After a murder is committed, the thick Glasgow snow makes it tough for P Division to make out the knife-wielding killers’s tracks.

Readers liked this book because of the way the book does not disappoint, and features strong detectives who are able to get their man at the end of the novel. Readers also liked the novel for its use of dry wit, and the way that Turnbull makes the novel stick with you after you have finished reading. Fans could not wait to start the next installment of the series.

Readers did not like the book, saying that it was hard to get into because of characters that were like cardboard. And the fact that the characters were either good and police or bad and the villains of the book.

“Fair Friday” is the third book in the “P Division” series of books by Peter Turnbull. The novel was published in 1983. A man named Bill McGarrigle is beaten up pretty badly in a back alley in Glasgow, and the police officers from P Division look into it and launch a full investigation into his murder. The fact that it is a summer holiday causes extra problems for the police to catch the person or persons responsible for this crime.

Readers liked this book for the way he captures the atmosphere of Glasgow, Scotland. Readers enjoyed reading about very detailed characters who jump off the page, and how Turnbull gets the language of Glasgow down as well.

Readers did not like the way the book feels like it does not focus on characters, but rather the plot. The characters in the book are flat, undeveloped, and not at all like actual real people.

“Big Money” is the fourth book in the “P Division” series of books by Peter Turnbull. The novel was published in 1984. Right when an armored car carrying money shows up at a bank, four people armed with shotguns rob the place. The robbers net themselves a quarter of a million pounds. The police know that they had to be a professional team, as they were systematic in how they stole. They also left nothing for the cops, but they did not count on the cops to work on the case until they were able to solve it.

Fans of the novel enjoyed it for the accurate portrayal of crime as well as how savage some people can be. Readers enjoyed the way Turnbull makes readers root for the cops and have them hoping that they can catch these killers.

Some readers found this book to be too slow or too dry and hard to read in places. Some felt the characters were either good or bad, black or white, not enough gray.

“Long Day Monday” is the eighth book in the “P Division” series of books by Peter Turnbull. The novel was published in 1993. What starts out as a simply a routine investigation, turns into a man hunt for a serial killer that has been at work for over 25 years. When the police investigate a stolen car that is left abandoned in the rural part of Lanarkshire, they find that the car is not the only thing that has been abandoned. A man named Sergeant Sussock remembers a case that he worked 25 years in the past that was a lot like this one. At first they think its just two bodies. They find more bodies than those two, and figure out pretty quick that the young girls were tortured and held captive first before they were killed. Involved in the case is the disappearance of a young boy. Sussock wind up feeling more satisfied off of this case, more than any other, because he was there when the case started, and at the end when it was being solved.

Some found the search for the bad guy in this book to be high tension suspense that is enhanced by the sensitive insights into the lives both sides, both good and bad. Fans liked the realistic and grittiness to the novel, and the way the novel does not go for too much gore. The characters in the book are real people, making the readers feel their pain. Fans agree that Turnbull can write a good story. Turnbull writes another great mystery. Fans liked the way Turnbull writes his characters, whether they are the mother of a missing boy, a battered wife, or addicts, and made them jump off the page and made them think that the book was full of real things that had happened and not fiction.

Readers did not like the book finding that there was very little characterization and not a lot of prose (and what there was, was a little on the stilted side, in some readers’s minds). It almost felt like the author was simply trying to be as dry as possible in the book.

The series is recommended reading, like all of Peter Turnbull’s books, for fans of British police procedural novels. For fans of American mystery novels, these books may take some getting used to; additionally, they may not be for everybody.

Two books in the series have been finalists for different awards. In 1981, the first book in the series “Deep and Crisp and Even” was up for the New Blood Dagger Award. And in 1984 saw the fourth installment in the series, “Big Money” as a finalist for the Gold Dagger Award.

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