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Publication Order of Jack "Keeper" Marconi Books

As Catch Can / The Innocent (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Godchild (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Guilty (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Corruptions (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dressed to Kill (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Arbor Hill (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sins of the Sons (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Keeper Marconi Thriller Books

American Prison Break (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

P.I. Jack Marconi is the main character in a novel series written by Vincent Zandri. Marconi is a prison warden whom regularly faces hard times after his wife was brutally murdered a year ago.

The author Vincent Zandri is New York bestselling author who specializes in writing noir thriller novels. His other popular thriller series features a popular character known as Dick Moonlight. Zandri graduated from Vermont University with a master of fine arts degree in writing. His novels have been translated into various languages including Russian, Dutch, Japanese, French and more. Apart from writing he also works as a foreign correspondent and a photojournalist for the Russia Today Television. Currently, he lives in New York but frequently travels to Florence in Italy.

The first novel in the P.I Jack Marconi series As Catch Can was published in 1999. The book marked Zandri’s triumphal entry into writing industry as it was the first novel that he had written. The series is currently ongoing and consists of 4 books with the latest installation in the series being The Corruptions.

As Catch Can describes Marconi hard times, it has been years since his wife was killed and now he has to chase a cop killer who just escaped from prison.

The Innocent/ As catch can
Despite being commonly known as Jack Keeper, this name does not suit him in his current situation. It has been 12 months since his wife died in a fatal road accident. This has not only affected his personal life but also seems to be affecting his job as well. The ‘Keeper’ serves as a prison warden in Green Haven Maximum Security Prison, which houses more than 2500 New York notorious and most dangerous criminals. Therefore he cannot lose his focus on the job not even for a second. Unfortunately, he has been tormented by many demons in his life, not to mention the frequent flashback he is getting regarding the Attica uprising and grief for his wife.

Eduardo Vasquez, a cop killer and one of the prisoners sees the emotional instability of Marconi and ceases this opportunity to make his move. The emotionally unstable prison warden grants the convict to have a dental appointment outside the confinement facility; this later proves to be one major mistake that Jack Marconi makes.

What was to be a dental appointment turns out to be a prison break episode, and Vasquez is nowhere to be seen? This leaves Jack not only accused of sleeping on the job but also used as a scapegoat for the whole ordeal.

In pursuit of Vasquez, the cop killer convict, Jack will soon discover a much bigger conspiracy in progress that he never saw coming. He becomes the target of a set-up as his office is soon bombarded with drugs, while “uncensored” photographs are circulating and to add on this he is charged with obstruction of justice.

In a desperate move, Marconi designs a scheme which includes kidnapping the escaped convict girlfriend while in the hunt for Vasquez. Also sworn to protect the law, Jack Marconi will do whatever it takes and bring the conspiracy to light or otherwise he could lose his reputation, his job or what he hold most dearly- his life.

Jack Marconi is a truly tortured paragon portrayed in this novel; the story is told from his perspective an aspect that keeps the readers connected all through his pain and anguish in each word. Each chapter is fast-paced, intense and never slowing down.

God Child
After Jack Marconi loses his wife to a terrible road accident and now a job as a prison warden- he is desperate to soldier on with his life- and now he becomes a Private Investigator. After three years he can still picture the driver of the Black Buick that broadsided his car causing the death of his wife. On the day he is to remarry again and leave solitary life behind him, he catches a glimpse of the expensive Buick car, and now he knows what he must do; kill the driver.

Even during these challenging times of his life, he is assigned to a new case. He is to rescue a woman who is locked in a rogue Mexican prison after her assignment went wrong. Keeper now turned private investigator has no intention of accepting this suicide mission offer. However, when he discovers that this new mission could be somehow connected to the Buick car driver, there is no stopping for him. Risking everything, lands in Mexico and is soon back home, and now for his it time for the truth, revenge and justice for the death of her wife three years ago.

The Guilt
The former prison warden now turned a private investigator is back, providing more action than ever in this third installation in the series.

A single mother in Albany New York is fatally injured with a mysterious head wound after she leaves her fiancé home. He fiancé is a rich Albany restaurateur. The former prison warden now turned private investigator after losing his job is hired by a famous architect Harold Sander to initiate investigations on the injuries incurred on his daughter Sarah Sanders. Sarah Sander had been in a coma and suffers brain damage thus remember nothing about her injury thus proving of little use for the investigator. However, the suspicions are pointed to Sarah wealthy boyfriend, Robert David Jr. who is also accused of attempted murder. When the private investigator investigates on Sarah’s friend secret life, he reveals that the boyfriend is obsessed with sexually erotic life and that his father will do anything in his power to protect his son as well as his entire family.

With the assistance of his sidekick, a former drug dealer, and inmate, Marconi is also determined to do anything in his power to uncover the truth, but soon he will find his life in the crosshairs for knowing too much.

The Guilty is one intriguing crime thriller novel that not only captures readers’ attention but also allows the readers to follow up with Marconi latest investigative journey after losing his job as a prison warden.

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