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Publication Order of Detective Margaret Nolan Books

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Publication Order of Monkeewrench Books

Monkeewrench / Want to Play? (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Live Bait (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead Run (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Shoot to Thrill / Play to Kill (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

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P.J. Tracy is a pseudonym for a writing team of two, mother and daughter hailing from North America. They live in Los Angeles, and Minnesota. The two have a common bond both in their profession and personal lives as expected of a mother and her daughter.

P.J. Lambrecht

P.J. or Patricia Lambrecht, who is the daughter and younger one in the writing duo, started writing at the tender age of 8 years where she had her first short story publication made in The Saturday Evening Post. This jumpstarted her freelance writing career although with little experience but much success as anticipated from a noveau in the field. This has been her means of survival ever since.

Patricia, who was raised in a well off family from the upper middle class in America, dropped out of college to pursue her writing career. The younger in the P.J. Tracy writing duo is said to have the largest collection of sweatpants in the world under her possession.

P.J.’s favorite read novel is a humor-terror novel by the name Winter of our Discontent authored by John Steinbeck. This partly gives a display on her humorous side which can also be seen in most of their works.

Traci Lambrecht

She was raised in Minnesota and spent much of her childhood in the activities of showing and riding horses.

She graduated in St. Olaf College which is in Minnesota with a major in Russian studies. There, she also studied about voice with the hope of one day becoming a spy, but after the end of the cold war, her hopes were thrashed and she turned to travelling to sing for rock bands. This was not much in line with what her mother wanted for her. To finance her trips, she started writing and this was the start point of her journey as a full time writer.

Her works were excellent and she realized her calling to be more of writer than music and travelling, which was a relief to her own mother.

In her free time, which does not come by easily due to the nature of her work; Traci Lambrecht prefers drinking wine and cooking. Like her daughter P. J., Traci has an inclination to novels in the humor-terror genre whereby her best read is The Catcher in the Rye which has been authored by J. D Salinger.

Traci Lambrecht looks at life from a contented angle view and finds humor in almost everything, from life itself as a whole in general, to kitten. She can count the things which she finds non humorous in life.

The duo has travelled to most destinations in the world and their opinion is that there is no dream destination they hold currently but their homes.


The P.J Tracy duo have a series of novel collection together with many other single publications. Monkeewrench their novel series came about as a result of pressure and greater thirst and anticipation from the publishers for more on the same characters after the publication they made of it as a first.

Monkeewrench is a series of 6 novels which basically entail the story of how a video game created by software company crew, Monkeewrench, and Grace MacBride who works with the police investigative department, turns into real life episodes.

A psycho murderer implements the game into real life action and three people are murdered in a neighborhood under mysterious circumstances which the police cannot find any link to. More people keep dying mysteriously until the police finally realize the connection between the game and the series of murders that have been taking place in the neighborhood recently.

Some of their publications of P. J. Tracy under the series Monkeewrench are as follows;

1. Live Bait- the detectives Leo Magozzi and Gino Rolseth who are the homicide detectives discover deep and dark secrets after an investigation they carry out to find out about target certain demographic population groups and serial killers. This takes place after the murder of two elderly and innocent citizens. Meanwhile Grace MacBride has a great burden of cracking up the solution with her software that helps in solving cold-cases.

2. Snow Blind- a new Sheriff Iris Rikker discovers a dead body inside a snow man in the woods. This was preceded by two dead bodies of police men found in snow men at a children’s snowman building contest the previous day. Magozzi and Rolseth having a clue of the chain of murders, fear lest the sheriff interferes with the case and ruins their leads, therefore they risk heading to the other discovered body with a heavy blizzard. Meanwhile, Grace MacBride realizes a dangerous existing link between the detectives, Leo and Gino, Monkeewrench and the dead cops found at the snow building contest. The situation is dangerous MacBride knew she had to find a solution fast.

3. Off the grid- Grace MacBride is just in time to rescue a retired FBI agent John Smith from a murder by the serial killer, but it did not stop at that, a few hours later, Leo and Gina discover the dead body of a 15 year old girl with a slashed throat. This not being enough shocker, the bodies of two men are later that day found murdered a few blocks away in their home. On top of this, three more bodies of other men are found in the same neighborhood and this gives a rise to greater suspicion. The detectives later find out that it is a series of murder that had been taking place in other areas in the United States. Later on in the novel, in the reservation of northern Minnesota, grace and her colleagues are seen to be struggling for their lives, entangled.


P.J. Tracy novels are mostly bestsellers. Intriguing, leaves in suspense and at the same time satisfactory. The duo mainly deals with adventure, horror, and humor mixed genres in their novels which leave the readers craving for more of their works.

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