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About P.J. Vernon

An American author of crime and thriller novels, P.J. Vernon is well known and equally well regarded for his suspense-laden fiction. Keeping readers glued to their seats, he really understands the genre, creating an ambiance and tone that’s quite unlike any other. Immersing the reader heavily within his world, he takes them on a journey essentially, allowing them to really explore the universes he creates. Telling an intricate story, too, he continually keeps readers guessing throughout, continually turning the page for what comes next.

With a clear voice of his own, he knows just what it is that he wants to say, delivering it in a manner that is both straightforward and to the point. This approach to writing has worked well for him over the years, making him a successful name in the genre and a household name for many. Reaching readers from all over the world, he adapts to numerous different styles, as his readers relate to his interesting and in-depth style of writing. Critically acclaimed and commercially successful, his books speak in a manner quite unlike anybody else currently working on the literary scene.

Hugely talented, he’s a writer that not only provides a message through his work but also entertains and engages the reader in equal measure. The characters he creates are also very well crafted, resonating on a grounded and genuine level, as readers from all over relate to them. Depicting clear motivations for each of his protagonists, he definitely understands people and what drives them forwards as individuals. With so much more to come still, his writing career is one that will carry on building from strength to strength throughout the years to follow.

Early and Personal Life

Born in South Carolina in the United States, P.J. Vernon would grow up with a keen affinity for the written word. Developing a passion for much of his life, he would heavily immerse himself in both reading and writing for extensive periods. Crafting his voice as a novelist, he would work on refining and honing his skills as an author with something of his own to say.

Drawing much of his inspiration from his own life, too, he would seek to use experiences he had from the world around him. Always looking out for his next big idea, he would also gain a Ph.D. in immunology, working in science publishing prior to fiction. Living in Calgary with his husband and their two dogs, he continues to write on both a regular and ever consistent basis.

Writing Career

Starting back in 2018, P.J. Vernon would begin his literary career with the novel ‘When You Find Me.’ He would later follow this up in 2021 with the novel ‘Bath Haus,’ and both would be stand-alone mystery novels with self-contained narratives, not focusing on any series as such. Before writing fiction, he would work in science publishing, with this being his field of academic expertise beforehand.

Influenced by writers such as Gillian Flynn, A.S.A. Harrison, and S.J. Watson, he draws from a rich literary tradition. Creating his own brand of domestic noir, many of his dark stories are set within the underbelly of suburbia, building upon it with suspense and intrigue. A member of the Alberta Romance Writers Association and the Imaginative Fiction Writers Association, he’s a key member of the community and will continue to be so for a long time yet.

When You Find Me

This would be the first full novel for P.J. Vernon, released in 2018 on the 9th of October through the ‘Crooked Lane’ publishing label. Not a part of any series, it’s a stand-alone mystery thriller with a heavy psychological angle to it, with an intricately crafted narrative. Featuring a self-contained mystery, it’s a story that would introduce Vernon for the first time, along with his distinctive style of writing.

Paying a visit to the estate of her family in South Carolina, Gray Godfrey is a socialite who wakes up with a hangover to find her husband missing and no memory of the night before. Discovering his car abandoned on the highway, and with their marriage on the rocks, it may be the case that she doesn’t want him found. That’s when Annie turns up and, initially offering to help, soon starts to send threatening messages to Gray on the whereabouts of Paul, as Gray begins to lose her grip on reality. What exactly happened on the eventful night, who is Annie and what does she know, and can Gray learn the truth behind it all?

As a first novel, this works really well on multiple different levels, making for a highly engaging and thrilling story. There are so many different elements, but it manages to hold it all together in what is an expertly crafted and intricate narrative. The characters themselves are very well written, feeling wholly believable and realistic, drawing the reader in for the entire duration.

Bath Haus

This time published through the ‘Doubleday Books’ publishing imprint, this came out in 2021 on the 15th of June. It would be the second novel from P.J. Vernon, being another stand-alone thriller with a psychological element running throughout. The story itself is told well once again, too, as it continually keeps the reader guessing the whole way, right until the very last page. Creating a rich and evocative atmosphere as well, the ambiance envelops the audience, allowing them to really feel a part of the world.

Living in Indiana, Oliver Park is a recovering addict, and he now lives with his loving partner, the wealthy and prominent DC trauma surgeon Nathan. That’s when he visits the gay bathhouse Haus, despite having everything to lose, and it’s here he meets a man who takes him into a private room, leading to Oliver barely escaping with his life. Running back home terrified, he has a bruise from a hand on his neck as he fights to keep Nathan from finding out, all while everything spirals out of control. Will he be able to keep it a secret, can Oliver regain control of his life once again, and what exactly happened in the Bath Haus?

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