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Pacific Northwest Mysteries Books In Order

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Publication Order of Pacific Northwest Mysteries Books

Scene of the Climb (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Slayed on the Slopes (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Silenced in the Surf (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
First Degree Mudder (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
In Cave Danger (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Pacific Northwest Mysteries series is a series of mystery and suspense novels written by one of the highly famous authors from America named Kate Dyer-Seeley. The series is comprised of 4 books and one novella in total, which were released between the years 2010 and 2016. Author Seeley has written all the books in this series for the Kensington publication Other than the mysterious settings of the plots, the series also describes the rugged landscapes of the Pacific Northwest in a beautiful manner. The chief protagonist featuring in all the books of the series is a young female journalist who thinks of herself as an intrepid adventurer with the intention of acquiring a writing gig for the Northwest Extreme newspaper. The books in the series written by author Kate Seeley can be fitted in a newer subgenre known as the ‘extreme cozy’. This means that the books are a very good for the younger readers, who likes to read about the traditional mystery novels, but want to have more edginess or action in them. Throughout the Pacific Northwest series, author Kate Seeley has provided a splendid description of the greater Columbia and Portland River Gorge area. This appears to be perfect for all those readers who are more interested in traveling and exploring new places. The chief protagonist depicted by author Seeley in the series shows a lot of promise with her freshly graduated, determined, and bumbling attitude. Being a citizen of the Pacific Northwest, Kate Dyer-Seeley is very well versed with the region. She has explored all the artisan coffee shops, pubs, and trails, which helped her to develop the setting of the plot of the books in the series.

The first book written by author Kate Dyer-Seeley in the Pacific Northwest Mysteries series was published under the title ‘Scene of the Climb’. This book was released by the Kensingtonn publication in the year 2014. The setting of the story has been done in Portland, Oregon and revolves around the events that happen in the life of the main protagonist named Meg Reed. The other important characters described by author Seeley in the novel include Greg Nixon, Jill, as well as a few others. At the beginning of the novel, author Kate Seeley has shown that Portland suits very well for Meg Reed for starting her professional career and go a long way in it. The city gives the feeling of a small town. Meg Reed has recently been graduated from the journalism school and lives in the house of her best friend named Jill. She takes full liberty of Jill’s house and crashes onto her couch whenever she wants. Meg wants to enjoy her life as much as she can before the boredom and load of her professional career begin to deprive her of everything. Soon, she realizes that she needs a job in order to get going in life. Therefore, she makes a plan to bluff her way into landing a writing job at a popular magazine in the city called as the Northwest Extreme. Meg poses as an outdoor enthusiast of adventure and passes herself off to the chief editor of the magazine named Greg Dixon. To her luck, she succeeds in her plan and easily sells her idea of sport to Greg Dixon. Meg finally climbs onto the couch with her dedicated plan without having spelt her latte. Now, the first job that she receives requires her to cover a reality television adventure show. But, it does not seem as easy as it looks for Meg Reed.

The challenge of covering the adventure show appears to tough for her as she is asked to climb to the top of a 2000 foot tall peak known as the Angel’s Rest. When Meg Reed comes to know about it, she becomes very much terrified. As she reaches half way through the cliff, Meg discovers a dead body hanging on one side of the cliff. Being the one to come across the dead body, Meg realizes that it is her responsibility to investigate the case and find the person responsible for the death of the victim. Her investigation leads her to a few important clues which confirms that the victim was murdered. The job of investigating the case becomes even more difficult and dangerous for Meg Reed as the murderer comes to know about her attempts to get to him. Therefore, he sets his eyes on her in order to make her his next victim. But, Meg Reed appears to have some other plans. She manages to somehow prevent the killer from murdering her and instead, hunts him down. She makes him pay for his crime, and thereby, serves the justice. Meg’s attempts also bring a lot of praises at her office and even gives her a chance to get an early promotion. This way, everything appears to be going well in her life.

The second book of the series was released under the title ‘Slayed on the Slopes’. It was published in the year 2015 by the Kensington publishers. The plot of the story depicted in this book shows the events in the life of Meg Reed after she successfully makes her way into the Northwest Extreme magazine for a writing job. In the opening scenes, author Kate Seeley has shown that Meg Reed is ordered by her boss at the Northwest Extreme to carry out another difficult job at a high altitude. She is actually ordered to cover a adventure show taking place at a height of 8,000 feet from the ground. The place is located remotely on Mount Hood and is known as Silcox Hut. There, Meg is required to cover the extremely hardcore Ridge Rangers, who are the elite high altitude rescue team of Oregon. They are going to perform dangerous drills during a 4 day winter training program and Meg Reed has to cover all of it. Meg realizes that by bragging about her adventure skills at the time of getting the job, she has made things really difficult for herself. Due to her lies, she is now required to carry some of the very difficult tasks as a part of her job, that she had never imagined in her life. Suddenly, Meg hears some gunshots in the middle of a blizzard, but no one present over there believes her. Later, the dead body of one of the Ridge Rangers named Ben Rogers is discovered in a pool of his own blood. As a result, Meg takes it upon herself to find and catch the killer as soon as possible in order to prevent him from taking the life of another victim. However, it is going to even more difficult for her than her actual job, and she knows that very well.

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