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Publication Order of Pacific Prep Books

The “Pacific Prep” series is a set of bestselling new adult romance novels by R.A. Smyth. The author has a reputation for writing contemporary dark romances full of steam, mystery, and unexpected twists.

R.A wrote “Broken Trust” the debut novel of the “Pacific Prep,” series in 2021, and has never stopped since. The series of books now has more than a dozen titles.

Rachel currently makes her home in the United Kingdom alongside her husband and their dog a golden retriever. When she is not too busy penning cliffhangers that will make her fans go crazy, she can be found reading similar works of fiction.

R.A loves to interact with her fans and can often be found sharing bonus chapters and news of new releases on her social media pages. She also has a newsletter where subscribers also get the latest news about her work.

“Broken Trust” the first novel of the “Pacific Prep” series is the story of Hadley, a woman that had a very difficult childhood.

In recent times, she had been excited as things seem to be looking up particularly since he was only recently been accepted to study at one of the most prestigious institutions in the country.

Only the best in the country could attend the school alongside a few poor students that won scholarships. She was among the students that won and she hoped that she could go with the flow and fly under the radar.

But things do not go as planned as she gets noticed. The other students are intrigued and awed at her flippant attitude. There had never been any student who was anything like her making all the students enamored with her.

The Princes who ruled the school had also taken notice of her and did not like how much attention she was getting. Anyone who tried to be that flippant was usually made to toe the line or published if they were unwilling to do as they were told.

The four princes Cam, Hawk, Mason and West are mysterious and intriguing in their own way too. The combination of the stories of Hadley and the Princes make for a dark and complex story.

Hadley is a phoenix through and through and intends to fight back at the princes. She will never let anyone control her life and the princes will have to live with that.

The second novel of the Pacific Prep series is “Brutal Lies,” which continues to follow Hadley, Hawk, Cam, Mason, and West. They are also joined by Beck the half-brother and equally hot school therapist.

The princes are now dealing with parental threats who insist that they will have to get involved in “Nocturnal Enterprises” the family business. If they refuse one of Beck or West will be gotten rid of.

Another headache the guys have is Hadley. She has recently come clean to offer details on her horrible encounter with Lawrence who is Cam’s father.

As such, the guys work together to protect her from the sleazy ways that Lawrence has been developing a reputation for. They do this even as they collect damning evidence about Nocturnal Enterprises.

As all this is happening, Hawk and Hadley are coming to terms that they are siblings and in fact twins. There is also some huge drama around school, the Princesses, and studying.

Everything leads up to an interesting cliffhanger and some bombshell about one of the Princes.

“Beyond Vengeance” is the third novel of the “Pacific Prep” series. For Hadley, finding her family was supposed to be a dream come true but she has found that it only raised more questions, forced family responsibilities, and revealed more secrets.

Surprisingly, Hawk is by her side when her parents start pushing her to do something she does not want to do. She is still in the process of learning to have a sibling even though she believes she might get used to it.

Beck, West, and Mason have been her saving grace as they are kind and patient even as she is trying to find a way to get through to Cam.

But just when she started to feel like she was getting the life she wanted with her new friends and the guys, her deepest fear came back to haunt her.

Her walls had been coming down and she was just learning to love again but her past could come back to ruin everything she has been building.

It is a beautiful story with all manner of turns and twists that will leave its readers in thrall.

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