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Paladin of Shadows Books In Order

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Publication Order of Paladin Of Shadows Books

By: John Ringo, Ryan Sear

This military/war series by John Ringo is truly a captivating as well as action packed series that is clearly top notch in its genre. Each time you flip through a page in this series, you realize what an amazing book you are going through. Going by the title of Paladin of Shadows, this series is what has been missing from this genre in a long while and that is exactly what Ringo delivers in this series. You will love each moment that you get to spend on this book and the fact that it is a truly wonderful series, it is just brilliant. Every thing that you have ever looked for in a book on this genre is incorporated in this series. The first book of this series that just sets the pace for the many amazing books to come in this series is titles Ghost.

Michael Harmon, who has retired after serving for fifteen years in the special ops unit, enrolls in the University of Georgia for an undergraduate degree. He finds a really hard time settling in here what with all the pressure of being in school again. This is something that he would never have imagined in his wildest dreams to be. Nicknamed Ghost for his ability to camouflage himself fully to his surroundings, he has an uncanny habit o0f following coeds around campus without their knowledge. He is good at this because of the many years of training that he had in the military. On the trail of a blonde, she is suddenly abducted by a van full of men and Ghost gives chase. He tracks the van to an abandoned warehouse where he uncovers a plot to kidnap more women.

With his military instincts in full gear, Ghost kills most of the jihadist men in the warehouse and manages to free the abductees. He tracks another truckload of abductees that are in a Georgia airport and here in a 727, he hitches a ride to Syria, unknowingly. Ghost uncovers so much more in Syria that will just blow your mind literally. The climax of the book comes in the city of Amsterdam in a strip joint. To know how all this happens and what happens next after this, then you need to get this books in this series and you will be amazed at all the great things that you will go through with this series. It is simply breathtaking and on a league of its own and you will love every bit of this series. John Ringo does a really excellent job of making sure that the plot is realistic as well as it is imaginative.

Kildar is the second book in this series that also doesn’t disappoint at all. It picks up quite well and delivers just as an excellent of a result as the first one. You will love this book as it provides more insight as well has another storyline that is also just as amazing as the first one was and you would want to read it over and over again. Harmon always wanted to be a SEAL. That was what he felt like was his dream and passion ever since he had joined the military. There was some problem in the teams and the option of college student seems like the perfect cover that he had needed. Everything was going pretty well for him till he basically angered almost all the terrorist organizations in the world as well as being on the wrong side of five governments he is in so much trouble and how he will survive is just incredible.

Things really got messed up till he thought about buying land in a third world country but he never thought that the way out would be this simple really. With the terrorists at his door and his ambition to make the people of Keldara come to terms with the 21st century and not to dwell on the past before the Chechen wipe them out completely. He chooses to buy land that is just paradise on earth and this is where he decides to chill out for a while. You have to get the book to know what goes on in there and how the story plays out. It is a truly remarkable piece of work this book and you will love every minute that you are on this book. John Ringo just sets this world where the goings on are juts incredible and dangerous and amazing g all at the same time. The books are just set in the right time as well as the perfect conditions that favor Ringo to help a lot and make the place that he has moved to way better than it already is. They have to prepare for the Chechen that are coming to wipe them out and this is going to be a tedious affair.

This author is just incredible and to get to read one of his books can be a real privilege. These books just take the whole idea of a great series to the next level and even if you are not a war/military book kind of person, you will love these books as they contain invaluable material that is just great. The setting is just brilliant and the fact that Harmon gets to travel all across the world; you will see how amazing it is to see all this places in your imagination. It is a shame that this series hasn’t been made into a TV series or movie. This book is just amazing and you will love every minute that you get to spend flipping through those pages. It is an awesome book that doesn’t restrict anyone really even if you are not a fan of this genre of books. You will love it absolutely and this is why I think that this book is a must have in your own personal library. The whole series itself is a masterpiece and the amazing plot as well as the characters that are involved is just amazing and anyone that opened this book to read will love it all the way to the end.

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