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Popular author of romance novels, the American and Jamaican writer Palessa has been writing for a number of years now. With her well regarded Baxter family series, she’s managed to create an ongoing saga that will run for many years to come as well. Gaining both critical and commercial success already, with what is only the first few novels in this series, she has a lot of potential to expand upon her success yet.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up within the city of Miami, Florida, on the 10th of August, she managed to have a rich and varied upbringing that helped fuel a lot of the material that was to come throughout he later writing career. Having been born in the Caribbean, she would soon move back there after a twenty year long period before going back to the place of her birth and taking up a career as a writer. With a lifelong interest in writing, she would dabble in it over the years and throughout her adolescence, continually coming back to it time and time again, holding a keen fascination for a number of different genres.

Focused on the romance genre, she has managed to create a strong literary career set within this particular field, all after she found her love of the medium after receiving her first novel at the young age of eleven. It was from then on that she managed to consume a large amount works, as she gained inspiration from her many contemporaries, all feeding her career that was to soon follow. Over the years she has continued to write, something which she currently does from her home in the mountains of Jamaica with her family on their farm, whilst also helping manage the business there.

Writing Career

Well known for her Baxter Family series charting the various lives and loves of a particularly wealthy and powerful fictional family, she’s been producing this series since its initial conception in 2013. Setting up the Baxter Family Saga on the 29th of December, she published the warmly received novel to a good reception, creating the tone for what was to come in the following to novels and counting. Going through the Beau Corp Publishing company, she’s managed to find herself a reputable company and build and sustain her reputation over the years.

The Baxter Family themselves are a continuing source of fascination for Palessa as an author, with their high-statuses and all the trouble that goes along with such a position. With three books in the series so far, there’s still plenty of potential left for this particular family to grow and build, as the stories and themes surrounding them are endless. This is something Palessa hopes to capitalize on in the years to come as a writer charting their rise in society, along with the many avenues for exploration. The characters themselves are strong and manage to convey a strong set of universal themes through their various predicaments, something which her many readers can relate to regardless of their high-wealth. With a lot more family strands to establish and grow, this has provided the foundations of what promises to be a rich and varied franchise for some time yet. Working on the books for years to come, the series and her work is getting both commercial and critical success, and this is something that shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Portrait of Gray

The second in the Baxter Family Saga series, this was first released on the 20th of April, 2014, by Beau Corp Publishing after following on from the previous success of the first. Further establishing the tone, it expands upon the foundations already set, managing to create a new style in keeping with the new characters that have been introduced as the focus here. Whilst it uses some of the plots from the first giving a different perspective on what’s happened, it functions as its own story with its own set of themes to take away.

Setting up Grayson Baxter as the son with a lot to live up to given his family legacy, it seems he’s succumbed to the pressure instead opting to drop out with a drink and drugs dependency. Seemingly lost, he’s finding it hard to cope with the growing problems, as he’s choosing to escape from it all through his crippling addiction. It is then that tragedy strikes and he’s forced to go to a rehabilitation center where he looks to clean himself up and get back to normal, something which is helped along by therapist who he soon begins to develop feelings for. Will he be able to find himself again and become the man he’s always wanted to be? Can he meet the growing demands set by his family’s legacy, or will he take a different path? What will become of him as he looks to create a more distinctive portrait of gray?

The Story of Us

Looking to wrap the initial trilogy up, this novel was initially published in 2014 on the 31st of August, as it took a lot of the loose ends from the previous novels and worked to finalize them. Looking into some new characters, it continued to build upon the themes already set whilst managing to create a sense of closure to the series as a whole. It also managed to sustain the tone that readers had come to appreciate throughout, giving the readers what they want, whilst still allowing room for more.

Focusing on the relationship between Edward Baxter, a congressman, and Sadie MacManus who fast fall in love despite the obstacles that are placed before them. It is then that the specter of Baxter family legacy looms once again and they must make some difficult choices, choices that could tear apart the very foundation of their relationship. Will they ever get to leave the past behind them and live the life that they’ve always wanted together? Can they overcome the impending menace from Julian, Edward’s son, as he must make a choice that could border on the unthinkable? What will become of them all as they decide to tell the story of us?

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