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Publication Order of Palliser Books

Can You Forgive Her? (1865)Description / Buy at Amazon
Phineas Finn (1869)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Eustace Diamonds (1872)Description / Buy at Amazon
Phineas Redux (1874)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Prime Minister (1876)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Duke's Children (1880)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Palliser series is a series of political fiction novels written by one of the noteworthy English authors named Anthony Trollope. This series consists of a total of 6 books published between the years 1865 and 1880. Every book in this series features the main lead in the form of the wealthy politician and aristocrat named Plantagenet Palliser and his wife called Lady Glencora. The last novel of the series does not revolve around Plantagenet Palliser. Author Anthony Trollope has described several plots in the series, which are usually based on the politics of England in distinguishing degrees, especially set revolving around the Parliament. All the books in the Palliser series are contrasting to the Barsetshire Chronicles, also written by author Anthony Trollope in the form of 6 novels, which deal with the life and happenings of the rural county. Before the television adaptation of the novel series was aired on the BBC Channel, it was more correctly known as the Parliamentary Novels’. The character of Palliser was first introduced in the series as a small role in one of the novels of the Barsetshire Chronicles series. He is described as the heir presumptive of the Omnium dukedom. His personality resembles to that of a hard working, quiet, and conscientious man, whose main ambition in life is to become the Exchequer Chancellor.

After entering into an unwise flirtation with a prestigious woman named Lady Dumbello, he accepts the decision of his elders for getting his marriage arranged with a great heiress named Lady Glencora M’Cluskie. This great heiress appears to be a spontaneous and free spirited woman. During the initial days of her marriage, Lady Glencora finds Palliser to be an extremely boring person and thinks of running away with her other lover, the dashing, penniless, and dangerous Burgo Fitzgerald. After coming to know about his wife’s plans and her feelings related to him, Palliser goes on to persuade her to travel to Europe. He uses this opportunity to cement his relationship with her. During the same time, he gets the offer of holding the post of Chancellor. But, Palliser regretfully declines it, citing his wife to be his first priority. In spite of having different natures, Palliser and Lady Glencora settle down to a happily married life. The final book in the series deals with the loves and lives of the 3 children of the Palliser couple.

As several months pass by, Plantagenet Palliser eventually gets hired to his beloved post of the Exchequer Chancellor anyway. However, as soon as he inherits the dukedom, he is asked to relinquish the post because it was against the practice of the constitution to hold the post by a member of the ‘House of Lords’. During one of the other novels of the Palliser series, it is seen that neither the Conservatives nor the Liberals are able to form the government with a majority. Therefore, a coalition government appears to be the only solution to the situation. Being a neutral figure, Palliser is allowed to become the Prime Minister. However, he finds himself too sensitive for enjoying the tenure. He appears more socially awkward due to the lavish parties of his wife. But, she seems to do this in order to gain the support of others for him. Seeing the fragile nature of the coalition, Palliser chooses to leave his post and appears to be very much regretful while doing so. He seems rather disappointed with himself that he was not able to do more things during his tenure. When his wife dies unexpectedly, Palliser realizes her importance in his life and happiness. He also realizes that she was his only true friend and all the others were just political allies.

One of the initial novels in the Palliser series written by author Anthony Trollope was titled as ‘The Prime Minister’. It was released by the Oxford University Press in the year 1876. At the start of the novel, it is shown that Ferdinand Lopez wishes to join the ranks of the British society and gain wealth and respect. He is described as one of the unscrupulous speculator of finance and among the most memorable outsiders of the 19th century. But, his story seems to be set against the ultimate insider named Plantagenet Palliser, who holds the highest office in the government. With this, he goes on to become the greatest person in the world’s greatest country. Author Trollope has written the book in a very subtle and wonderful way, by developing it in the form of a portrait of political expediency, misplaced love, and marriage. With the introduction of Nicholas Shrimpton, Trollope has tried to explore the various strands of the complex novel, including the role of Ferdinand Lopez, the skill of integrating the themes of politics and love, the marriage of Lady Glencora, and that of Ferdinand Lopez and Emily Wharton. Several parts of the book also include a biographical section of author Trollope, a few explanatory notes, and a short appendix that explains the chronology of the novels of the Palliser series. This way, author Trollope has tried to provide a unique understanding of the novel series in the form of an inked narrative.

One of the other installments of the Palliser series was titled as ‘The Duke’s Children’. It was released by the Penguin Classics publication in the year 1880. In this book, the former English Prime Minister and the Omnium’s Duke named Plantagenet Palliser is depicted as a grief stricken widower. He struggles to adapt to his life without the support of his beloved wife, Lady Glencora. The only focus remaining in his life is the nurturing of his 3 grown up children, for which he begins to work very hard. With the intention of guiding and supporting his children, Palliser starts making plans for them, but he finds that his plans are very much different from their own desires. His sons get removed from the university and start gambling. His daughter wishes to get married to the poor son of squire in spite of the disapproval of his father. As the dearest plans of Palliser for his children get thwarted one after the other, he realizes that sometimes the parents can learn from their children. Finally, the book appears to be a compelling exploration of the pride, wealth, and love’s strength. Just like all the other previous books of the series, this book too went on to become immensely successful. It helped author Trollope to establish himself as one of the prominent authors of the political fiction genre towards the end of the 19th century. The successful novel also allowed the readers to get some knowledge about the political happenings in England.

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