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Pamela Clare is a historical romance and romantic suspense author from Boulder Colorado. The bestselling author has loved fiction ever since she first read “Misty of Chincoteague” when she was nine years old.
By the time she was a twelve year old, she had read most of author Marguerite’s novels. She would soon get hooked into other works from the likes of Nancy Drew, the works of Ayn Rand, CS Lewis, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and JRR Tolkien.
By this time, she was convinced that she would grow up to pursue a career as a novelist. As a fifteen year old, she discovered romance novels when she first read Kathleen Woodiwiss’ “The Flame and the Flower” and soon after “Sweet, Savage Love by Rosemary” and Shanna Rogers.
It was at this time that she stopped reading intellectual classic novels, as she preferred the love, passion and bravery of romance novels.

While Pamela Clare was in high school, she was drafted into a student exchange program and went to live in Denmark. She had the honor of living in a two century old thatch roofed farmhouse with a Danish family that would become more than family.
She fell in love with Denmark and ended up staying for three years traveling across the continent and learning how to speak Danish. During this time, she visited all manner of cathedrals and castles in Europe and this awakened in her a love for history that she would later use writing historical romance novels.
When she later returned to the US, she went to college where she earned her degree in archeology, the classics, ancient history, Greek and Latin. This background would also have some significant influence in her later novels.
Later on, she did her masters in art history and archeology but realized that she was using education to avoid building a career as a fiction author. Soon after this realization, she dropped out and got a job working for a newspaper where she was soon the first woman editor at the paper.
Over the years, he won a ton of awards for her work as an investigative journalist and columnist. These included the First Amendment Award, and the National Award for Public Service among many others.

While Pamela Clare’s ultimate aim was to become a fiction author, it was journalism that taught her the discipline she needed to become a prolific fiction author in addition to perfecting her writing skills.
It would also give her close up experiences with issues that would soon after find their way into the “I-Team” series, one of her most popular. The I-Team is inspired by her work with the best investigative reporters in the country.
Pamela Clare now writes contemporary romantic suspense and historical romance novels. While she is now a bestselling novelist, she still works a day job at a weekly paper where she is editor in chief.
While she loves reading historical romances, what she loves writing the most is romantic suspense as she can draw from her experience as a journalist.
She currently makes her home in Boulder Colorado, where she can enjoy the magnificent views of the Rocky Mountains. When she is not reading or writing, she can be found watching eagles and hawks fly, and hiking.

“Extreme Exposure” by Pamela Clare introduces a young single mother named Kara McMillan who is an investigative journalist for a paper in Denver.
At the beginning of the story, she is working on a story to expose a company that has been accused of polluting the environment by dumping toxic chemicals irresponsibly. The company has links with some powerful people in government that may include some senators.
On the other hand is an idealistic state senator named Reece Sheridan. He had once been a high school teacher and left to make a difference following a challenge from his students.
Reece and Kara had first met in a bar where she had taken too many drinks. She had become loose and started speaking with quite the potty mouth asking all manner of sexual questions. This had gotten the senator’s attention and what follows is an interesting romantic adventure between two sexy and intelligent people with some over the top chemistry.

Pamela Clare’s “Hard Evidence” follows Tessa Noval who works for the I-Team, an independent newspaper in Denver as a cop reporter. The I-Team is composed of elite investigative journalists that are among the best in the country.
While she is an investigative journalist she has some dark secrets in her past that none of her colleagues are aware of. At work, she is a feisty and relentless woman that is the best at what she does.
One day while getting some coffee, she is witness to a drive-by shooting. The victim is a sixteen year old who dies on the spot. It was a claculated and cold murder which she is determined to resolve by bringing the culprits to justice.
First things first, she needs to locate a man in a dark jacket that she espied lurking in the shadows during the crime. What she does not know is that Julian Darcangelo is an undercover agent of the FBI working to dismantle a human trafficking racket.

“Unlawful Contact” by Pamela Clare is the story of Sophie Alton, an investigative journalist who is working on the case of a young mother that has disappeared. Megan Rawlings has a history of drug abuse but has now gone missing from a halfway house alongside her little baby girl under very bizarre circumstances.
Sophie begins her investigation by interviewing Marc Hunter who is the brother to the missing woman. Marc is currently in prison for life after committing murder. But what she thought would be a simple interview turns deadly when she is kidnaped by Marc.
She is now a hostage that Marc intends to use in his desperate attempt at escaping the prison to go find his missing sister. Things get even more complicated and risky when she learns that Marc is the youth that had once upon a time given her a wild and unforgettable night a dozen years past.
She has never forgotten that night and even though he has spent the last half a dozen years in prison, Sophie has always thought of him as more than the bad boy from her hometown.
He has also never forgotten that steamy night and now they are working together to try to find his sister. The connection and attraction between them seems to be as volatile and intense as ever.

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